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17 Power Harrow Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Power Harrow machine are offered, including Shaktiman, Maschio Gaspardo, Lemken and many more. Power Harrow Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Tillage, Land Preparation. Now you can quickly get a Power Harrow for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Also, the Power Harrow price range is Rs. 82000 - 3.85 lakh* in India. Get detailed features and updated Power Harrow price. Buy Power Harrow for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Power Harrow Machine Price in India. The popular Power Harrow Models in India are Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 2300, Shaktiman Folding, Lemken Perlite 5-150 and many more.

Power Harrow Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Shaktiman Regular Rs. 120039 - 205449
Garud Power Harrow Rs. 125000 - 165000
John Deere Green System Power Harrow Rs. 240000
Lemken Perlite 5-150 Rs. 345000
Lemken Perlite 5 -175 Rs. 365000
Lemken Perlite 5 -200 Rs. 385000
Fieldking Power Harrow Rs. 482150 - 966900
Agristar Power Harrows Rs. 82000
Agristar 615 PH Rs. 82000
Data Last Updated On : 23/09/2023

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17 - Tractor Power Harrow

John Deere Green System Power Harrow Implement

Land Preparation

Power : 50 HP & Above

Garud Power Harrow Implement


Power : 35-60 HP

Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 2300 Implement


Delfino 2300

By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 60 - 90 HP

Agristar 615 PH Implement


615 PH

By Agristar

Power : 55 HP and More

Shaktiman Folding Implement



By Shaktiman

Power : 35-115 HP

Shaktiman Regular Implement



By Shaktiman

Power : 55-115 HP

Shaktiman H -160 Implement


H -160

By Shaktiman

Power : 89-170 HP

Shaktiman E 120 Implement


E 120

By Shaktiman

Power : 100-140 HP

Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 1300 Implement


Delfino 1300

By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 30-100 HP

Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 1500 Implement


Delfino 1500

By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 50-100 HP

Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 1800 Implement


Delfino 1800

By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 55-100 HP

Lemken Perlite 5-150 Implement


Perlite 5-150

By Lemken

Power : 45-55 HP

Lemken Perlite 5 -175 Implement


Power : 55 - 65 HP

Lemken Perlite 5 -200 Implement


Power : 65 - 75 HP

Shaktiman SRP 9 Implement



By Shaktiman

Power : 80 HP & more

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About Tractor Power Harrow

What is Power Harrow 

Power harrow is an advanced and latest farm machine, used to break the soil to create a perfect seedbed. Tractor power harrow provides high performance in the tillage operation. The farm machine has all the advanced features and technology that make it ideal for secondary tillage after ploughing or subsoiling. It is a most recommended agriculture farm machine, enabling an extremely high crop yield. Besides, agriculture power harrows also maintain the soil's natural composition, biodiversity, and structure. 

Benefits of Power Harrows 

  • Power harrow agriculture provides high performance and greater work efficiency. 
  • It is a cost-effective farm machine that saves money. 
  • Power harrow machines save time and create the correct seedbed, improving farm yield. 
  • It provides variation to the soil conditions and superb capacity of working both ploughed and unploughed land. 
  • Power harrows in India provide perfect soil levelling. 
  • It provides the possibility of utilization in the mix with a seed drill, impressively diminishing activity costs.

Power Harrow Price    

The price range of Power Harrow is Rs. 82000 - 3.85 lakh* at Tractor Junction., that makes it a budget-friendly farm machine for Indian farmers. 

Power Harrow For Sale

If you want to buy power harrow online, then Tractor Junction is the right platform for you. Here, you get each information about the power harrow machine along with the latest power harrow price. 

You can also search for and buy other agriculture equipment like Hay Rakes, Boom Sprayers, Fertilizer Broadcasters, etc. on Tractor Junction. 

Recently Asked Questions on Tractor Power Harrow

Ans. Power Harrow price starts from Rs. 82000* in India.

Ans. Maschio Gaspardo Delfino 2300, Shaktiman Folding, Lemken Perlite 5-150 are the most popular Power Harrow.

Ans. Shaktiman, Maschio Gaspardo, Lemken companies are best for the Power Harrow.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Power Harrow.

Ans. Power Harrow is used for Tillage, Land Preparation.

Used Power Harrow Implements

Kenha Jhajjar 20. Ki Harow Year : 2021

Kenha Jhajjar 20. Ki Harow

Price : ₹ 105000

Hours : N/A

Rewari, Haryana
CAT 2022 Year : 2022

CAT 2022

Price : ₹ 130000

Hours : N/A

Rewa, Madhya Pradesh
Maschio Gaspardo Dl 1800 Year : 2020

Maschio Gaspardo Dl 1800

Price : ₹ 110000

Hours : N/A

Kheda, Gujarat
Maschio Gaspardo Dl1300 Year : 2019

Maschio Gaspardo Dl1300

Price : ₹ 100000

Hours : N/A

Kheda, Gujarat
Maschio Gaspardo 629 Year : 2019

Maschio Gaspardo 629

Price : ₹ 100000

Hours : N/A

Kheda, Gujarat

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