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1 Ripper Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Ripper machine are offered, including Fieldking and many more. Ripper Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Tillage. Now you can quickly get a Ripper for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Ripper price. Buy Ripper for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Ripper Machine Price in India. The popular Ripper Models in India are Fieldking Ripper and many more.



1 - Ripper Tractor Implements

Fieldking Ripper Implement
By Fieldking

Power : 55-110 HP

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About Ripper Implements

What are Rippers?

A Ripper tractor is an advanced farm machine, used to loosen and aerate the soil when the organic matter leaves the soil's top. Besides, it can cut weed roots underneath the soil surface. The farm machine has the power to perform various farm operations such as tearing, ripping and digging. A Ripper tractor is an ideal machine for tillage application. 

The ripper tines require less drought power that provides adequate soil conditions by breaking hard layers in the soil. The tooth is a great working member of a ripper and comes with replaceable tips and wear-resistant protective covering. The modern rippers are equipped with hydraulic drives that raise and lower the teeth, change the tooth tip's ripping angle, change the teeth spacing, and control the mechanism that positions the arms. 

Components of an Agriculture Ripper

Ripper India comes with many useful components which make it an excellent tillage machine for farmers. The significant parts of a tractor ripper are listed below. 

  • Ripper Tines 
  • Roller/Crumbler 
  • Tooth 
  • Arms 
  • Prime Mover 
  • Hydraulic Drive 


Advantages of Agricultural Rippers in India

  • A ripper machine comes with remote adjustment for controlling operating width, angle, and depth of ripping. 
  • Some rippers absorb shock that reduces the transfer of peak dynamic loads to the attachments and price movers for working with push tractors. 
  • It reduces the effects of compaction. 
  • A tractor ripper is perfect for breaking bigger lumps. 
  • It is safe for users and capable of penetrating a depth of up to 40cm.


Ripper Price in India

The ripper price in India is approximately Rs. 30 lakhs, which makes it affordable for buyers. 
Ripper For Sale    

If you are searching for and looking to buy Ripper, tune in to Tractor Junction. We have a separate page dedicated to agricultural rippers, wherein you can find detailed information like specifications and prices. You can also find details of other farm equipment such as Potato Harvesters, Water Bowser / Tankers, Sugar Cane Loaders, etc.

Recently Asked Questions on Ripper Tractor Implements

Ans. Fieldking Ripper are the most popular Ripper.

Ans. Fieldking companies are best for the Ripper.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Ripper.

Ans. Ripper is used for Tillage.

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