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Solis Tractor Price starts from Rs. 5.23 lakh. The most expensive Solis Tractor is Solis 6024 S price at Rs. 8.70 Lakh. Solis offers a range of 4+ tractor models in India, and the HP range starts from 27 hp to 60 hp. Soils Tractor is the youngest tractor brand in agriculture, winning farmers' trust with their excellent product line. The most popular Solis Tractor models are Solis 5015 E, Solis 4215 E, and Solis 6024 S, etc. Solis Tractor Price Range between 5.23 Lac to 8.70 Lac.

SOLIS Tractor is the Global tractor brand of International Tractor Limited which is also known as Sonalika Tractors in India. In Dec’2018 Solis Tractor range was launched in India during Pune KISAN Mela.

Since 2005 International Tractor Limited has collaborated with Japanese company Yanmar and produces tractors for Landini. Solis Tractors have been exported to the European Market and more than 50 other counties Since 2012. Due to its 4WD Technology, high performance, and advanced features it becomes the farmer's choice in Brazil and many Latin American markets. New Tractor Series “YM” under the Solis brand will be available soon in India. 

Solis Brand is a winning combination of great style and High performance with all of its tractor series, which provides great user experience to the farmers. Each SOLIS tractor is a dream partner for industrial operations as well as tasks related to Agriculture.


Solis Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Solis Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Solis Hybrid 5015 E 50 HP Rs. 7.30 Lakh - 7.70 Lakh
Solis 6024 S 60 HP Rs. 8.70 Lakh
Solis 4215 E 43 HP Rs. 6.50 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
Solis 4515 E 48 HP Rs. 6.30 Lakh - 7.90 Lakh
Solis 5015 E 50 HP Rs. 7.20 Lakh - 8.10 Lakh
Solis 2516 SN 27 HP Rs. 5.23 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jun 20, 2021

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Used Solis Tractors

Solis 5015 E

Solis 5015 E

  • 50 HP
  • 2020
  • Location : Uttar Pradesh

Price - ₹480000

Solis 5015 E

Solis 5015 E

  • 50 HP
  • 1995
  • Location : Madhya Pradesh

Price - ₹100000

Solis 4515 E

Solis 4515 E

  • 48 HP
  • 1998
  • Location : Madhya Pradesh

Price - ₹120000

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About Solis Tractor

Solis Company, an agri-mechanization leader which was established in 1969 as a farm equipment producing company. In 2005, Solis tied up with Yanmar, Japan. Solis Tractor manufactures various tractor ranges starting from 20 hp to 110 hp. These tractors include compact tractors, utility tractors, and heavy-duty tractors.

Popular Solis Tractor in India: Solis 4215 E Tractor, Solis 5015 E Tractor, Solis 6024 S Tractor, Solis 4515 E Tractor. The most cost-effective Solis tractor is Solis 2516 SN price at Rs. 5.23 Lakh*.

Solis Tractor Series: S Series, E series, and SN Series.

  1. S Series - The S series provide durability and high performance in the farming field. With the heavy-duty design, it completes farming operations efficiently. 
  2. E Series - The E series of Solis is a performance-driven and technology-driven tractor for Indian farmers.
  3. SN Series - The SN Series is a mini tractor series suitable for small track farming, spraying pesticides, and inter cultivation. 


Solis has a strong presence in 120+ countries. Solis Yanmar gained high popularity in 4 different countries of Africa and Asia. Solis Yanmar is offering the best quality products to the farming section. Solis Tractor Provides agricultural solutions all over the world.

Solis Tractor Journey

Dr. Mittal played an important role in navigating the Solis brand. Solis Yanmar belongs to the International Tractors Ltd. Group. The first Solis tractor plant was set up in Punjab. Solis is the only Indian tractor company that is present in countries of Latin and South America. With a strong presence in 33 EU and non-EU countries, it successfully launched tractors in the USA market. The Tractor brand assembly plants in India, Brazil, Cameroon & Algeria. Mr. Mittal and Mr. Ken Okuyama took the company to new heights. 

Why Farmers Select Solis Tractor? USP

All Solis tractors are perfect for industrial operations as well as tasks related to Agriculture. New launched Solis tractors provide high Japanese technology that enhances production on farming fields.

Solis tractor comes with a unique design that easily attracts customers. Their tractor comes with smart features for the new generation. Tractors of Solis are advanced tractors, and their tractor's price is also very reasonable.

Solis tractor has Japanese 4wd technology. The Solis Company has the world's biggest producing plant, manufacturing capacity of 3,00,000 tractors per year. Apart from tractors, Solis Yanmar manufactured excellent implements such as Rotavator, 

  • Solis Yanmar has four pillars or values: Reliability, Responsibility, Efficiency, and Quality. 
  • Solis tractors have 1450 plus distribution dealership networks all over the world.
  • Solis New Launched Tractor is Solis 6024 S with four cylinders, 60 hp, and a 4087 cc water-cooled engine capacity. 
  • Find out about Solis tractor service center and a certified Solis tractor dealer near you!
  • Solis brand provides 5 tractor models. 


Top Solis Tractor Models 

  • Solis 5015 E - Solis 5015 E is a 50 hp tractor that consists of three-cylinder engine power. The tractor has multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes. Solis 5015 E is Rs. 7.40-7.90 Lakh*. 
  • Solis 4215 E - Solis 4215 E is a 43 hp tractor that has three-cylinder engine power. Solis 4215E comes with 36.5 PTO Hp and power steering. It has a bundle of innovative features that are liked by every farmer. The price is Rs. 6.20 Lakh*.
  • Solis 4515 E - Solis 4515E is a 48 hp tractor with three-cylinders. It has a 55-liter fuel tank and     2000 Kg lifting capacity. The price of the Solis tractor is Rs. 7.60-8.00 Lakh*. 

Solis Tractor Models 

  1. Solis 6024 S - 60 Hp
  2. Solis 2516 SN - 27 Hp


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Recently Asked User Questions about Solis Tractor

Answer. Solis tractor price is starting from Rs 6.20 lakh to Rs 7.90 lakh.

Answer. Solis tractor offers models ranging from 43-50 hp.

Answer. Total 3 tractors come in the Solis brand.

Answer. Solis 4215 E is the lowest price tractor in Solis.

Answer. Yes, Solis tractor comes in 50 hp.

Answer. Solis 6024 S is the only New Solis Tractor model in India.

Answer. Solis 4515 E price is Rs. 6.60-7.00 lakh*.

Answer. Solis 4215 E is the most suitable tractor for farming among all Solis Tractors.

Answer. Yes, Solis Tractor price range is economical for the farmers.

Answer. Yes, Solis Tractor Company is based in India.

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