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Badhaye purane tractor ki life home service kit ke sath. | Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Preet Tractors, a leading manufacturer in India, specializes in producing combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, and farm implements. The Preet tractor price range starts from Rs. 3.80 lakh* to Rs. 22.10 lakh*. It offers a diverse selection of tractors, ranging from 25 HP to 100 HP, catering to various farming needs.

The most popular Preet Tractor models are the Preet 6049, Preet 4049, Preet 4549, etc. Preet Mini Tractor models include Preet 2549 4WD, Preet 2549, Preet 3049 4WD, etc. These tractors are known for being cost-effective and accessible to farmers.

In 2023, Preet also offers Mini Tractor models such as the Preet 2549 4WD and Preet 2549. Tractors with 75 HP to 100 HP are particularly compatible with combine harvesters for efficient farming operations.

Furthermore, Preet made a significant mark as one of India's pioneers in manufacturing air-conditioned cabin tractors in 1998. You can explore the latest Preet tractor models, complete with their technical features and prices, on Tractor Junction.

Preet Tractor Price List 2023 in India

Preet Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Preet 955 50 HP Rs. 6.52 Lakh - 6.92 Lakh
Preet 6049 4WD 60 HP Rs. 7.80 Lakh - 8.30 Lakh
Preet 6049 60 HP Rs. 7.25 Lakh - 7.60 Lakh
Preet 6049 Super 55 HP Rs. 6.60 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
Preet 3549 35 HP Rs. 6.00 Lakh - 6.45 Lakh
Preet 4549 45 HP Rs. 6.85 Lakh
Preet 10049 4WD 100 HP Rs. 18.80 Lakh - 20.50 Lakh
Preet 4049 4WD 40 HP Rs. 6.40 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
Preet 4049 40 HP Rs. 5.80 Lakh - 6.10 Lakh
Preet 2549 4WD 25 HP Rs. 5.30 Lakh - 5.60 Lakh
Preet 3049 4WD 30 HP Rs. 5.90 Lakh - 6.40 Lakh
Preet 6549 4WD 65 HP Rs. 10.50 Lakh - 11.20 Lakh
Preet 9049 AC - 4WD 90 HP Rs. 21.20 Lakh - 23.10 Lakh
Preet 4549 4WD 45 HP Rs. 8.20 Lakh - 8.70 Lakh
Preet 955 4WD 50 HP Rs. 7.60 Lakh - 8.10 Lakh

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Popular Preet Tractors

Preet 955

hp icon 50 HP
hp icon 3066 CC

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Preet 6049 4WD

hp icon 60 HP
hp icon 4087 CC

Check Tractor Price

Preet 6049

hp icon 60 HP
hp icon 4087 CC

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Preet 6049 Super

hp icon 55 HP
hp icon 4087 CC

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Preet 3549

hp icon 35 HP
hp icon 2781 CC

Check Tractor Price

Preet 4549

hp icon 45 HP
hp icon 2892 CC

Check Tractor Price

Preet 10049 4WD

hp icon 100 HP
hp icon 4087 CC

Check Tractor Price

Preet 4049 4WD

hp icon 40 HP
hp icon 2892 CC

Check Tractor Price

Preet 4049

hp icon 40 HP
hp icon 2892 CC

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Preet 2549 4WD

hp icon 25 HP
hp icon 1854 CC

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Used Preet Tractors

 7549  7549
₹ 6.60 Lakh Total Savings

Preet 7549

75 HP | 2017 Model | Ambedkar Nagar , Uttar Pradesh

₹ 6,00,000

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 955  955
₹ 2.01 Lakh Total Savings

Preet 955

50 HP | 2023 Model | Baran, Rajasthan

₹ 4,91,000

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 3549  3549
₹ 3.60 Lakh Total Savings

Preet 3549

35 HP | 2019 Model | Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 2,85,001

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 6049  6049
₹ 2.57 Lakh Total Savings

Preet 6049

60 HP | 2023 Model | Kheri, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 5,03,000

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Preet Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Om Auto Mobils

Authorization - Preet

Address - Uttar pradesh

Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Contact - 9936576127

Preet Agro Industries Private Limited

Authorization - Preet

Address - Punjab

Patiala, Punjab

Contact - 9878007149

Kissan tractors

Authorization - Preet

Address - Near BaBa Balak Nath Ji mandir Main chowk kawi Panipat

Panipat, Haryana

Contact - 8529400068

Mahabir Engineering Works

Authorization - Preet

Address - Near old tehsil more gawalison road jhajjar

Jhajjar, Haryana

Contact - 9991779014

View All Dealers

About Preet Tractor

Preet Tractors (P) Limited was founded in 2001. They began making excellent agricultural tractors with 25 to 45 hp horsepower. The market recognises the brand for its efficient and low-maintenance tractors, ranging from 25 HP to 100 HP.

