TREM IV Tractors in India

TREM IV Tractors are equipped with modern engines designed to produce lower levels of PM (particulate matter). With power ranging from 55 to 75 HP and lifting capacity from 2000 to 2900 kg, they efficiently handle tasks like land and soil preparation. The TREM IV Tractor price starts from  Rs. 8.50 to 23.79 Lakh. Additionally, Trem IV Tractors offer a PTO speed of 540 and a combination of 12F+12R or even 15F+15R gears 

TREM IV Tractor Price List 2024

TREM IV Tractors Tractor HP TREM IV Tractors Price
Mahindra NOVO 605 DI CRDI 55 HP Rs. 10.45-10.65 lac*
Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP 4WD CRDI 68 HP Rs. 13.15-13.65 lac*
Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD CRDI 74 HP Rs. 14.15-14.75 lac*
John Deere 5405 Trem IV-4wd 63 HP Rs. 13.75-14.79 lac*
Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP 4WD CRDI 60 HP Rs. 11.65-12.35 lac*
John Deere 5310 Trem IV-4wd 57 HP Rs. 12.28-14.14 lac*
Sonalika Tiger DI 65 4WD 65 HP Rs. 12.52-13.36 lac*
John Deere 5075E - 4WD AC Cabin 75 HP Rs. 21.90-23.79 lac*
New Holland 5620 TX Plus CRDI 4WD 65 HP Rs. 13.28-14.78 lac*
Sonalika Tiger Di 75 4WD CRDS 75 HP Rs. 14.20-14.73 lac*
New Holland 5620 TX Plus CRDI 65 HP Rs. 11.20-12.52 lac*
John Deere 5405 Trem IV 63 HP Rs. 11.30-12.20 lac*
John Deere 5075E Trem IV-4wd 75 HP Rs. 14.60-15.90 lac*
John Deere 5305 Trem IV 55 HP Rs. 8.50-9.38 lac*
John Deere 5310 Trem IV 55 HP Rs. 10.52-12.12 lac*
Data Last Updated On : 22/04/2024

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About Trem IV Tractors

Trem IV tractors employ modern tech and engines, ensuring fuel efficiency and high performance while being environmentally friendly. Some top tractor manufacturers, like Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, Massey Ferguson, and New Holland, offer different term 4 tractor models. These models comply with TREM IV standards and cater specifically to Indian farmers.

TREM IV tractor prices in India start from Rs. 8.50 to 23.79 Lakh. These tractors are available in a range of horsepower, from 55 HP to 75 HP, offering affordable options for farmers. These heavy-duty TREM IV tractor models are suitable for various farming tasks, especially for commercial farming on a larger scale.

Major tractor manufacturers in India, including Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, and New Holland, offer their own TREM IV tractor series. These tractors come with advanced features and technologies, ensuring high functionality while saving fuel and promoting sustainability.

TREM IV Tractors Price

Trem IV tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 8.50 to 23.79 Lakh. The cost fluctuates based on the model and features. The lowest price for TREM-IV tractors is approximately Rs. 8.50-9.38 Lakh, while the highest is Rs. 21.90 - 23.79 Lakh in 2024.

Features of TREM IV Tractors in India

TREM 4 tractors aim to empower farmers with advanced features, ensuring efficiency and functionality. Some of the innovative features are:

  • High-rated engine RPM is a feature available in TREM IV tractor models, enhancing their performance and power efficiency.
  • These tractors boast a 540 PTO speed, ensuring optimal power delivery for various farming tasks and machinery attachments.
  • An advanced gearbox, offering configurations like 12F+12R or even 15F+15R gears, provides versatile speed options suitable for different field requirements.
  • With an outstanding lifting capacity ranging between 2000 and 2900 kg, Trem 4 Tractors offer robust capabilities for handling heavy loads and implements.
  • The inclusion of power steering in these tractors enhances control and maneuverability, ensuring ease of operation for the user.
  • These Trem IV tractors' advanced features vary depending on the chosen model and provider, offering a range of options catering to specific farming needs.

Why are TREM IV Tractors Ideal For Farming?

Trem IV Tractors ensure the engines in these tractors are cleaner and fuel-efficient. Advanced CRDS engines reduce harmful emissions. Know more about its benefits:

  • With reduced emissions, these tractors support improved air quality and minimise carbon footprints.
  • Trem 4 Tractors feature modern farming techs like advanced PTO, high-end hydraulics, and cutting-edge gearboxes. Farmers can leverage these advancements for highly productive farming operations.
  • TREM IV engines offer greater horsepower and torque, making them well-suited for diverse agricultural tasks, including plowing, tilling, and harvesting.
  • Robust build quality and improved engine components enhance the overall life span of TREM IV tractors, minimising maintenance costs and downtime.
  • Some TREM IV models have GPS-guided steering. They also feature automated data collection, enabling precise farming for better resource use and improved yields.
  • Ergonomic designs and improved cabin interiors provide comfort for farmers. Additionally, its enhanced safety features, such as roll bars and rollover protection systems, ensure safe operation.

Which Tractor Brands Provide Trem-IV Tractors In India?

The government mandated TREM IV transmission norms for tractors above 50 HP, leading Indian tractor manufacturers to introduce compliant models. Mahindra's NOVA range offers several TREM IV models like Mahindra Novo 755 di (trem IV) and Mahindra Novo 605 DI PP 4WD CRDE. John Deere launched eight trem 4 tractor models, including John Deere 5310 Gear Pro 4 WD (Trem IV) and John Deere 5305 (Trem IV).

Moreover, Sonalika provides TREM IV tractors under the TIGER range, such as Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD and Sonalika Tiger DI 65 4WD. New Holland's model adhering to TREM IV regulations is New Holland 5620 Power King (Trem-IV).

Where to Get the Best Deals on TREM-IV tractors?

At Tractor Junction, we're here to assist you with details about the TREM-IV tractor, including its price and specifications. Our knowledgeable customer service team is available to answer your questions and provide solutions.

For any other queries about the TREM-IV tractors, stay connected with TractorJunction. You can access informative videos that offer additional information about the TREM 4 tractor. 

TREM IV Tractors Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. TREM-IV, or Transitional Engine Management Standard IV, denotes the most recent set of emission standards mandated by the Indian government for tractors.

Ans. TREM-IV emission norms aim to regulate and reduce the emissions of pollutants from agricultural tractors, promoting cleaner and more sustainable farming practices.

Ans. Tractor brands such as Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, New Holland, and Escorts offer TREM-IV-compliant tractors in India.

Ans. Trem IV tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 8.50 Lakh to 23.79 Lakh.

Ans. Farmers can stay informed by staying connected with TractorJunction. They can receive accurate information and updates about TREM-IV tractors and the agriculture industry in India.

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