4WD Tractors in India

TractorJunction offers you all brands 4WD tractors at one place so that you can easily find out your suitable tractor. Here you can find each 4WD tractors and their specification with fair 4WD tractors price in India. Popular 4WD tractors in India are John Deere 5105, New Holland 3630 TX Plus, Kubota MU 5501 4WD and many more. Find out the given below 4wd Tractor Price List 2023.

4WD Tractor Price List 2023

4WD Tractors Tractor HP 4WD Tractors Price
New Holland 3630 TX Plus 55 HP Rs. 7.95-8.50 lac*
John Deere 5050 D - 4WD 50 HP Rs. 9.60-10.50 lac*
Mahindra Oja 3140 4WD 40 HP Rs. 7.40 lac*
John Deere 5310 4WD 55 HP Rs. 10.99-12.50 lac*
Mahindra OJA 2121 4WD 21 HP Rs. 4.78 lac*
Sonalika Tiger Electric 11 HP Rs. 5.91-6.22 lac*
Sonalika Tiger 50 52 HP Rs. 7.59-7.90 lac*
Swaraj 855 FE 4WD 55 HP Rs. 9.30-9.89 lac*
Kubota MU 5502 4WD 50 HP Rs. 11.35-11.89 lac*
Swaraj 744 FE 4WD 48 HP Rs. 8.20-8.55 lac*
John Deere 3028 EN 28 HP Rs. 7.10-7.55 lac*
John Deere 5405 GearPro 63 HP Rs. 8.70-10.60 lac*
Mahindra NOVO 755 DI 74 HP Rs. 12.45-13.05 lac*
John Deere 5045 D 4WD 45 HP Rs. 8.35-9.25 lac*
Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI 4WD 45 HP Rs. 8.35-8.67 lac*
Data Last Updated On : 03/10/2023

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Mahindra Oja 3140 4WD

From: ₹7.40 lac*

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Mahindra OJA 2121 4WD

From: ₹4.78 lac*

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Sonalika Tiger 50

hp icon 52 HP
hp icon 3065 CC

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Swaraj 855 FE 4WD

hp icon 55 HP
hp icon 3308 CC

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Kubota MU 5502 4WD

From: ₹11.35-11.89 lac*

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Swaraj 744 FE 4WD

hp icon 48 HP
hp icon 3136 CC

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Find 4WD Tractors

4WD tractors are rapidly becoming popular among the Indian farmers. Here on TractorJunction, you can find all popular 4WD tractor brands like Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, Farmtrac, Eicher, Sonalika, Kubota, New Holland and many more. We provide you 4WD tractor price, specification, and comparisons between 4WD tractors so that you get proper details about that tractor that you want to purchase. 

4WD tractors increase productivity and are more stable in the fields. 4WD tractors are better with almost all implements, whether it's rotavator, cultivator, dozer, etc. 4WD tractors have more grip to the surface than the 2WD tractors. 4WD tractors have more advantages than 2WD tractors like 4WD tractors have a more elevating capacity, fuel efficiency, advanced features, and many more. All 4WD tractors give a higher performance on the field and provide long hours on the field.  

Why to choose a 4x4 tractor?

  • 4 wheel tractor models provide more excellent traction on the field. Hence they generate maximum elevating power. 
  • Four wheel drive tractor models are appropriate for rough terrains.
  • 4 wheeler tractor models are versatile as they can perform various functions. 
  • Tractor 4wd are durable as they are manufactured with professional supervision. 
  • Four by four tractor models provide high productivity and mileage on the field. 
  • The 4wd tractor in India is equipped with advanced features for the hi end work on the farms. 

Do you want to update your tractor with a 4wd tractor? 

If yes, then you are at a perfect platform. And as technology is evolving, it is the time to update your 2WD tractor with the latest 4WD from which you get better work on the farm and that will surely enhance your productivity. In this modern time, upgrade yourself and your companion to match up with developing India. Here on TractorJunction, you can easily get your dream tractor at a reasonable 4WD Tractors price.

A 4wd tractor can help you in your field work. They can make your work easy going and comfortable. 4 wheel drive tractors are making work effective and efficient. With the help of a 4 wheel drive tractor you can enhance your productivity and performance on the field. 

4wd tractor price in India

4wd price are shown fair here you can get your favorite 4x4 tractor according to your choice. 4x4 tractor price in India is reasonable and can easily fit in the budget of average farmers. The tractor brands fixed economic prices according to the demand of the farmers. If you want to find your favourite four wheel tractor price online then, Tractor Junction is the right platform. You can get all the valuable details here with a 4 wheel tractor price list. All the updated 4wd tractor price in India are mentioned. You have to just apply a price filter according to your budget and get 4x4 tractor price in India of all top tractor brands which fit your budget. 

Best 4wd tractor in India

Following, we are showing a list of popular 4wd tractor models in India. Have a look down below. 

Why Tractor Junction for 4wd tractor in India

Tractor Junction is a perfect platform for those who are in search of tractor 4 wheel drive. Here, you can get a separate page where you can find all the brands of tractor 4x4. Along with this, a complete list of updated 4*4 tractor price in India are mentioned. Also, easily find a 40hp 4wd tractor and 55 hp 4wd tractor here. Get 4wd Tractor for sale at Tractor Junction. 
TractorJunction provides you with a 4WD tractor price list in India. You can also get other information about 4WD tractors in India of all brands at a single place.

4WD Tractors Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. In a four wheel tractor, power is given by all the four wheels which enable less slippage and improves productivity.

Ans. John Deere 5105 4wd tractor is good for agriculture.

Ans. John Deere is the most reliable 4wd tractor brand.

Ans. 4wd is the innovative version of 2wd. 2wd tractor is effortless and affordable on the other hand, 4wd provides better grip from the surface and increases performance.

Ans. New Holland 3630 TX Plus, Swaraj 963 FE , and Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx are the latest 4wd tractors in India.

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