Preet tractor prices in India begin at Rs. 3.80 Lakh. The Preet 9049 AC - 4WD is India's most expensive Preet tractor, from Rs. 20.20 to 22.10 Lakh.

Preet tractor Price in India is quite reasonable and decided, keeping Indian farmers’ needs and budgets in mind. This popular tractor brand offers 2WD, 4WD and AC cabin tractors to meet the needs of different buyers in the market.

Preet dates back to 1980, when they started producing reapers, threshers, and agricultural implements. Entrepreneur Mr. Hari Singh and his younger sibling Mr. Gurcharan Singh took a crucial step, forming Preet Agro Industries. In 1986, alongside selling straw reapers, threshers and agricultural implements, the brand sold its first tractor-driven combine harvester.

History Of Preet Tractors In India

The company's founder, Mr. Hari Singh, had a strong passion. He aimed to transform the farming industry by designing extremely efficient tractors. The purpose of these tractors was to assist farmers in their work.

Indian farmers consider tractors as essential tools. In 2011, this tractor received a National Award, showcasing its excellence.

Preet Tractor is a well-known brand in the agriculture sector, and farmers have found these tractors incredibly helpful. As a result, Preet Tractors has earned a reputation as one of the top brands in India. Initially, Mr. Hari started a mechanical farming business and introduced various types of tractors. Later, the company changed its name to Preet Agro-industrial, with a renewed focus on producing farm equipment.

The primary objective of creating this unique farming industry was to offer affordable agricultural machinery, including tractors, to the farming sector. Farmers highly regard Preet's tractors because of their exceptional performance and durability.

Current Scenario of Preet Tractors

Preet tractors is a customer-centric company that is an awardee of several National awards from the President of India. This famous brand is a leading producer and manufacturer of 25- to 100-hp farming tractors. The brand's bodyline and style statement are well-known, establishing it as a trendsetter in the Asian Combine Harvesters market.

Its AGRITRAC series tractors with 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive and AC cabin options are quite popular in the market. The series, with the completely new colour theme, new and improved design & features, serves the community of farmers just right.

Popular Preet Tractors in India

Preet Tractors, an Indian brand, provides a variety of tractors. They come in different designs and are famous for their quality and affordability. While creating these tractors, the designers had farmers and regular tractor buyers in mind.

This brand's success shows that an Indian vehicle brand can excel in the market and gain the trust of our farmers. When buying a tractor, performance and efficiency are crucial factors, and Preet tractors excel in both aspects. 

Here are some popular models: Preet 4549, Preet 2549, Preet 6049, Preet 955, Preet 987, and Preet 9049. One notable aspect is that the prices of Preet tractors in India are very reasonable.

Preet tractors offer a variety of options with fuel efficiency. The range includes tractors with 25 HP to 90 HP, both 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive, and air-conditioned cabins. Here is a list of popular and high-selling Preet Tractors and their respective prices for your reference.

  • Preet 6049 - Price starts at ₹6.25-6.60 lac* in India
  • Preet 955 - Price starts at ₹6.52-6.92 lac* in India.
  • Preet 4549 - Price starts at ₹5.85 lac* in India.
  • Preet 3549 - Price starts at  ₹5.00-5.45 lac* in India.

Preet Tractors HP Range

Preet Tractors offers a range of reliable and high-performing models with engine horsepower ranging from 25 HP to 100 HP. Let's explore these tractor categories and their features more simply and formally.

Preet Tractors under 25 HP to 30 HP

Preet offers affordable tractors in the 25 HP to 30 HP range, priced between 3.75 to 4.15 lakhs.

  • The Preet 2549 4WD tractor, with 25 HP, is known for its fuel efficiency and robust structure.
  • This tractor has a lifting capacity of 1000 kg and two cylinders.
  • Some of the other popular Preet Tractors under 25 HP to 30 HP are as follows: 
Model Name Horsepower Price
Preet 3049 35 HP Rs. 5.60 Lakh - 5.90 Lakh
Preet 3049 4WD 30 HP Rs. 5.90 Lakh - 6.40 Lakh

Preet Tractors under 31 HP to 40 HP

Preet's 31 HP to 40 HP range provides budget-friendly options.

  • The Preet 3049 2WD tractor and the Preet 3549 both have reliable engines that produce a power output of 35 HP. 
  • It features a Category-II 3-point linkage system. 
  • Additionally, it has both constant and sliding mesh transmission options. The equipment boasts a total of eight forward gears and two reverse gears.
  • Some of the other Preet Tractors under 31 HP to 40 HP are as follows: 
Model Name Horsepower Price
Preet 4049 40 HP Rs. 5.80 Lakh - 6.10 Lakh
Preet 4049 4WD 40 HP Rs. 6.40 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh

Preet Tractors under 41 HP to 50 HP

These tractors offer advanced features.

