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26 Tractor Baler Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Baler machines are offered, including Maschio Gaspardo, Mahindra, Shaktiman and many more. Tractor Baler Implements are available in different categories, which include Post Harvest and land preparation. Now you can quickly get a Baler for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Baler price. Buy Baler for your high yield in agriculture. Also, the Baler price range is Rs. 3.52 lakh* to 12.85 lakh* in India.The popular Baler Models in India are Maschio Gaspardo ROUND BALER - EXTREME 180, Shaktiman Square Baler, Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60 and many more. Get the updated Baler machine price in India.

Baler Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Claas MARKANT Rs. 1100000
Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler Rs. 1130000
Maschio Gaspardo SQUARE BALER - PITAGORA L Rs. 1260000
Garud Terminator Square Baler Rs. 1264000
New Holland SQUARE BALER BC5060 Rs. 1285000
Fieldking Square Rs. 2324000
Dasmesh 631 - Round Straw Baler Rs. 325000
John Deere Compact Round Baler Rs. 352000
Shaktiman Round Baler SRB 60 Rs. 367772
Shaktiman Square Baler Rs. 965903
Data Last Updated On : 05/10/2023

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28 - Tractor Baler

Agrizone Square Baler AZ Implement

Post Harvest

Square Baler AZ

By Agrizone

Power : 45-75

Landforce Round Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Round Baler

By Landforce

Power : 55-60 HP

New Holland SQUARE BALER BC5060 Implement

Post Harvest


By New Holland

Power : 50-75 HP

Shaktiman Square Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Square Baler

By Shaktiman

Power : 55 HP & more

Ks Agrotech Baler Implement

Land Preparation


By Ks Agrotech

Power : 45 HP & Above

Pagro Straw baler Implement

Post Harvest

Straw baler

By Pagro

Power : 35-50 hp

John Deere Green System Square Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 48 HP & Above

Garud Round Baler Polo Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 35 HP

Mahindra Round Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Round Baler

By Mahindra

Power : 35-45 HP

Dasmesh 631 - Round Straw Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 35 HP (Dual Clutch)

Fieldking Square Implement

Post Harvest


By Fieldking

Power : 35-50 HP

Fieldking Mini Round Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Mini Round Baler

By Fieldking

Power : 30& above

Garud Terminator Square Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 70 HP

Solis Cicoria Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 40-50 HP

Sonalika Square Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Square Baler

By Sonalika

Power : 55-60 HP

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About Tractor Baler Implements

What Is Baler 

The agriculture Baler machine is an efficient farm machine used to compress straw, hays and grass into bales. With these machines,the bales are easy to collect,handle, store, and transport. There are different types of baler machine used that produce various types of bale, including rectangular, cylindrical, etc. These bales are bounded with wire, netting, stripping, or twine.

Hay baler implements help create compact bales that are further used for feeding animals, haylage etc. These tractor baler machines help to save time, storage, and effort. And can reduce waste by 80% and also reduces the risks of fire hazards. 

Types of Baler Machine for Tractor 

Mainly two types of tractor baler machines are available, based upon the size of bales. 

  • Square Baler Machine - This type of machine produces square shape balers. 
  • Round Baler Machine - This type of machine produces round shape balers.

Both the baler machines help to collect grass, straws, or hays and compress them into compact square and round-shaped bales. The tractor baler machine helps to have hassle-free collection, storage, and transportation.

Baler Machine Price

The price range of Baler is Rs. 3.52 lakh* to 12.85 lakh* at Tractor Junction. Baler machine price in India is quite economical and varies according to the location and area.Its price is very reasonable, which a farmer or a customer can consider. Send us an enquiry to get an updated baler machine price in India.

Benefits of Baler Machine 

Agriculture Baler machines are highly efficient and economical farm equipment that are beneficial for creating safe, clean, and environmental friendly hay bales.

  • The Baler machine saves time and labour as they offer a fast collection and maximum tonnage per bale. 
  • The machine is durable, reliable, versatile, and provides high performance at a working field. 
  • The wider pickup of baler machines in India makes bales faster and easier. 
  • It makes the operation of bales effortless. 

New Tractor Baler from Top Brands

Tractor Junction lists baler implements from top manufacturers, including Fieldking, Mahindra, New Holland, Solis, John Deere, and more. Apply the filter to select the brand to buy the new tractor baler machines.

Benefits of buying balers from Tractor Junction?

If you are searching for baler machine India then Tractor Junction is the right platform for you. Here, you get accurate information about baler implement with baler price. On our platform, you get new tractor baler machines with their detailed specifications, features, price, reviews, videos, and more. We list the wide variety of best quality agriculture baler machines from top manufacturers in India.

At Tractor Junction, you can search for and buy other farming implements such as Seed Drill, Transplanter, Disc Plough, etc.

Recently Asked Questions on Tractor Baler

Ans. Baler price starts from Rs. 3.52 lakh* in India.

Ans. Maschio Gaspardo , Fieldking , Mahindra companies are best for the Baler.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Baler.

Ans. Baler is used for Post Harvest, Land Preparation.

Ans. Most balers can work with tractors having PTO HP 30 to 120. You can find it according to the baler model you are buying.

Ans. Tractor Junction brings the latest agriculture baler machines from top manufacturers.

Ans. Tractor Junction lists cylindrical and rectangular tractor baler machines.

Used Baler Implements

Dasmesh 2012 Year : 2012

Dasmesh 2012

Price : ₹ 95000

Hours : N/A

Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh
Combain 2022 Year : 2022

Combain 2022

Price : ₹ 425000

Hours : N/A

Dausa, Rajasthan
Redlends Redlends Jumbo Vikas Round Baler Year : 2021
Kartar Kartar K 636 Year : 2017

Kartar Kartar K 636

Price : ₹ 384000

Hours : N/A

Surat, Gujarat
2 Tva Tai Few Years Old Year : 2012
Shaktiman BALEMASTER Year : 2019


Price : ₹ 550000

Hours : N/A

Muktsar, Punjab
Fieldking Square Baler Year : 2020

Fieldking Square Baler

Price : ₹ 850000

Hours : N/A

Belgaum, Karnataka
Mahindra 4 Wheels Year : 2019

Mahindra 4 Wheels

Price : ₹ 150000

Hours : N/A

Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh

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