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Indo Farm Tractor Price starts from Rs. 3.90 lakh. The most expensive Indo Farm Tractor is Indo Farm DI 3090 price at Rs. 16.99  Lakh. Indo Farm offers a range of 23 tractor models in India, and the HP range starts from 26 hp to 90 hp.

Indo Farm Tractor is the most powerful and fuel efficient tractor manufacturer in India. The most popular Indo Farm Tractor models are Indo Farm 3048 DI, Indo Farm 3035 DI, and Indo Farm 2042 DI, etc. The most popular Indo Farm Mini Tractor model is Indo Farm 1026 NG.

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Indo Farm Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Indo Farm 3048 DI 50 HP Rs. 5.89 Lakh - 6.20 Lakh
Indo Farm 3055 DI 4WD 60 HP Rs. 8.35 Lakh
Indo Farm 3040 DI 45 HP Rs. 5.30 Lakh - 5.60 Lakh
Indo Farm 2035 DI 38 HP Rs. 5.00 Lakh - 5.20 Lakh
Indo Farm 3055 DI 60 HP Rs. 7.40 Lakh - 7.80 Lakh
Indo Farm 2030 DI 34 HP Rs. 4.70 Lakh - 5.10 Lakh
Indo Farm 3055 NV 55 HP Rs. 7.40 Lakh - 7.80 Lakh
Indo Farm DI 3075 75 HP Rs. 15.89 Lakh
Indo Farm 4175 DI 75 HP Rs. 12.30 Lakh
Indo Farm 1026 26 HP Rs. 3.90 Lakh - 4.10 Lakh
Indo Farm DI 3090 4 WD 90 HP Rs. 16.90 Lakh
Indo Farm 3035 DI 38 HP Rs. 5.10 Lakh - 5.35 Lakh
Indo Farm 3065 DI 65 HP Rs. 8.40 Lakh - 8.90 Lakh
Indo Farm 4175 DI 2 WD 75 HP Rs. 10.50 Lakh - 10.90 Lakh
Indo Farm 4190 DI - 2WD 90 HP Rs. 11.30 Lakh - 12.60 Lakh

Popular Indo Farm Tractors

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Used Indo Farm Tractors

Indo Farm 2030 DI

Price: ₹ 1,50,000 FAIR DEAL

34 HP 2008 Model

Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh

Indo Farm 2030 DI

Price: ₹ 1,30,000 FAIR DEAL

34 HP 2004 Model

Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh

Indo Farm 3048 DI

Price: ₹ 4,70,000 GREAT DEAL

50 HP 2021 Model

Rewari, Haryana

Indo Farm 3048 DI

Price: ₹ 8,50,000 HIGH PRICE

50 HP 2022 Model

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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Indo Farm Tractor Implements

By Indo Farm

Power : 60-70 HP

By Indo Farm

Power : 45-55 HP

By Indo Farm

Power : 55-60 HP

By Indo Farm

Power : 35-70 HP

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Indo Farm Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Indo farm tractor agency Atrauli

Authorization - Indo Farm

Address - 27HG+HVV, Atrauli, Uttar Pradesh 202280

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Raya Bhumienterprises

Authorization - Indo Farm

Address - Raya - Mant Rd, Raya, Uttar Pradesh 281204

Mathura, Uttar Pradesh (281204)

s.k automobiles

Authorization - Indo Farm

Address - Near sabji mandi, Gohana, Haryana

Sonipat, Haryana (131301)

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About Indo Farm Tractor

Indo Farm Tractor is one of the most trusted and performing brands in the Indian subcontinent. Indo Farm not only manufactures tractors but also cranes, engines and has recently developed a harvester specifically for the purpose of wetland Paddy cultivation. The founder of Indo Farm is Ranbir Singh Khadwalia, in 1994. That is why they established Indo Farm that not only satisfies farmers and also helps in attaining their dreams.

Today the company not only produces fine tractors but also tractors of various ranges, having models starting from 26 HP to 90 HP, Indo Farm tractors speak for the varied concerns of the Indian farmers by providing the best in class technology with amazing tractor specifications at an affordable price. The company tries to satisfy each farmer to achieve their goal. Therefore, they continuously launch tractors with advanced high production and performance solutions. 