  • The Preet 4549 4WD tractor has a 45 HP engine. It comes with a 67-litre fuel tank and features three cylinders. 
  • Additionally, it has a strong lifting capacity. The price of this tractor falls in the range of 5.95 to 7.65 lakh*.
Model Name Horsepower Price
Preet  4549 45 HP Rs. 6.85 Lakh
Preet 955 50 HP Rs. 6.52 Lakh - 6.92 Lakh

 Preet Tractors under 51 HP to 60 HP

These tractors are equipped with powerful engines for efficient farming.

  • The Preet 6049 Super comes in a 60 horsepower engine with a capacity of 4087 CC. 
  • It features 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. 
  • The vehicle also has dual-clutch technology and uses multi-disc oil-immersed brakes for stopping.

Preet Tractors under 61 HP to 70 HP

These heavy-duty models excel in tough farming tasks.

  • The Preet 6549 4WD tractor has 65 horsepower. It can lift heavy loads and has large fuel tanks. 
  • This tractor has a dual-speed live PTO and can move forward and backwards.

Preet Tractors under 71 HP to 80 HP

These technologically superior tractors have robust engines.

  • The Preet 7549 4WD tractor has a powerful 75-horsepower engine. 
  • It can lift up to 2400 kilograms and has four cylinders and a dual-clutch transmission. 
  • The price of this tractor varies from Rs 10.65 lakh to Rs 12.65 lakh.

Preet Tractors under 81 HP to 90 HP

These tractors are known for their performance and driver amenities.

  • The Preet 8049 4WD boasts 85 horsepower, including air conditioning and a clogging sensor air filter. 
  • It has a robust lifting capacity of 2400 kilograms, and its price aligns with the high-quality features it offers.

Preet Tractors under 91 HP to 100 HP

These tractors are known for their strong engines and great performance. 

  • The Preet 10049 4WD tractor has 95 horsepower. 
  • It has a synchromesh transmission, independent PTO, four strong cylinders, and a 4087 cc engine. 
  • This makes it easier to do work in the fields.

Price Of Preet Tractors In India

Preet tractors are well-known in India for their exceptional quality and affordability. They are efficient and reliable, making them a great choice for farmers. The company also provides excellent customer service.

In India, Preet tractors are available at a price range of Rs. 3.80 Lakh in 2023. The Preet 9049 AC - 4WD is the most expensive model, costing Rs. 20.20-22.10 Lakh. These prices are suitable and economical for Indian farmers, making Preet tractors a popular choice.

Preet tractors benefit Indian farmers by meeting their specific needs and financial constraints. These tractors offer a more affordable option compared to high-end models. This makes it easier for farmers to get the necessary tractors reasonably priced.

Preet Tractor Dealers

  • Preet tractor dealers 1000+ in approximately 40 countries.
  • Preet brand has the widest dealer network across the world.

Preet Service Center

  • To learn more about the Preet tractor service center, visit the Preet Service Center.
  • Preet tractor's official website gives information about the latest Preet tractor, etc. 

Why Tractorjunction for Preet Tractor?

TractorJunction offers information about Preet Tractor models, their prices, new releases, upcoming models, and popular choices. You can also find daily updates on tractor prices in India for 2023 and other related details. 

We provide a platform for farmers to find answers to their questions quickly. If you have any inquiries, please call or email us, especially for the Preet Tractor price list. Our customer support team is ready to assist you. Visit our website to explore Preet's latest tractor models, including their prices, features, and reviews.

Recently Asked User Questions about Preet Tractor

Ans. The Preet Tractors price range starts from Rs 3.80 to 22.10 Lakh*.

Ans. At Tractor Junction, visit the Preet Tractor Dealer page and find the nearest tractor dealers/showrooms.

Ans. The Preet tractor lies in the 25 to 100 HP range.

Ans. The manufacturing plant of Preet tractors is located in Patiala.

Ans. Preet tractor is an Indian company which has advanced models for thriving farming.

Ans. The most popular Preet tractors in India are Preet 955, Preet 10049 4WD and Preet 4549.

Ans. Preet 2549 4WD and Preet 2549 are the best Preet mini tractors in India.

Ans. Preet 2549 is the lowest priced Preet tractor in India, available at Rs. 3.80-4.30 Lakh*.

Ans. Preet 10049 4WD tractor, Preet 9049 - 4WD, Preet 9049 AC - 4WD and others are the best for pulling heavy implements.

Preet Tractor Updates

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