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Ace Tractor Price starts from Rs. 4.35 lakhs. The most expensive Ace Tractor is ACE DI 9000 4WD price at Rs.15.60-15.75 Lakh. Ace offers a wide range of 17+ tractor models in India, and the HP range starts from 25 hp to 90 hp.

The ACE tractor is the finest tractor producing tractor brand that has a massive demand among the farmers. The most popular Ace Tractor models are ACE DI-450NG, ACE DI-550 NG, DI6565 NG and ACE DI-350NG, etc.

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ACE Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
ACE DI-450 NG 45 HP Rs. 6.40 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
ACE DI-350NG 40 HP Rs. 5.55 Lakh - 5.95 Lakh
ACE DI-550 STAR 50 HP Rs. 6.75 Lakh - 7.20 Lakh
ACE 6565 4WD 61 HP Rs. 8.95 Lakh - 9.25 Lakh
ACE DI-854 NG 35 HP Rs. 5.10 Lakh - 5.45 Lakh
ACE DI 9000 4WD 88 HP Rs. 15.60 Lakh - 15.75 Lakh
ACE DI 7575 75 HP Rs. 9.20 Lakh
ACE DI 6500 4WD 61 HP Rs. 8.45 Lakh - 8.75 Lakh
ACE DI 450 NG 4WD 45 HP Rs. 7.50 Lakh - 8.00 Lakh
ACE DI-6565 61 HP Rs. 9.90 Lakh - 10.45 Lakh
ACE DI 7500 4WD 75 HP Rs. 11.65 Lakh - 11.90 Lakh
ACE DI 6500 61 HP Rs. 7.35 Lakh - 7.85 Lakh
ACE DI-6500 NG V2 2WD 24 Gears 61 HP Rs. 7.75 Lakh - 8.25 Lakh
ACE DI-550 NG 50 HP Rs. 6.55 Lakh - 6.95 Lakh
ACE DI 7500 75 HP Rs. 12.35 Lakh

Popular ACE Tractors


45 HP 2 WD

From: ₹6.40-6.90 lac* ACE DI-450 NG


40 HP 2 WD

From: ₹5.55-5.95 lac* ACE DI-350NG

From: ₹6.75-7.20 lac* ACE DI-550 STAR

ACE 6565 4WD

61 HP 4 WD

From: ₹8.95 - 9.25 lac* ACE 6565 4WD


35 HP 2 WD

From: ₹5.10-5.45 lac* ACE DI-854 NG

From: ₹15.60-15.75 lac* ACE DI 9000 4WD

ACE DI 7575

75 HP 2 WD

From: ₹9.20 lac* ACE DI 7575

From: ₹8.45-8.75 lac* ACE DI 6500 4WD

From: ₹7.50-8.00 lac* ACE DI 450 NG 4WD

ACE DI-6565

61 HP 2 WD

From: ₹9.90-10.45 lac* ACE DI-6565

From: ₹11.65-11.90 lac* ACE DI 7500 4WD

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Used ACE Tractors

ACE DI-550+

Price: ₹ 3,50,000 FAIR DEAL

50 HP 2015 Model

Patiala, Punjab

ACE DI-450+

Price: ₹ 3,25,000 HIGH PRICE

45 HP 2014 Model

Sirsa, Haryana

ACE DI-450+

Price: ₹ 2,10,000 FAIR DEAL

45 HP 2010 Model

Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh


Price: ₹ 2,60,000 FAIR DEAL

45 HP 2012 Model

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh

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About ACE Tractor

In addition to Mobile Cranes, ACE also offers Mobile/Fixed Tower Cranes, Crawler Cranes, Truck Mounted Cranes, Lorry Loaders, Backhoe Loaders/Loaders, Vibratory Rollers, Forklifts, Tractors & Harvesters and other Construction Equipment. ACE has a consolidated presence in all major Infrastructure, Construction, Heavy Engineering and Industrial Projects across the country.

 ACE is promoted and managed by professionals having rich experience in the Construction Equipment domain. It was established in the year 1995, today ACE has full-fledged state of the art production facilities based at industrial townships of Faridabad (Haryana). These Plants are fully equipped to produce around 12000 Construction Equipment and 9000 Tractors annually.

