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Badhaye purane tractor ki life home service kit ke sath. | Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Ace Tractor Price starts from Rs. 4.35 lakhs. The most expensive Ace Tractor is ACE DI 9000 4WD price at Rs.15.60-15.75 Lakh. Ace offers a wide range of 18+ tractor models in India, and the HP range starts from 20 hp to 88 hp.

The ACE tractor is the finest tractor producing tractor brand that has a massive demand among the farmers. The most popular Ace Tractor models are ACE DI-450NG, ACE DI-550 NG, DI6565 NG and ACE DI-350NG, etc.

ACE Tractor Price List 2024 in India

ACE Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
ACE DI-350NG 40 HP Rs. 5.55 Lakh - 5.95 Lakh
ACE DI-6565 61 HP Rs. 9.90 Lakh - 10.45 Lakh
ACE DI-6500 NG V2 2WD 24 Gears 61 HP Rs. 7.75 Lakh - 8.25 Lakh
ACE DI-450 NG 45 HP Rs. 6.40 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
ACE DI 6500 4WD 61 HP Rs. 8.45 Lakh - 8.75 Lakh
ACE DI-305 NG 26 HP Rs. 4.35 Lakh - 4.55 Lakh
ACE Veer 20 20 HP Rs. 3.30 Lakh - 3.60 Lakh
ACE DI-854 NG 32 HP Rs. 5.10 Lakh - 5.45 Lakh
ACE DI-550 STAR 50 HP Rs. 6.75 Lakh - 7.20 Lakh
ACE DI-550 NG 50 HP Rs. 6.55 Lakh - 6.95 Lakh
ACE DI 9000 4WD 90 HP Rs. 15.60 Lakh - 15.75 Lakh
ACE DI 7500 75 HP Rs. 11.65 Lakh - 11.90 Lakh
ACE DI 7500 4WD 75 HP Rs. 14.35 Lakh - 14.90 Lakh
ACE DI 7575 75 HP Rs. 9.20 Lakh
ACE DI 6500 61 HP Rs. 7.35 Lakh - 7.85 Lakh

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Popular ACE Tractors

ACE Chetak DI 65
hp icon 50 HP
hp icon 4088 CC

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From: ₹5.55-5.95 lac*

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ACE DI-6565

From: ₹9.90-10.45 lac*

Check Tractor Price

Check Tractor Price


From: ₹6.40-6.90 lac*

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ACE DI 6500 4WD

From: ₹8.45-8.75 lac*

Check Tractor Price


From: ₹4.35-4.55 lac*

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ACE Veer 20
hp icon 20 HP
hp icon 863 CC

Check Tractor Price


From: ₹5.10-5.45 lac*

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From: ₹6.75-7.20 lac*

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From: ₹6.55-6.95 lac*

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Used ACE Tractors

 DI-550 NG  DI-550 NG
₹ 2.45 Lakh Total Savings


50 HP | 2018 Model | Ballia, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 4,50,000

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 DI-6565  DI-6565
₹ 6.45 Lakh Total Savings

ACE DI-6565

61 HP | 2022 Model | Ballia, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 4,00,000

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ACE DI-450+

45 HP | 2011 Model | Amethi, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 2,50,000

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ACE DI-450+

45 HP | 2015 Model | Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh

₹ 3,00,000

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About ACE Tractor

ACE stands for Action Construction Equipment Ltd., and it manufactures top-class construction machines. This brand launched its first hydraulic mobile crane. Later, in 2008 ACE started making tractors for Indian farmers. After that, it started in-house engine production and began making harvesters and rotavators. With the launch of its first tractor, ACE became a reliable farming brand in the Indian market. 

ACE started manufacturing tractor models up to 90 HP in the year 2017. Then, it collaborated with Ursus SA to localise a new range of tractors. During the same time, ACE partnered with Punjab National Bank to provide farm machinery finance services to make farming easier for everyone.

History of ACE Tractors in India

ACE has made a name for itself. It has become a key player in the farm mechanisation. The ACE tractors are made for multipurpose farming applications. Furthermore, they offer high torque power and are high on fuel efficiency.

In 1995, ACE started as an Indian transport material and construction equipment producing company. Later, a division of ACE tractors was formed that started manufacturing tractors in 2008.

