Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements

A Boom sprayer offers efficient labour-saving solutions for farmers. It ensures uniform water, pesticides, and medicines are applied across the fields. They are mounted on tractors, providing cost-effective and reliable performance. These boom sprayers for tractors outperform manual alternatives, saving time and effort while ensuring efficient and effortless work.

Choosing the right Boom sprayer can be challenging due to the extensive online options. However, we can help you find the ideal sprayer that perfectly meets your requirements.

At TractorJunction, you can find boom sprayer Tractor Implements. These implements feature top brands like Fieldking, Haritdisha, and Mahindra. Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements come in different categories, which include Fertilizer and crop Protection.

Moreover, on this page, you can explore comprehensive features and the latest Boom Sprayer prices of popular models in India. These models include Shaktiman, Landforce, Haritdisha MINI HD200–6M, etc.

Boom Sprayer Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Shaktiman Boom Sprayer Rs. 1020000 - 1120000
Mahindra Boom Sprayer Rs. 260000
Data Last Updated On : 30/11/2023

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8 - Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements

Farmpower Self – Propelled Boom Sprayer (PG600) Implement

Crop Protection

Power : N/A

Shaktiman Boom Sprayer Implement

Crop Protection

Boom Sprayer

By Shaktiman

Power : 35 hp & above

MITRA Boom 600L - 40 Feet Implement

Crop Protection

Power : 50 HP & Above

MITRA Boom 400L - 30 Feet Implement

Crop Protection

Power : N/A

Fieldking Boom Sprayer Implement


Boom Sprayer

By Fieldking

Power : 50-90 HP

Haritdisha MINI HD200–6M Implement

Crop Protection


By Haritdisha

Power : 18 HP & Above

Mahindra Boom Sprayer Implement


Boom Sprayer

By Mahindra

Power : 31-40 hp

Landforce Boom Sprayer Implement


Boom Sprayer

By Landforce

Power : 50-70 hp

Featured Brands

About Boom Sprayer Implements

What Is a Boom Sprayer?

A Boom Sprayer is a farm machine used to spray all types of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to protect the crop. The farm machine consists of a boom, nozzle, pipe, etc. Boom sprayer India is commonly used for weed killers, water projection, crop protection, pest maintenance chemicals, etc. For small farms, a mini boom sprayer also provides high work efficiency.  

In simple terms, the boom sprayer machine is crafted to distribute farming substances in fields or orchards efficiently. It ensures thorough coverage, enhancing the effectiveness of your application for optimal results.

Advantages of Using Boom Sprayer

Farmers gain significant advantages from using Boom sprayer. These machines apply substances precisely, making the process more efficient. They reduce the need for manual labor and help conserve resources like water and pesticides. Ultimately, tractor sprayers contribute to higher crop yields and improved crop quality.

  • Tractor sprayers offer a timesaving advantage, as they are twice as efficient as manual alternatives, reducing the need for extensive physical effort.
  • Mountable on tractors, these sprayers contribute to reducing chemical usage in crop treatment, promoting environmental well-being.
  • Tractor boom sprayers eliminate the need for labour-intensive manual handling.
  • By enabling farmers to spray fields without entering them, tractor mounted sprayers decrease the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Farmers can complete tasks swiftly and efficiently with tractor sprayers.
  • Boom sprayers can be easily attached to various implements, enhancing the versatility of tractors.

Usages of Boom Sprayer

Boom sprayers play a crucial role in contemporary farming. They efficiently apply pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals to crops. These machines have become vital in agriculture for their speedy coverage of large areas.

