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90+ combine harvesters are available at Tractor Junction. Here, you can get all top brands of tractor harvester at an affordable harvester machine price. Brands include Dasmesh, Hind Agro, Preet, Claas, Kartar, New Hind and many more. Select cutting width and power source and get a perfect combine harvester in your budget. The popular harvester machines in India are Preet 987, Mahindra Arjun 605, Kartar 4000, Dasmesh 9100 Self Combine Harvester, New Holland TC5.30, Kubota HARVESKING DC-68G-HK and many more. Find the updated combine price list below. 




110 - Harvesters

Kartar 4000 Self Propelled
Kartar 4000

Cutting Width : 14 Feet

Power : 101 HP

Kartar 4000 AC Cabin Self Propelled
Kartar 4000 AC Cabin

Cutting Width : 4400

Power : 101 HP

Preet 987 Self Propelled
Preet 987

Cutting Width : 14 feet(4.3 m)

Power : 101

Swaraj 8200 Self Propelled
Swaraj 8200

Cutting Width : 4.2 m (14 ft)

Power : 73.5kW

Dasmesh 3100 Mini Combine Harvester Self Propelled
Dasmesh 3100 Mini Combine Harvester

Cutting Width : 9 -10 Feet

Power : N/A

John Deere W70 Grain Harvester Self Propelled
John Deere W70 Grain Harvester

Cutting Width : 14 Feet

Power : 100 HP

Vishal 435 Self Propelled
Vishal 435

Cutting Width : N/A

Power : N/A

Mahindra MSI 457 3A Tractor Mounted
Mahindra MSI 457 3A

Cutting Width : 11.81 Feet

Power : N/A

Kartar 3500 Self Propelled
Kartar 3500

Cutting Width : 9.75 Feet

Power : 76 PS

Dasmesh 7100 Self Propelled
Dasmesh 7100

Cutting Width : 9 Feet

Power : 76 HP

Sonalika 9614 Combine Harvester Self Propelled
Sonalika 9614 Combine Harvester

Cutting Width : 14 Feet

Power : 101 HP

New Holland TC5.30 Self Propelled
New Holland TC5.30

Cutting Width : 4.57/15

Power : N/A

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About Combine Harvester

Tractor Junction brings to you the options to choose the best Tractor Combine Harvesters for your farming needs. Best-in-Class machines with up to date technologies and high reliability brand support all through one site, Tractor Junction. We at Tractor Junction, know how crucial it can be for you to choose amongst the varied options amongst Tractor Combine Harvester and therefore we bring to you the best options along with reasonable price listing and description about all the specifications. The choice might be yours but you are never alone to make this choice, we make sure about this. 

Choose amongst various brands such as Hind Agro, Dashmesh, Claas, New Hind, Preet, etc. Also you can select according to the needed Cutting Width. Not only this you can also filter your search on the basis of the Power Source, be it Self Propelled or Tractor Mounted, but we also have it all. Tractor Junction is committed to bringing to you the best products from the finest houses so you don’t have to mess with service providers thereafter. We bring to you the best because we know the value of the best. Tractor Junction serving you 24*7 at your finger clicks.

What Is Harvester?

Harvester is a multipurpose farming machine used to obtain crop yield by means of threshing, reaping and cleaning the crops in a single operation. This agricultural machine saves time and helps to generate higher income. Moreover, combine harvesters function by moving through the entire farm to gather crops. 

Importance Of Tractor Combine Harvester 

A Tractor harvester has many roles in Farming. Combine Harvester machines cut down the efforts and different machines from the farms. Check out below, and we are showing some of them. 

  • A combine machine replaces extra machines from the field as it can do threshing, winnowing and reaping in one go.   
  • The combine harvester machine makes all the process faster and helps to increase farm productivity. 
  • Harvester machine tractor cleans grains in comparison to human harvesting. 
  • New combine harvester provides work in less time compared to the manual process. 
  • If we compare it with the manual process, the price of combine is less. It helps to save a lot of money. 

Types Of Combine Harvester Machines

Tractor Junction offers top of the line combine harvester machines, which comes in different categories. Below are the 3 popular types of Combine harvester:-

  • Tractor Drawn Harvesters or Control Combine Harvesters 
  • Self Propelled Combine Harvesters
  • Track Combine Harvesters

Popular Harvesters Models at Tractor Junction

We provide a wide range of combine harvester machines and some of the recommended harvesting machines are given below:-

Preet 987: It has a 14 feet cutter bar and 6-cylinder engine for fuel-efficient performance. 

Mahindra MSI 457 3A: This Combine harvester comes with 11.81 feet cutter bar along with 4 cylinders and 3532 CC capacity. 

Kartar 4000: This 6-cylindered combine harvester operates at 101 HP and has a 14 feet cutter bar. 

Combine Harvester Machine Price

Harvester price in India starts from Rs 5.35 - 26.70 Lakh.

Find a reasonably priced Combine Harvester in India at Tractor Junciton. Moreover, you can easily get all the details regarding top brands harvesters here including their fair market price. It is a great chance to grab your favourite harvester in your budget. The company decides the price of the combine harvester, and all the brands fix it according to the farmer's pocket. Tractor Junction provides you with a transparent Harvester machine price in India. Here, you can get an updated combine machine price list along with all the necessary details. In addition, you can also get the Mini combine Harvester Price in India and you can buy a suitable harvester. If you want to enquire more about a harvester price, then drop your contact number and our team will help you solve your queries. Also, Tractor Junction will help you choose your desired combine harvester by delivering accurate details. 

Buying A Combine Harvester At Tractor Junction

We know that searching for a reasonable and affordable harvester new model is a tough job. Tractor Junction works for the farmers, and our aim is to provide all agri related machines in one place. So, you can comfortably get a combine harvester in India, mini combine harvester price list in India and others in a single platform. We show the actual price of the harvester at our sites. Hurry up and check out combine harvester with exclusive features and harvester price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Combine Harvester

Ans. The Harvester price in India starts from Rs. 5.35 lakh.

Ans. You can directly visit our website to get complete information and buy a new harvester model in India at a valuable combine harvester price.

Ans. Tractor Mounted Harvesters, Self Propelled Combine Harvesters and Track Combine Harvesters are the types of harvesters.

Ans. Harvesting is meant to increase crop output, minimise loss, and improve the quality of crop.

Ans. Harvester equipment removes the matured or developed crops from the farm.

Ans. Preet 649 TMC, New Holland TC5.30 and more are the smallest combine harvester.

Ans. Preet 987, Mahindra MSI 457 3A are the popular models of Tractor Combine Harvesters.

Ans. Over 80 harvesters are available at Tractor Junction that makes your farming task easy.

Ans. More than 20 harvester brands are available on TractorJunction with complete details of specifications.

Ans. 15+ mini harvesters are available at Tractor Junction including Preet 949 TAF, Claas CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC and many more.

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