ACE Tractors today is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of the world’s best farmer-centric tractors and implements at a reasonable price range

Current Scenario Of Action Construction Equipment Ltd. (ACE)

ACE has always been the company which offers its customers the product of their needs. Whether it's a utility tractor like ACE DI 6500 and ACE DI-550 STAR or a power-packed 4WD tractor like ACE 6565 V2 4WD 24 Gears, ACE provides it effortlessly. ACE gained the trust of the customers by delivering top-notch products. ACE DI 6500 is India's one of the most trusted tractors in the above 60 HP segment and gives the best performance on Indian terrains. Therefore, ACE is a trusted tractor company among Indian farmers, as the ACE tractor price is justified.

Advanced Features in ACE Tractors

ACE tractors are equipped with the latest best-in-segment technologies that are helpful for increasing crop productivity.

  • Aerodynamic Bonnet, which reduces wind noise & and drags and provides great stability at high speeds.
  • 3 & 4 Cylinder engine for powerful driveability.
  • Powerful Torque of 319-Nm
  • Gear Speed 35.8

TOP MODELS:- ACE tractors are one of India's famous tractors as they offer technologically advanced tractors according to customers' needs. The top ACE tractors models are mentioned as follows, along with their prices. 

1. ACE DI 6500 Priced at Rs. 7.35 onwards.*
2. ACE DI-550 STAR Priced at Rs. 6.75 onwards*
3. ACE DI-450 NG Priced at Rs. 6.40 onwards*

The top models of ACE 4 Wheel Drive tractors are:- 

1. ACE DI 550 NG 4WD Priced at Rs. 6.95 lac onwards*
2. ACE 6565 4WD Priced at Rs. 8.95 lac onwards*
3. ACE 6565 V2 4WD 24 Gears Priced at Rs. 9.94 lac onwards*

ACE Tractors Price

ACE tractors are available in the price range of Rs. 4.35 to 15.75 Lakhs in India. 

  • ACE 9000-4WD priced at Rs. 15.75 Lakhs, is the most costliest tractor offered by this tractor brand.
  • ACE DI- 305NG is the lowest priced tractor, available for Rs. 4.35 Lakhs onwards.

However, note that these are the ex-showroom price. To get the updated on-road price of ACE tractors, enquire with us.

What Makes ACE Tractors Best in Segment?

  • ACE tractors are manufactured with advanced technology that is economical and helpful in scaling farming operations. These popular brands’ tractors are compatible, traceable and dependable.
  • ACE tractors are priced according to the needs of the farmers.
  • These tractors offer good control over the farm field.
  • These tractors have the latest safety features that ensure a secure ride.
  • Its spare parts are easily available, which ensures maxim uptime and easy availability of spare parts.

ACE tractors is a trustworthy brand to offer more than 17 tractor models. Moreover, the ACE tractors HP range in India is 20 HP to 88 HP. Also, the ACE tractor price starts from Rs. 4.35 lakh in India. Apart from this, the company won CNBC-TV18 Emerging India Awards in 2005-2006 and has become a famous brand since then. Also, ACE won the National Brand Leadership Congress & Awards in 2019 for brand excellence in the construction industry. The company has 8 manufacturing units in Faridabad, Haryana and easy PAN India availability of service centres. Thus, it is an example of delivering excellent farming machines, because the ACE tractor price is reasonable.

Recently Asked User Questions about ACE Tractor

Ans. ACE Tractor price starting from Rs. 4.35 Lac* which goes up to Rs 15.75 Lakh in India.

Ans. 75 hp i.e. Ace DI 7500 2WD/4WD and Ace DI 7575 are the highest hp category model of Ace tractor in India.

Ans. Ace DI 450 NG is the most selling Ace tractor in India.

Ans. ACE DI-550 NG, ACE DI 6565, and ACE Forma DI 450 Star are the few popular ACE tractors in India.

Ans. Yes, Ace tractor is the right choice for you.

Ans. ACE 9000-4WD priced at Rs. 15.75 Lakh is the most expensive ACE tractor in India.

Ans. ACE DI- 305NG priced at Rs. 4.35 Lakhs is the lowest priced tractor offered by ACE.

Ans. From 20 hp to 88 hp.

Ans. Four tractors come under the 50 hp category in ACE Tractors.

Ans. ACE tractor offers advanced quality products at an affordable ACE Tractor price.

Ans. Yes, ACE tractors provide a guarantee and warranty on all their tractors.

Ans. Ace DI 450 NG is the most popular tractor in India.

Ans. Yes, all ACE tractors are cost effective.

ACE Tractor Updates

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