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TractorJunction offers a wide range of 65+ tractor ploughs. They carry all the top brands of farm plough machines like Fieldking, Farmking, Lemken, and more. Tractor Plough Implements are available in different categories, which include Tillage. The Price of the tractor Plough ranges from Rs. 28,500 to 3.05 Lakh. You can quickly get a Plough for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. 
You'll also find detailed features and updated plough prices.

Enhance your farm's yield with a reliable plough. Check out the prices of automatic plough machines in India built to improve your agricultural productivity. The popular Plough Models in India are  1MB plough, Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB, Lemken OPAL 090 and Pagro Hydraulic Reversible.

Plough Price List 2024 in India

Model Name Price in India
Garud Jumbo Rs. 165000 - 185000
Sonalika Reversible Plough Rs. 174000 - 213000
Captain M B Plough Rs. 18500
Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB Rs. 185000
John Deere Deluxe MB Plough Rs. 190000
John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough Rs. 200000
Lemken Spinel 200 Mulcher Rs. 220000
Lemken OPAL 090 2MB Rs. 240000
Mahindra Mouldboard Rs. 28500
Lemken OPAL 090 3MB Rs. 305000
Captain Reversible Rs. 58000
John Deere Chisel Plough Rs. 65000
Agristar Disc plough 3 Furrow Rs. 65000
Fieldking Heavy Duty Poly Disc Plough Rs. 817000 - 1300000
Data Last Updated On : 18/07/2024

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69 - Tractor Plough

Cavalo MB Plough Implement


MB Plough

By Cavalo

Power : N/A

Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB Implement


Power : 45 & HP Above

Fieldking Mounted Mould Board Implement


Power : 45-95 HP

Shaktiman Reversible MB Plough Implement

Land Preparation

Power : 45-55

Pagro Hydraulic Reversible plough Implement


Power : 40-60 hp

Farmking Sub Soiler/Chisel Plough Implement


Power : 40-135 hp

Universal Mounted Disc Plough - Universal Model Implement


Power : 35-90

John Deere Chisel Plough Implement


Chisel Plough

By John Deere

Power : 38 - 50 HP & Above

Agrotis ADAG Implement



By Agrotis

Power : 40 HP & Above

Shree Umiya URP ME-215 Implement

Land Preparation

URP ME-215

By Shree Umiya

Power : 15-20 HP

Shree Umiya URP SC-47 Implement

Land Preparation


By Shree Umiya

Power : 35 HP & Above

Shree Umiya URP SC-303 Implement

Land Preparation

URP SC-303

By Shree Umiya

Power : 40 HP & Above

John Deere Single Bottom MB Plough Implement


Power : 45-50

Jagatjit Hydraulic Plough Implement


Hydraulic Plough

By Jagatjit

Power : 50-75 HP

Jagatjit Mould Board Plough Implement


Power : 30-90 HP

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Tractor Plough

Are You Looking For A Plough?

If yes, then Tractor Junction can help you with this. Here, you’ll get over 50 top-quality ploughs with comprehensive details and trusted pricing with us. Our digital platform provides all the essential information related to ploughs, such as tractor plough prices, implementation power, specifications of mb plough, and more.

What is a Plough? 

A Plough is a farming implement used for turning and loosening the soil before sowing seeds. Before the technology came, the plough in India was drawn by horses and oxen. But in the modern age, we use tractors to pull the plough. Moreover, the primary purpose of the plough is to turn over the soil’s uppermost part so that fresh nutrients can come to the surface. It also controls the weeds and crop residues. In addition, it cut the trenches, which are called furrows. 

