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Badhaye purane tractor ki life home service kit ke sath. | Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Digitrac Tractor Price in India starts from Rs. 6.34 Lakh. The most expensive Digitrac Tractor is Digitrac PP 51i price at Rs. 7.78 – 8.08 Lakh. Digitrac offers a wide range of 3 tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 47 hp to 60 hp.

Digitrac Tractor comes with stylish looks and has effective fuel efficiency for productive work on the field. The most popular Digitrac Tractor models are Digitrac PP 51i, Digitrac PP 46i, and Digitrac PP 43i, etc. Review this page to find the latest digitrac tractor price list in India.

Digitrac Tractor Price List 2024 in India

Digitrac Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Digitrac PP 51i 60 HP Rs. 7.78 – 8.08 Lakh
Digitrac PP 46i 50 HP Rs. 6.82 Lakh - 7.52 Lakh
Digitrac PP 43i 47 HP Rs. 6.34 Lakh

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Popular Digitrac Tractors

Digitrac PP 51i
hp icon 60 HP
hp icon 3682 CC

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Digitrac PP 46i

From: ₹6.82- 7.52 lac*

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Digitrac PP 43i

From: ₹6.34 lac*

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Used Digitrac Tractors

 PP 51i  PP 51i
₹ 5.67 Lakh Total Savings

Digitrac PP 51i

60 HP | 2011 Model | Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 2,41,001

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 PP 46i  PP 46i
₹ 2.11 Lakh Total Savings

Digitrac PP 46i

50 HP | 2024 Model | Rewari, Haryana

₹ 5,41,000

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 PP 46i  PP 46i
₹ 2.11 Lakh Total Savings

Digitrac PP 46i

50 HP | 2024 Model | Baran, Rajasthan

₹ 5,41,000

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 PP 51i  PP 51i
₹ 2.24 Lakh Total Savings

Digitrac PP 51i

60 HP | 2023 Model | Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

₹ 5,84,000

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About Digitrac Tractor

All Digitrac tractors are fully loaded with innovative features. Digitrac tractors are a true example of innovation and modernity. Now it's only available in Punjab and Haryana. Digitrac is India’s initial online tractor platform. The tractors from this iconic brand are a true combination of international style & comfort, having value-adding features best suited for diverse Indian agricultural & haulage activities. The leading tractor brand, an extension of  the tractor giant Escorts Group, offers futuristic, stylish and powerful tractors offering efficient PTO power to run a range of farming implements. Given the price of Digitrac tractors, the exceptional features and technology they deliver are worth it.

All Digitrac tractors are an ideal mix of international vogue and comfort with options best suited to Indian farming. Digitrac tractors offer a bunch of excellent features that are suitable for Indian farming. 

Digitrac Tractor are known for their fuel efficiency, high performance, and ease of use. They offer a range of tractor models to suit different needs and budgets. The Digitrac PP 46i is one of the most popular models and is priced at Rs. 6.82 – 7.52 lakh*. It is available in the states of Punjab and Haryana. The Digitrac PP 51i is also a great choice and is priced at Rs. 7.78 – 8.08 lakh*. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient tractor, then Digitrac is the right choice for you.

Digitrac tractor offers three unique colors, DIGIBLUE, DIGIBLACK & DIGISILVER. With maximum comfort and safety, it provides maximum user experience. Tractor Demo, tractor Sale, tractor Loan, and tractor Insurance formalities are completed effortlessly. 

Digitrac is the best tractor company due to its value-adding features and friendly Digitrac tractor on road prices. It has the best PTO power for the effective work with the implements. With these innovative features, it has touched new heights of success. Its stylish look and design attracts the customers. 

Why Digitrac Tractors? USP

Digitrac manufactures tractors that provide high yield. Each of the Digitrac tractor models are specially designed for rugged Indian fields. These tractors provide high performance in tough conditions. 

  • Digitrac purely describes the words like modernity, uniqueness, efficiency, advanced technology and many more. 
  • Digitrac is the first tractor that provides doorstep demos and doorstep services.  
  • All Digitrac tractors come with a canopy that protects the operator from accidents.
  • Digitrac tractor has a huge distribution dealership network all over Punjab and Haryana.
  • Digitrac provides a 5-year warranty for saving extra charge. 
  • Find out Digitrac tractor service center and certified Tractor dealer near you.
  • Digitrac tractor price range are Rs.6.34 Lakh*- Rs. 8.08 Lakh* in India

Digitrac Tractor Dealers

Escorts Digitrac tractors offer the widest dealer network across the country. You can easily find a suitable and nearby Digitrac tractor dealer with us. To get the Digitrac tractor all model price list, connect with us.

Digitrac Tractors Service Center

At TractorJunction, we help you find verified Digitrac Tractor Service Centers in India. You just have to select the preferred brand and select the nearby Digitrac tractor workshop. You will find accurate contact details and the address of the Digitrac Tractor workshop. We can help you source a list of Digitrac Tractor Service Centers near you.

Why TractorJunction for Digitrac Tractors?

TractorJunction provides complete information on the Digitrac tractors model with complete specifications, features, on-road prices, customer reviews and more. Not just that, we also provide a list of upcoming or newly launched Digitrac farming tractors right on time. 

Whether searching for Digitrac Mini Tractors or digitrac tractor 4x4 prices, we have you covered. Additionally, here you can also get daily tractor news, updated tractor prices in India 2023 and more. After reviewing the information, you can proceed with the Digitrac tractor online booking. You can call us or fill up the form to enquire about the Digitrac tractor's on-road price list. 

TractorJunction provides Digitrac Tractor Price List, Digitrac tractors price & specification, Digitrac used/new tractors, Digitrac upcoming tractors, Digitrac popular tractors, Digitrac mini tractors, review, images, tractor news, etc. 

So, if you want to buy a Digitrac Tractor then TractorJunction is the right platform for it.

Download TractorJunction Mobile App to get updated information about Digitrac Tractors.

Recently Asked User Questions about Digitrac Tractor

Ans. Digitrac Tractor price range is Rs. 6.34 to 8.08 Lac*

Ans. 60 hp i.e. Digitrac PP 51i is the highest hp category model of Digitrac tractor in India.

Ans. Digitrac PP 51i is the most selling Digitrac tractor in India.

Ans. From 47 hp to 60 hp.

Ans. Yes, Digitrac tractor is available online.

Ans. Yes, Digitrac Tractors is a part of Escorts Group.

Ans. The Popular Digitrac tractor is Digitrac PP 46i and its price is Rs. 6.82 – 7.52 lakh*.

Ans. Only in Punjab and Haryana, Digitrac tractors are available.

Ans. Digitrac PP 51i tractor price is Rs. 7.78 – 8.08 lakh* in India.

Ans. Yes, Digitrac tractor is the right choice for you.

Digitrac Tractor Updates

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