TractorJunction provides you with Indo farm tractors price and model at one platform. You can get each detail regarding this tractor here. Here you can find the Indo farm tractor price list and updated indo farm tractor price 2022.

Why is Indo Farm the best tractor company? | USP

Indo Farm works on a pan India basis and is quite a popular brand, related to the best quality products. Indo Farm Equipment Ltd Company is an ISO verified company.

  • Indo Farm has a superb product range.
  • It has cost effective performance.
  • Indo Farm engines have enough backup torque for huge cultivation and pull heavy loads.
  • Indo Farm has a unique harvester design.

Indo Farm Tractor Price in India

The company provides tractors at budget friendly rates so that every Indian farmer can easily afford them. Indo Farm tractor price starts from Rs. 3.90 lakh to Rs. 16.99 Lakh. The tractor is suitable for every region, weather and crop. Along with this, it is an economical deal without compromising the quality of the tractor. You can easily get the Indo Tractor price on road price list here at Tractor Junction. 

Popular Indo Farm Tractor Price List 

Following, we are showing the top Indo Farm Tractor with price list 2022. Check out below a complete list. 

  • Indo Farm 3048 DI - Rs. 5.89 - 6.20 Lakh*
  • Indo Farm 3055 DI - Rs. 7.40 - 7.80 Lakh*
  • Indo Farm 2042 DI - Rs. 5.50 - 5.80 Lakh*
  • Indo Farm 3055 NV - Rs. 7.40 - 7.80 Lakh*

Latest Indo Farm Tractor Models 2022

Indo Farm Tractor is a classy tractor with adequate quality for superb performance and mileage. Following are some latest Indo farm tractor models that you should try in 2022. 

  • Indo Farm 1026 NG - 26 HP
  • Indo Farm 2030 DI - 29 HP

Indo Farm Tractor Last Year Sales Report

Indo Farm sales increased by 6.6% in Jan 2020 as compared to Jan 2019. In Feb 2020 sales were 239 units whereas in Feb 2019 sales were 145 units. This clearly shows sales increased by 64.82%. For a complete sales report you can visit on our page Tractor News. 

IndoFarm Tractor Dealership

Indo Farm manages 15 regional offices and a worldwide spread of 300 powerful dealer networks for sales and services. At Tractorjunction, find a certified Indo Farm Tractor dealer near you!

Indo Farm Service Center

Find out Indo Farm tractor service center, visit Indo Farm Service Center.

Why Tractorjunction for Indo Farm Tractor

TractorJunction provides you, Indo Farm new tractor, Indo Farm upcoming tractors, popular Indo Farm tractors, Indo Farm mini tractor, Indo Farm used tractors price, specification, review, images, tractor news, etc. You can get all Indo tractor models with complete specifications, mileage, performance and price. And, if you have more quarries regarding the brand and any tractor, you can contact us. Our customer care executive will solve your problem. 

So, if you want to buy an Indo Farm tractor then TractorJunction is the right platform for it.

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Recently Asked User Questions about Indo Farm Tractor

Ans. Indo Farm tractor price starting From Rs. 3.90 lakh to Rs 12.60 lakh* in India.

Ans. From 26 hp to 90 hp is the Indo Farm Tractor HP range.

Ans. Indo Farm tractor 3048 DI is the popular tractor in Indo Farm.

Ans. Indo Farm 1026 mini tractor is the popular mini tractor in Indo Farm.

Ans. Indo Farm 4190 DI is the highest hp model in Indo farm tractor.

Ans. Yes, you can compare Indo Farm Tractor price with any other tractor price, at TractorJunction.

Ans. Yes, all Indo Farm Tractors come with sufficient fuel tanks.

Ans. Yes, all Indo Farm tractors can pull heavy implements.

Ans. Indo Farm DI 3075 is the most productive tractor in Indo Farm.

Ans. Yes, Indo Farm Tractor Company fully satisfies customers with their products.

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