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Badhaye purane tractor ki life home service kit ke sath. | Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Standard Tractors

Standard Tractor Price starts from Rs.4.90-5.10 Lakh. The most expensive Standard Tractor is Standard DI 490 price at Rs.10.90-11.20 Lakh. Standard offers a wide range of 6+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 35 hp to 90 hp.

Standard Tractor is a famous brand that won trust by supplying exceptional featured tractors. The most popular Standard Tractor models are Standard DI 345, Standard DI 335 and Standard DI 460, etc.

Standard Tractor Price List 2023 in India

Standard Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Standard DI 335 35 HP Rs. 4.90 Lakh - 5.10 Lakh
Standard DI 460 60 HP Rs. 7.20 Lakh - 7.60 Lakh
Standard DI 345 45 HP Rs. 5.80 Lakh - 6.80 Lakh
Standard DI 475 75 HP Rs. 8.60 Lakh - 9.20 Lakh
Standard DI 490 90 HP Rs. 10.90 Lakh - 11.20 Lakh
Standard DI 355 55 HP Rs. 6.60 Lakh - 7.20 Lakh
Standard DI 450 50 HP Rs. 6.10 Lakh - 6.50 Lakh

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Popular Standard Tractors

Standard DI 335

From: ₹4.90-5.10 lac*

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Standard DI 460

From: ₹7.20-7.60 lac*

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Standard DI 345

From: ₹5.80-6.80 lac*

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Standard DI 475

From: ₹8.60-9.20 lac*

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Standard DI 490

From: ₹10.90-11.20 lac*

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Standard DI 355

From: ₹6.60-7.20 lac*

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Standard 460 4WD

hp icon 60 HP
hp icon 4085 CC

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Standard DI 450

From: ₹6.10-6.50 lac*

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Used Standard Tractors

Standard DI 335

Price: ₹ 1,59,000 FAIR DEAL

35 HP 2010 Model

Aurangabad, Bihar

Standard DI 475

Price: ₹ 6,88,000 FAIR DEAL

75 HP 2022 Model

Jalna, Maharashtra

Standard DI 450

Price: ₹ 2,65,000

50 HP 2002 Model

Faridkot, Punjab

Standard DI 475

Price: ₹ 3,08,000 FAIR DEAL

75 HP 2012 Model

Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh

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About Standard Tractor

Standard Tractor Company Based in Bathinda Road, Handiaya, Barnala, Punjab (India), STANDARD CORPORATION INDIA LTD. (TRACTOR DIVISION) formerly known as Standard Combines Pvt. Ltd., but due to its gradual growth, it has been changed to Standard Corporation India Ltd., manufactures high quality Combines & Tractors.

SardarNachhattar Singh was the founder of Standard Tractor. The company had its inception in 1975 and the sibling company Standard Tractors was registered in 1990. In the last many years we have made enormous progress by growing from a small production company to one of the leading manufacturers of Combines & Tractors in India. This is also known with the term "tractor standard".

Our extensive production capabilities allow us to service your diverse needs to guarantee quick response and delivery. OUR MISSION is to provide innovative and practical. We believe our first responsibility is to the customer and the quality products & quality service is the only thing a company truly has to offer.

Go to a certified dealer on TractorJunction and get all details regarding the standard tractor showroom nearby you.

Why is Standard the best tractor company? | USP 

The standard tractor is the best tractor producer of India. It provides products that are of perfect quality and reasonable in price.

Standard tractor new model is produced according to innovative technology. They are specially designed according to the needs and satisfaction of the farmers. 

New model Standard tractor has all the qualities which help every farmer to increase performance on the field. They are the best tractors for farmers these tractors are also provided economic mileage on the field. Standard tractors come with features like high fuel efficiency, powerful engine, large fuel tank capacity, heavy hydraulic lifting capacity, and many more. Tractors of Standard are perfect deal for the Indian farmers because it has all the productive qualities.

  • Standard products are easily fit in the budgets of the farmers.
  • Standard provides top quality products and services that effectively and efficiently serve the material to move market needs worldwide.
  • Standard tractor mission to provide our customers with outstanding products and support, exceeding their expectations.
  • Standard manufacturers attractively designed products.

Standard Tractor Price in India

The standard tractor is the brand that manufactures tractors at a super affordable standard tractor price. They always produce tractors according to the budget of the farmers. Standard tractors are very popular among Indian farmers because of its affordability.

It is Standard DI 460 is the most popular standard tractor of India it comes with 60 hp, 4 cylinders, and 3596 cc powerful engine capacity which generates 2200 engine rated RPM. Standard tractor 460 di price in India is Rs. 7.20-7.60 lakh* and standard tractor 60 hp price is also very suitable according to the Indian farmers. Get Standard tractor price in India only on TractorJunction.

Standard Tractor Dealership

Standard has a big channel of a distribution network of dealerships across India.

At Tractorjunction, find a certified Standardtractor dealer near you!

Standard Tractor Service Center

Find out the Standard tractor service center, visit Standard Service Center.

Why Tractorjunction for Standard Tractor

TractorJunction provides you, Standard new tractors, Standard upcoming tractors, Standard popular tractors, Standard mini tractors, Standard used tractors price, specification, review, images, tractor news, etc.

So, if you want to buy a Standard Tractor then TractorJunction is the right platform for it.

Download TractorJunction Mobile App to get updated information about Standard Tractors.

Recently Asked User Questions about Standard Tractor

Ans. Standard tractor price starting from Rs. 4.90 lakh to Rs. 11.20 lakh* in India.

Ans. From 35 hp to 90 hp is the Standard Tractor Hp range.

Ans. Rs. 7.20-7.70 lakh* is the Standard tractor 60 hp price.

Ans. Standard DI 490 is the highest price tractor in Standard.

Ans. Standard tractor 450 price is Rs 6.10-6.50 lakh*.

Ans. Yes, standard tractors are good for any type of farming.

Ans. Yes, all Standard Tractor New Model come with innovative technology like better fuel optimization, less heat during working on fields and many more features.

Ans. Yes, the latest standard tractors models price is rational for all the customers.

Ans. Standard DI 335 is the most preferred tractor among all the Standard Tractors.

Ans. Yes, you can get Standard Tractors price at TractorJunction.

Standard Tractor Updates

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