Plough Tractor Implements

Fieldking (8)
Khedut (4)
Universal (3)
Mahindra (3)
Lemken (3)
Agristar (3)
John Deere (3)
Sonalika (3)
Soil Master (3)
Maschio Gaspardo (2)
Captain (2)
Landforce (2)
Dasmesh (1)
New Holland (1)
Tillage (39)
Land Preparation (2)

Implements Found - 40

Maschio Gaspardo Sumo 3 MB
Sumo 3 MB
By Maschio Gaspardo
Power : 75 - 100 HP
Maschio Gaspardo SUMO 2MB
By Maschio Gaspardo
Power : 55 - 70 HP
Khedut Reversible MB Plough
Reversible MB Plough
By Khedut
Power : 45-125 HP
Agristar Disc Plough 2 FURROW
Disc Plough 2 FURROW
By Agristar
Power : 30-40 HP
Universal Mould Board Plough
Mould Board Plough
By Universal
Power : 35-90
Landforce MB Plough (Reversible)
MB Plough (Reversible)
By Landforce
Power : N/A
Lemken OPAL 090 1MB
OPAL 090 1MB
By Lemken
Power : 40 HP & more
Lemken OPAL 090 2MB
OPAL 090 2MB
By Lemken
Power : 65 HP & more
Sonalika Reversible Plough
Reversible Plough
By Sonalika
Power : 40 - 90 HP
John Deere Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough
Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough
By John Deere
Power : 50 - 55 HP & Above
John Deere Deluxe MB Plough
Deluxe MB Plough
By John Deere
Power : Minimum 42 - 45 HP with SCV
Fieldking Reversible Manual Plough
Reversible Manual Plough
By Fieldking
Power : 45-50 HP
Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough
Maxx Reversible MB Plough
By Fieldking
Power : 45-50 HP
New Holland Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic
Mould Board-Reversible Hydraulic
By New Holland
Power : 55-90HP
Mahindra Reversible Plough
Reversible Plough
By Mahindra
Power : 45-65 HP & Above

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