 The workforce comprises of qualified professionals having undaunted commitment towards total quality management and our strength lies in the standardization of class products. We are dedicated to provide our customers with latest technology in Agriculture & Construction Equipment and efficient sales and product support aimed at satisfying their real needs.

 About ACE Tractor

 ACE Tractor is a brand that speaks for millions of Indian farmers. Vijay Agarwal was the founder of Action Construction Tools Limited in 1995. ACE Tractor started manufacturing tractors in 2008.

ACE currently produces tractors ranging from 25 to 90 hp, making it one of the finest machines available for agriculture in India. Not only India but also the ACE is responsible for exporting tractors to the entire Southeast Asian subcontinent. These tractors are supported at all costs to the buyer in class tractor specifications and high economic configuration. What adds to these tractors is that the tractor price is very affordable and easily funded.

Ace is a new company in the tractor industry, but still, it has established itself and is now a popular company among all tractor companies.


Why is ACE the best tractor company? | USP

 ACE offers the world's best farmer-centric farm implements and tractors at an affordable price range. Farmers blindly believe in ACE tractors because they offer strong and high quality.

Ace tractors have all the smart features that provide comfort while driving a tractor. Ace tractors can help you save a lot of money. They have always cared about Indian farmers, which is why they always produce tractors tailored to the Indian sector.

1.    Providing Highest CC in HP Segment

2.    Providing Highest Torque in HP Segment

3.    Option of 4WD in all the models from 35 HP to 90 HP

4.    Low RPM Engines with ALFIN Pistons Resulting less fuel consumption.

5.    Low Maintenance Engines with Fairly Priced Genuine Spares & Oil.

6.    ACE has a strong and effective team of engineers.

7.    ACE develops innovative designs and advanced technology products having R&D Base at Faridabad.

8.    They train ACE tractor owners on safety maintenance and safety arrangements.

9.    They never compromise on the quality of tractors and other farm equipment.


Ace tractor price in India

Ace tractors are fast gaining popularity in the Indian market due to its affordable ace tractor price. They offer all their advanced tractors at reasonable tractor ace prices. Ace DI-550NG is the most popular Ace tractor in India. It is a 50 hp tractor with 3 cylinders and 3065 cc powerful engine capacity, which is equivalent to the 2100 engine rated RPM. This tractor is priced at the best Ace tractor 50 hp in India. All the farmers in India want to buy Ace DI-550NG suitable Ace 50 HP tractor price. At Tractor Junction, you can easily find Ace Tractor Price List, Ace Tractor 50 HP Price and Updated Ace Tractor Price List 2022.


ACE tractor last year sales report

ACE tractor sales increase 23% in 2022.


ACE Tractor Dealership

ACE has a wide distribution network of 60-plus products, 350-plus location, 3300-plus employees and 65000-plus happy customers.

At Tractor Junction, certified A.C.E. tractor dealer near you!


ACE Tractor Service Center

Find the ACE Tractor Service Center and visit the ACE Service Center.


Why Tractor junction for ACE tractor

Provides Tractor Junction, ACE New Tractor, ACE Upcoming Tractors, Popular ACE Tractors, ACE Mini Tractor, ACE Used Tractors Price, Specification, Review, Pictures, Tractor News etc.

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Recently Asked User Questions about ACE Tractor

Ans. ACE Tractor price starting from Rs. 5.00 to 8.20 Lac*

Ans. 60 hp i.e. Ace DI 6565 is the highest hp category model of Ace tractor in India.

Ans. Ace DI 450 NG is the most selling Ace tractor in India.

Ans. Yes, Ace tractor is the right choice for you.

Ans. From 35 hp to 60 hp.

Ans. Four tractors come under the 50 hp category in ACE Tractors.

Ans. ACE tractor offers advanced quality products at an affordable ACE Tractor price.

Ans. Yes, ACE tractors provide a guarantee and warranty on all their tractors.

Ans. Ace DI 450 NG is the most popular tractor in India.

Ans. Yes, all ACE tractors are cost effective.

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