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11 Seed Drill Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Seed Drill machine are offered, including Khedut, Ks Group, Sonalika and many more. Seed Drill Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Seeding & Plantation, Tillage, Post Harvest. Now you can quickly get a Seed Drill for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Seed Drill price. Buy Seed Drill for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Seed Drill Machine Price in India. The popular Seed Drill Models in India are Sonalika Roto Seed Drill, Kmw By Kirloskar Mega T 15 Sugarcane Special, Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop - Rotor Base) and many more.

Khedut (4)
Ks Group (1)
Sonalika (1)
Landforce (1)
Kmw By Kirloskar (1)
Fieldking (1)
Bakhsish (1)
Shaktiman (1)
Seeding & Plantation (7)
Tillage (3)
Post Harvest (1)

Popular Seed Drill - 11

Sonalika Roto Seed Drill
Seeding & Plantation
Roto Seed Drill
By Sonalika
Power : 25 HP (Minimum)
Kmw By Kirloskar Mega T 15 Sugarcane Special
Mega T 15 Sugarcane Special
By Kmw By Kirloskar
Power : 15 HP
Khedut Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill (Multi Crop - Rotor Base)
Seeding & Plantation
Landforce Turbo Seeder(Roto Till Drill)
Seeding & Plantation
Turbo Seeder(Roto Till Drill)
By Landforce
Power : N/A
Shaktiman Mechanical Seed Drill
Mechanical Seed Drill
By Shaktiman
Power : 50-70 Above
Fieldking Disc Seed Drill
Seeding & Plantation
Disc Seed Drill
By Fieldking
Power : 30-85 HP
Bakhsish Rotavator With Seed Tiller
Post Harvest
Rotavator With Seed Tiller
By Bakhsish
Power : 40-60 HP
Khedut Mini Tiller Operated Seed Drill
Mini Tiller Operated Seed Drill
By Khedut
Power : 5-12 HP
Khedut Pneumatic Precision Planter
Seeding & Plantation
Pneumatic Precision Planter
By Khedut
Power : N/A
Khedut Animal Drawn seeder
Seeding & Plantation
Animal Drawn seeder
By Khedut
Power : NA
Ks Group Seed Drill
Seeding & Plantation
Seed Drill
By Ks Group
Power : N/A

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About Seed Drill Implements

What is Seed Drill 

A seed drill is an agriculture tool that sows the seeds for crops. It positions seed in the soil and buries them to a specific depth to be distributed equally. The farm tool puts the seeds in a continuous stream in furrows at a uniform rate to cover the seed by soil. This invention or technology provides good control over the depth and ability to cover the seeds, resulting in an increased germination rate and high crop yield. Utilization of seed drill also facilitates weed control.  

Components of Agriculture Seed Drill Machine 

Following are the main components of the seed drill. 

  • Frame
  • Seedbox
  • Seed metering mechanism
  • Furrow openers
  • Covering device 
  • Transport wheels


Benefits of Seed Drill In India 

The farm machine plants the seeds at equivalent distances and appropriate depth, ensuring that the seeds get covered by soil and saved from being eaten by animals and birds. Utilization of seed drills is more beneficial as it makes seeding, plantation, tillage, and post-harvest operation easier and effortless. 

Seed Drill Price    

Seed drill machine price is Rs 68,000 (approx), suitable for small and marginal farmers. 

Buy Seed Drill Machine 

You can search seed drill for sale at Tractor Junction. Here, you get a separate seed drill machine segment to find relevant information regarding the various brands and seed drill machine price. 

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