What is the Plough Price in India 2024

The plough price range is 28,500 to 3.05 Lakh. The tractor-plough price is also reasonable for the farmers. So they can easily buy this farming tool without any extra burden on their budget. Despite their cost-effectiveness, ploughs are a vital tool in Indian farming. Find the best prices at Tractor Junction, including 2MB plough price, MB plough price, and more.\

Types of Tractor Ploughs 

Various types of tractor ploughs serve different purposes, and some of the most common ones are discussed below:

  1. Mouldboard Plough: This widely used plough turns the soil by employing a curved blade that cuts and flips it.
  2. Disc Plough: This tractor plough features discs that effectively cut and mix the soil for challenging terrains.
  3. Chisel Plough: Designed with shanks, this type of plough breaks up compacted soil and is valuable for such conditions.
  4. Subsoil Plough: A deep shank loosens the soil at greater depths, often improving drainage or dealing with hard soil layers.
  5. Rotary Plough: Equipped with rotating blades, it suits lighter soils and seedbed preparation.

Beyond these general types, specialised ploughs like ridging, potato, and vineyard ploughs cater to specific agricultural tasks.

Popular Plough Models In India

Currently, the 65+ Popular Plough Models are listed at Tractor Junction. These models are efficient and excellent performers and come from the leading plougher machine Manufacturers. In addition, these models of the plougher machine are straightforward. Following are the top 5 ploughs. Here are the specifications for some farming equipment:

  • Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB - It offers a working width of 530 to 735 millimetres, requires 40 to 47 horsepower, and weighs 350 kilograms.
  • Lemken Spinel 200 Mulcher - This equipment has a working width of 2000 millimetres, demanding a power of 50 horsepower and above, and weighs 540 kilograms.
  • Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough - It provides a working width of 685 millimetres, requires 45 to 50 horsepower, and has a weight of 410 kilograms.
  • Landforce MB Plough (Reversible) - This plough provides a working width ranging from 350 to 1100 millimetres. It requires 55 to 85 horsepower and has a weight that can vary from 265 to 600 kilograms.
  • Soiltech MB Plough - It has a working width ranging from 1500 to 2250 millimetres and requires 40 to 60 horsepower.

Buy Best Ploughing Machine at Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction is a secure platform for acquiring ploughs. Here, you can find a comprehensive range of plough types with a reasonable price list. Moreover, we provide complete information about these plough types, ensuring you can select a model that suits your needs and requirements.

Recently Asked Questions on Tractor Plough

Ans. Farmers require a minimum 12-15 hp power tractor to operate the plough.

Ans. The average 540 rpm is required to operate PTO of the plough.

Ans. Fieldking, Farmking, Lemken are the top plough companies in India.

Ans. The tractor plough price range starts from Rs. 28500.

Ans. Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB, Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough, Soiltech MB Plough are the best plough models.

Ans. Disc plough, Reversible plough, Ridge plough, Chisel plough and Sub-soil plough are the types of tractor plough.

Ans. The frame, attachment point, height regulator, and others are the major components of the plough.

Ans. A plough is used in breaking soil clods before planting seeds.

Ans. The Plough is used to cultivate the soil and prepare for planting and a Hoe is a hand tool used by small farmers in vegetational crops.

Ans. Every state has its own subsidy procedure. If you want to know more about subsidies on plough visit the Tractor Junction subsidy page.

Ans. Tractor plough helps to loosen the soil, enhances the water retention capacity, uproots the weeds growing and more.

Used Plough Implements

Shree Ram Plough 2019 Year : 2019

Shree Ram Plough 2019

Price : ₹ 25000

Hours : N/A

Kota, Rajasthan
Sardar 2020 Year : 2020

Sardar 2020

Price : ₹ 110000

Hours : N/A

Gopalganj, Bihar
MB Palow 2020 Year : 2020

MB Palow 2020

Price : ₹ 22000

Hours : N/A

Bhilwara, Rajasthan
साई डबल नागर 45hp Year : 2021
Rajkot 2016 Year : 2016

Rajkot 2016

Price : ₹ 45000

Hours : N/A

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Swaraj 2019 Year : 2019

Swaraj 2019

Price : ₹ 16500

Hours : N/A

Nawada, Bihar
Ladnu 2021 Year : 2021

Ladnu 2021

Price : ₹ 35000

Hours : N/A

Alwar, Rajasthan

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