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Farmtrac Tractor Price starts from Rs. 4.00 Lakh. The most expensive Farmtrac Tractor is Farmtrac 6080 X Pro price at Rs.12.50 Lakh. Farmtrac offers a wide range of 25+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 22 hp to 80 hp. Farmtrac Tractor is part of Escort Group, which is famous for its customer centric approach. The most popular Farmtrac tractor models are Farmtrac 45, Farmtrac 60, Farmtrac 6055 Classic T20, etc. Farmtrac Mini Tractor models are Farmtrac Atom 22, Farmtrac Atom 26, etc.


Farmtrac Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Farmtrac Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx 55 HP Rs. 7.20 Lakh - 7.55 Lakh
Farmtrac 45 Smart 48 HP Rs. 5.80 Lakh - 6.05 Lakh
Farmtrac Atom 26 26 HP Rs. 4.80 Lakh - 5.00 Lakh
Farmtrac 60 50 HP Rs. 6.30 Lakh - 6.80 Lakh
Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx 60 HP Rs. 7.89 Lakh - 8.35 Lakh
Farmtrac CHAMPION XP 41 42 HP Rs. 5.50 Lakh
Farmtrac Champion 39 39 HP Rs. 4.90 Lakh - 5.20 Lakh
Farmtrac 45 EPI Classic Pro 48 HP Rs. 5.90 Lakh - 6.40 Lakh
Farmtrac 45 Executive Ultramaxx - 4WD 47 HP Rs. 6.90 Lakh - 7.40 Lakh
Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx 4WD 60 HP Rs. 8.99 Lakh - 9.60 Lakh
Farmtrac 60 EPI T20 50 HP Rs. 6.75 Lakh - 6.95 Lakh
Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx 4WD 55 HP Rs. 8.60 Lakh - 9.10 Lakh
Farmtrac CHAMPION 35 35 HP Rs. 4.90 Lakh
Farmtrac 45 45 HP Rs. 5.75 Lakh - 6.20 Lakh
Farmtrac Champion 42 42 HP Rs. 5.25 Lakh - 5.50 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Aug 04, 2021

Popular Farmtrac Tractors

Farmtrac 45 Tractor 45 HP 2 WD
Farmtrac 45
(11 Reviews)

Price: ₹5.75-6.20 Lac*

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Used Farmtrac Tractors

Farmtrac 45

Farmtrac 45

  • 45 HP
  • 2010
  • Location : Rajasthan

Price - ₹240000

Farmtrac 60 EPI Supermaxx

Farmtrac 60 EPI Supermaxx

  • 50 HP
  • 2014
  • Location : Punjab

Price - ₹445000

Farmtrac 45

Farmtrac 45

  • 45 HP
  • 2009
  • Location : Uttar Pradesh

Price - ₹230000

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About Farmtrac Tractor

Farmtrac Tractor by Escorts group is one of the highest-selling tractor brands in India.

Farmtrac Tractor, a brand that creates the equipment with amazing tractor specifications and excellence to support Indian agriculture. Farmtrac Tractor India is a part of Escorts Group and Escorts Group established by two brothers, Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda.

This brand of Escorts group has plenty of tractors with high variability and unique quality tractors. The machines curated by Farmtrac are equipped with high-quality Mitsubishi engines, have transmissions with constant mesh technology and the newly developed MITA hydraulic lift. All these features in an affordable tractor price add to the reliability and the overall exceptional performance of these machines.

Why is Farmtrac the best tractor company? | USP

Farmtrac tractor models are only available in India and Poland. It comes under India’s biggest tractor producing brand, Escorts Agri Machinery.

  • Farmtrac Tractor is purely an Indian Brand.
  • Farmtrac Tractors come with high fuel efficiency.
  • New Farmtrac Tractor comes with comfortable features for the ease of farmers.
  • Tractors supplied with great hydraulic lifting capacity.


Farmtrac Tractor Price in India

Farmtrac Tractor is the best and the trusted brand in India. Its price is fixed according to the budget of the farmers of India. It is the best tractor to buy in 2021 .

  • Farmtrac mini tractor price in India starts from Rs. 4.00 lakh* to 5.00 lakh*.
  • Farmtrac fully organized tractor price starts from Rs. 4.90 lakh* to Rs. 12.50 lakh*.
  • Farmtrac tractor price is the most affordable tractor price for the Indian farmers.


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Farmtrac Tractor Price List

You can find here the Farmtrac tractor price list.

Farmtrac Tractor Dealership

  • Farmtrac has 1000 plus certified dealers across India and 1200 Plus sales service outlets.
  • At Tractorjunction, find a certified Farmtrac Tractor dealer near you!

Farmtrac Tractor Latest Updates

  • Farmtrac launched a new tractor, Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx with 55 hp, 3 cylinders and 3510 cc engine capacity.
  • Farmtrac tractor models are now coming with a ‘24x7 care button’.

Farmtrac Tractor Service Center

Find out Farmtrac tractor service center, visit Farmtrac Service Center.

Why Tractorjunction for Farmtrac Tractor?

TractorJunction provides you, New Farmtrac Tractors, Farmtrac Tractor price list, Farmtrac upcoming tractors, Farmtrac popular tractors, Farmtrac mini tractors, Farmtrac used tractors price, specification, review, images, Tractor news, etc. Here you can also find updated Farmtrac tractor price 2021 .

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Recently Asked User Questions about Farmtrac Tractor

Answer. From 22 hp to 80 hp is Farmtrac Hp range.

Answer. Farmtrac tractor price range start From Rs. 4.00 lakh* to Rs. 12.50 lakh* .

Answer. Yes, Farmtrac tractor is a part of Escorts group.

Answer. Farmtrac Atom 26 is the popular Farmtrac mini tractor.

Answer. Farmtrac 45 is the Farmtrac most demanded tractor in India.

Answer. Yes, TractorJunction provides you with an honest updated Farmtrac price list 2021 .

Answer. Yes, Farmtrac Tractor new models have all the advanced features which improve productivity in fields.

Answer. Yes, TractorJunction provides you with an honest updated Farmtrac price list 2021 .

Answer. You get an updated Farmtrac tractor price list only on TractorJunction.

Answer. Yes, All latest Farmtrac Tractor models come with advanced features such as greater durability, better fuel optimization, etc.

Answer. All Farmtrac Tractors are good because they are manufactured according to Indian land and weather.

Answer. Farmtrac 60 hp is 50 hp.

Answer. Farmtrac 45 comes with 45 hp.

Answer. Farmtrac 60 EPI T20 is the best Farmtrac tractor.

Answer. Farmtrac 60 price is Rs. 6.30-6.80 lakh*.

Answer. Yes, Farmtrac 45 Classic is a reliable tractor because it comes with the best quality and advanced features.

Answer. Farmtrac 3600 is the most fuel efficient Farmtrac tractor.

Answer. Yes, the Farmtrac tractor is durable because it comes with unique features that provide superb performance and productivity.

Answer. Farmtrac Atom 22 is the cheapest Farmtrac mini tractor.

Answer. Farmtrac tractor comes with all the best and advanced features with increased productivity on the field like a powerful engine, large fuel tank capacity, heavy hydraulic lifting capacity and many more.

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