Spray Pump

Also known as a sprayer pump, the device is widely known for its ability to push or pull the attached tank contents to its spray nozzle at certain speeds. This speed is measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Furthermore, these spray nozzles decide the flow rates and pressure delivery at the delivering end of the spray pump.

Additionally speaking, the sprayer pump available today in the market produces a wide range of flow rates, pump PSI pressures, sizes, manufacturing materials, and shaft rotation mounting choices for buyers. Additionally speaking, these are available at economical prices in India and are easily accessible.

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4 - Spray Pump

Ks Agrotech Spray Pump Implement


Spray Pump

By Ks Agrotech

Power : N/A

Pagro Sprayer Implement



By Pagro

Power : 6.5 hp

Khedut Manual Sprayer Pump Implement


Power : 21-30 hp

Khedut Battery Operated Pump Implement

Crop Protection

Power : 55-75 hp

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About Spray Pump

What to consider while choosing your Spray Pump?

Below are some inspection methods and points of interest while choosing your spray machine. We advise you to go through the manual thoroughly.

  • Acknowledge the spray pump parameters and get used to them.
  • Inspect for the intention of pump usage, i.e. there are different types of spray machines for different user intents.
  • Inspect spray pump needs for the job, i.e. match the requirements with parameters such as pressure needs, high GPM needs, etc., for a better choice.
  • Inspecting for compatibility of the agriculture sprayer pump and gasket ingredients with the mixing fluid.

Types of spray Pumps and their respective Benefits

The spray pumps are divided into four types depending on their usage and benefits. The different types of sprayer machines for agriculture and their benefits are discussed below. We advise you to acknowledge the below important paragraphs for making a better choice when buying a Kisan spray pump.

  • Centrifugal Pumps

This kind of spray pump uses impellers to initiate fluid flow. The centrifugal spray pump is available in flow rates ranging from 25-1400 GPM and nozzle pressure ranging from 5-150 PSI. These sprayer machines provide high flow rates at low pressure. Henceforth, these are ideal for granular fluids.

  • Diaphragm Pumps

The class of agricultural sprayer is basically used in pumping corrosive fluids. In the process, the sprayer machine for agriculture uses basic technology principles to manage those corrosive fluids. The diaphragm pumps are self-priming pumps with a configuration of 0.6-68 GPM and tuned at a 50-725 PSI pressure range.

  • Roller Pumps

The agriculture spray pump is known for its low cost, availability of manufacturing materials available, and simply built structure. This structure facilitates smooth maintenance, cleaning, and operation. Available in India with a configuration of 9-62 GPM tuned at 50-300 PSI, these are known for their usage in maintenance operations. 

  • Transfer Pumps

This agriculture spray machine is mostly used in moving bulk water in and out of flooded environments. Thus, it facilitates a large in and out radii with increased associated GPM for large volumes of fluid movement. Transfer pumps are known for their portability and are self-priming agricultural spray pumps. This sprayer machine is available in India in 40-484 GPM tuned at 28-100 PSI.

  • Piston Pumps

The spray machine is known for its usage in applications like vertical delivery of water, fertilisers, pesticides, insecticides, and pressurised washing. This type of sprayer pump is also known for its long life and easy maintenance. Available in India in a configuration of 7-68 GPM tuned at 120-1015 PSI.

  • Irrigation injection pumps

The spray machine for agriculture is known for its precise and automated repetitive spraying of chemicals over the desired area. Furthermore, these can be used to transfer two or more liquids at different GPMs at the same time. The spray pump is available in India in 0.5-7.8 GPM tuned at 120-150 PSI.

What is the use of a spray pump?

Sprayer machines are one of the most commonly used spraying pumps in agriculture. The spray pump available nowadays is known for variable features as per specific requirements in agricultural land. The spray pump is used in the following ways:

  • Agricultural booms or field sprayers
  • Irrigational sprinklers
  • High pressure and target spot spraying
  • Manufacturing and production sprayers

A brief about the Spray Pump Price

The spray machine price in India is Rs. 10600 (approx.). This agricultural sprayer pump price is economical for farmers across the country. Further speaking of variations in Kisan spray pump price, it may vary depending on its type. Furthermore, add-ons like pressure pipes add further costs to the pump price. Furthermore, state taxes might also bring a slight change in the overall spray pump price list in India.

Why Tractor Junction is best for Sprayer Pump?

At TractorJunction, we provide you with the spray machine dealers' contact information and allow you to access our sources. Furthermore, you get a comprehensive list of sprayer pumps with their respective prices, specifications, images, self-explanatory videos, and customer testimonials/reviews. Thus, your decision to choose one of the spray machines gets more real touch and gives you clarity about it.

Recently Asked Questions on Spray Pump

Ans. The spray pump price starts as low as 3150 per item and ranges to an average of Rs. 10600.

Ans. The speed of ejection of liquid in a spray pump is measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute). Each type of pump has its own speed in GPM.

Ans. The Irrigation Power Sprayer is best for agriculture.

Ans. Yes, we recommend piston sprayer pumps for the same

Ans. The kinetic energy of the fluid is used to divide the fluid for additional surface area. This process helps in the formation of spray at the delivery end of the nozzle.

Used Spray Pump Implements

Made IN Syana 2010 Year : 2011
Kubota 2020 Year : 2020

Kubota 2020

Price : ₹ 55000

Hours : N/A

Jalna, Maharashtra
Kubota 2019 Year : 2019

Kubota 2019

Price : ₹ 40000

Hours : N/A

Jalna, Maharashtra
Varuna Water Pump 2015 Year : 2015

Varuna Water Pump 2015

Price : ₹ 30000

Hours : N/A

North West, Delhi
FD FD Year : 2015


Price : ₹ 40000

Hours : N/A

Raigad, Maharashtra
Veto Pump 80 2021 Year : 2021

Veto Pump 80 2021

Price : ₹ 45000

Hours : N/A

Karnal, Haryana
Spri 2020 Year : 2020

Spri 2020

Price : ₹ 40000

Hours : N/A

Kota, Rajasthan

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