  1. Crop Secruity: One primary purpose of tractor boom sprayers is crop protection. They are crucial in controlling pests, diseases, and weeds that can harm crop yields and quality. Tractor sprayers help farmers maintain healthy and productive crops by precisely spraying these chemicals on crops.
  2. Fertiliser Application: Another key use is fertiliser application. It evenly distributes fertilizers across fields, providing essential nutrients for plant growth. This leads to healthier crops, increased yields, and better overall quality.
  3. Assist in Irrigating Crops: Boom sprayers can also assist with irrigation. They can be equipped with specialised attachments for precise water application.It ensures crops get enough moisture, especially during dry spells, promoting growth and reducing water stress.
  4. Plant Growth Regulators: These sprayers have great value in applying growth regulators. These regulators control plant growth to improve desired branching and fruit quality characteristics. Using tractor sprayers ensures accurate application while minimising waste.
  5. Liquid Fertilizer: Boom sprayers are crucial for liquid fertiliser and soil conditioner application, improving soil fertility and nutrient content. These machines ensure precise and uniform distribution of these substances, promoting optimal plant growth.

Types of Tractor Boom Sprayer

Explore the types of tractors Boom Sprayer designed to efficiently apply fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides to crops. Below, we'll explore two primary types of tractor boom sprayers, unveiling their features, functions, and applications in modern farming.

1. Mount Type Boom Sprayer:

The mount-type boom sprayer is a piece of farming equipment that attaches to and is powered by a tractor. It's usually positioned at the back of the tractor and uses the tractor's power to operate.

Operation: This sprayer is driven by the tractor's PTO (Power TakeOff) or hydraulic system. The tractor spreads liquid fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides through the field. This ensures even coverage of the crops.

Benefits: Mount-type boom sprayers are praised for their efficiency and versatility. They're excellent for large-scale farming, covering vast areas swiftly. The tractor's mobility makes navigating and treating different parts of the field easy.

2. Trailed Type Boom Sprayer:

A trailed-type boom sprayer is a wheeled machine that gets towed behind a tractor or another suitable vehicle. Instead of directly attaching to the tractor, it follows behind, connected through a hitch.

Operation: Like the mount type, trailed boom sprayers are powered by the tractor's PTO or hydraulic system. They have their own wheels and follow the tractor, applying agricultural chemicals as they move across the field.

Benefits: Trailed boom sprayers are great for medium to large farming operations. They offer flexibility since they can be towed by various vehicles, making them compatible with different tractors. This type of sprayer ensures efficient field coverage while reducing the load on the tractor.

Mount-type and trailed-type boom sprayers are indispensable tools in modern agriculture, each with unique benefits and ideal use cases. The choice between them depends on your farming operation's specific needs and scale, ensuring efficient and effective crop care.

Boom Sprayer Price in India

The Boom Sprayer, priced at approximately Rs. 2 lakh, is well-suited for small and marginal farmers. Its affordability makes it an excellent choice for those with limited resources, providing an efficient crop care and management solution.

Where To Find Boom Sprayer For Sale?

You can search for and purchase Boom Sprayer online through Tractorjunction. We have a dedicated page for this purpose. It provides all the relevant information about available brands and the Boom Sprayer latest prices.

Additionally, you can search for and buy other farming equipment such as Rotavator, cultivator, plough and many more on Tractorjunction.

Recently Asked Questions on Boom Sprayer Tractor Implements

Ans. Farmpower Self – Propelled Boom Sprayer (PG600), Shaktiman Boom Sprayer, MITRA Boom 600L - 40 Feet are the most popular Boom Sprayer.

Ans. MITRA, Landforce, Haritdisha companies are best for the Boom Sprayer.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Boom Sprayer.

Ans. Boom Sprayer is used for Crop Protection, Fertilizer.

Used Boom Sprayer Implements

Kubota No Model Year : 2020

Kubota No Model

Price : ₹ 55000

Hours : N/A

Solapur, Maharashtra
Aspee 50 T Year : 2019

Aspee 50 T

Price : ₹ 130000

Hours : N/A

Pune, Maharashtra
Shivaji Framing 2021 Year : 2021
Maruyama BSA600 Year : 2018

Maruyama BSA600

Price : ₹ 600000

Hours : N/A

Karnal, Haryana

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