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19 Baler Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Baler machine are offered, including Maschio Gaspardo, Mahindra, Swaraj and many more. Baler Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Post Harvest. Now you can quickly get a Baler for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Baler price. Buy Baler for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Baler Machine Price in India. The popular Baler Models in India are Shaktiman Square Baler, Mahindra Round Baler, Dasmesh 631 - Round Straw Baler and many more.

Maschio Gaspardo (4)
Mahindra (3)
Swaraj (2)
Fieldking (2)
New Holland (2)
Shaktiman (2)
Sonalika (1)
John Deere (1)
Claas (1)
Dasmesh (1)
Post Harvest (19)

Popular Baler - 19

Shaktiman Square Baler
Post Harvest
Square Baler
By Shaktiman
Power : 55 HP & more
Mahindra Round Baler
Post Harvest
Round Baler
By Mahindra
Power : 35-45 HP
Dasmesh 631 - Round Straw Baler
Post Harvest
631 - Round Straw Baler
By Dasmesh
Power : 35 HP (Dual Clutch)
Sonalika Square Baler
Post Harvest
Square Baler
By Sonalika
Power : 55-60 HP
John Deere Compact Round Baler
Post Harvest
Compact Round Baler
By John Deere
Power : 35- 45 HP & Above
Fieldking Square
Post Harvest
By Fieldking
Power : 35-50 HP
Swaraj Round Baler
Post Harvest
Round Baler
By Swaraj
Power : N/A
Mahindra Square Baler
Post Harvest
Square Baler
By Mahindra
Power : 37.3-44.7 kW (50 - 60 HP)
Fieldking Round
Post Harvest
By Fieldking
Power : 70 HP
Post Harvest
By Claas
Power : N/A
Maschio Gaspardo ROUND BALER TROTTER 125
Post Harvest
By Maschio Gaspardo
Power : 72 - 90 HP
Maschio Gaspardo ROUND BALER - EXTREME 180
Post Harvest
By Maschio Gaspardo
Power : 70 - 90 HP
Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60
Post Harvest
Round Baler SRB 60
By Shaktiman
Power : 25 Hp & More
Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler
Post Harvest
SQ 180 Square Baler
By Swaraj
Power : 55 HP
Maschio Gaspardo ROUND BALER - Extreme 165
Post Harvest
ROUND BALER - Extreme 165
By Maschio Gaspardo
Power : 65 - 80 HP

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About Baler Implements

What Is Baler 

Baler is an efficient farm machine used to compress straw into bales. The bales are easy to handle, store, and transport. There are different types of baler machine used that produce various types of bale, including rectangular, cylindrical, etc. These bales bounded with wire, netting, stripping, or twine.  

Types of Baler Machine Tractor 

Mainly two types of baler tractor are available, based upon the size of bales. 

  • Square Baler Machine - This type of machine produces square shape balers. 
  • Round Baler Machine - This type of machine produces round shape balers.      


Baler Machine Price

Baler Price in India is 2.25 Lakh* - 4.50 Lakh*, which varies according to the location and area. 

Benefits of Baler Machine 

  • The Baler machine saves time and labour. 
  • The machine is durable, reliable, versatile, and provides high performance at a working field. 
  • The wider pickup of baler machines in India makes bales faster and easier. 
  • It makes the operation of bales effortless. 


Baler For Sale     

If you are searching for baler machine India then Tractor Junction is the right platform for you. Here, you get accurate information about baler implement with baler price. 

At Tractor Junction, you can search for and buy other farming implements such as Seed Drill, Transplanter, Disc Plough, etc.

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