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The Tractor cultivator family includes 49 popular cultivators such as Rigid, Cultivator, CT-900 (7 Feet), 11 TYNE, Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator and many more. Here you can get the compact tractor cultivator with all models and brands. It includes many cultivators of big brands like Fieldking, Universal, John Deere, Khedut, Landforce, Sonalika and many more. Small tractor cultivator comes with the categories of Tillage and Land Preparation to perform the tasks efficiently in the field. Get updated with tractor cultivator price and tractor cultivator for sale with us at Tractor Junction. 

Fieldking (9)
Universal (6)
Sonalika (5)
John Deere (5)
Khedut (5)
Landforce (5)
Farmking (3)
Lemken (3)
Soil Master (3)
Mahindra (2)
Captain (1)
Soiltech (1)
Swaraj (1)
Tillage (49)
Land Preparation (1)

Popular Cultivator - 49

Khedut Rigid
By Khedut
Power : 35-75 HP
Sonalika 11 TYNE
By Sonalika
Power : 50-55 HP
Farmking Rigid
By Farmking
Power : N/A
Mahindra Cultivator
By Mahindra
Power : 35-65 HP
Fieldking Medium Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator
Medium Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator
By Fieldking
Power : 50-65 HP
Soiltech Cultivator
By Soiltech
Power : 40-60 HP
Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator
Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator
By Universal
Power : 30-55
Fieldking Heavy Duty Type Cultivator
Heavy Duty Type Cultivator
By Fieldking
Power : 40-75 HP
Sonalika Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
By Sonalika
Power : 40 - 95 HP
Soil Master CT-900 (7 feet)
CT-900 (7 feet)
By Soil Master
Power : 30-45 HP
Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator
Dabangg Cultivator
By Fieldking
Power : 40-65 HP
Farmking Medium Duty Spring Loaded
Medium Duty Spring Loaded
By Farmking
Power : N/A
Mahindra Duckfoot
By Mahindra
Power : 40-45 HP
Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC-09
Spring Cultivator KARC-09
By Khedut
Power : 35-55 HP
Universal Medium Duty Rigid Cultivator
Medium Duty Rigid Cultivator
By Universal
Power : 40-45/50-55

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About Cultivator Implements

In the 20th century, Tractor Cultivator power was substituted with horses. In earlier times cultivating was done by two horses. Tractor Cultivators have a major industry and better contributors in its agricultural gains. Cultivator was discovered as the rotary cultivator tractor tool invented by Arthur Clifford Howard in 1912, at Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia.

Cultivator tractor implements or farm implements are mainly used to mix the soil around a crop to promote growth and destroy weeds.

A tractor and cultivator is used to prepare a proper seedbed for the crop, which helps warm the soil before planting. Whether it is a small tractor or other cultivators, its main purpose is to control weeds and mix the soil to ensure the increasing harvest has enough water and nutrients to grow well.

Tractor Cultivators are the most necessary part of farming. Tractor cultivator is a tool or machine which is used to prepare the soil and control weeds to become a hurdle. If you cannot go for new cultivators so you can try Used Tractor Cultivators which is also a good option for you. Sometimes we are afraid to spend a lacs money, but here we are also providing you with the tractor cultivators on sale. 

Why should farmers choose the Tractor Junction for tractor cultivator?

Tractor Junction shows many offers for our dear farmers i.e. Tractor Cultivators on sale, Buy Used Tractor Cultivators, Tractor Cultivators Price, Compare Tractor Cultivators and many others. 

Companies offer Tractors Cultivators Price range which suits your pocket, or we can say it becomes pocket friendly. Farmers can easily get it at an affordable price. You can get a Tractor Cultivator Price list with Tractor Cultivator brands on the Tractor Junction.

At the Tractor Junction, you can resolve any query about any tractor or any Tractor Cultivators, you can even Sell Tractor Cultivators here and get many offers.

Tractor cultivators are made by many brands in different Cultivator designs and models.

Types of tractor cultivators brand and tractor cultivator models

As we mentioned above, the brands and its categories with every model. Tractor cultivator also consists of a homemade atv cultivator to tilling your small gardens and orchards. Mini cultivator tractor and tractor driven cultivator both are working with the tractor attachment. Here you can get a Sub compact tractor cultivator with many top brands. We consider the top brands of tractor drawn cultivator here. 


Cultivator Tractor Price

We know that searching for reasonable and affordable Tractor Cultivators is a kind of tough job. Tractor cultivator price is very reasonable, which a farmer can afford easily. Get a suitable and budget-friendly tractor cultivator only at Tractor Junction. 

Tractor Junction always works for our farmers, 24*7. So we hope it will be relevant information for you. To get more information stay connected with the Tractor Junction.

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