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A power weeder is a modern generation implement used in most agricultural lands. The main use of a power weeder machine is de-weeding a piece of agricultural land. Furthermore, ploughing and ridge making are among the secondary uses of agriculture power weeder. Furthermore, there are a variety of power weeders, but VST Maestro 55P is among the best power weeder in the market. The VST Maestro comes with a price tag of Rs 110000. But seeing its suitability and at-par tilling capabilities, the price tag is quite justified. Power weeder price ranges start from Rs 25,000 to Rs 98000* in India. Some of the popular power weeder models are Shrachi 105G Petrol, VST RT70 Josh, VST FT50 Josh and many more.

Power Weeder Price List 2024 in India

Model Name Price in India
VST Maestro 55P Rs. 110000
VST RT70 JOSH Rs. 135000
Kmw By Kirloskar MIN T 5 PETROL Rs. 140000
Kmw By Kirloskar MIN T 8 HP DIESEL Rs. 155000
Balwaan BW-25 Rs. 21000
VST FT35 GE Rs. 43500
Balwaan BP-700 Rs. 55000
VST FT50 GE Rs. 80000
VST PG 50 Rs. 80000
Shrachi 105G Petrol Rs. 83079
VST FT50 JOSH Rs. 90000
VST ARO PRO 55P C3 Rs. 95000
Data Last Updated On : 19/04/2024

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19 - Power Weeder

Balwaan BP-700 Implement



By Balwaan

Power : 7 HP

VST Maestro 55P Implement

Crop Protection

Power : 5.6 HP

VST FT35 GE Implement

Crop Protection



Power : 3.5 HP

Krishitek Power weeder : powertek 5.5WP Implement


Power : 5.8 HP

Balwaan BW-25 Implement



By Balwaan

Power : 3/2.2 HP

Kmw By Kirloskar MIN T 5 PETROL Implement



By Kmw By Kirloskar

Power : 4.9 HP

Kmw By Kirloskar MIN T 8 HP DIESEL Implement



By Kmw By Kirloskar

Power : 7.5 HP

Shrachi 8D6 Plus Multi-Functional Power Weeder Implement


Power : 10 HP+

Shrachi 100 Power Weeder Implement


Power : 7 HP

Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder (5-Row) Implement


Power : 45 & Above

Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder (4-Row) Implement


Power : 45 & Above

Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder (3-Row) Implement


Power : 45 & Above

Landforce Inter Row Rotary Weeder (2-Row) Implement


Power : 45 & Above

VST PG 50 Implement

Crop Protection

PG 50


Power : 5 HP

VST FT50 GE Implement

Crop Protection



Power : 5

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About Power Weeder Machine

Power Weeder Machine is one of the important tools for farming in India, produced by VST, Shrachi, and other manufacturers. This implement falls under the Crop Protection category. Moreover, farmers can do efficient agriculture with the best Power Weeder attachments in India. Power Weeder attachments price is also valuable in Indian agriculture. Tractor Junction provides Power Weeder online. Let’s know more about Power Weeder for Farming.

What is an Agriculture Power Weeder Machine?

Power weeders are farm implements that are used to remove weeds and help replenish the fertility of topsoil. These machines help stir, pulverise, and loosen the soil when the crops begin to grow. This implement is a supplementary tiller that helps in getting rid of weeds and disturbing the soil to regulate plant growth from the earth. 

The tractor power weeder helps to cultivate or de-weed between the rows of various agriculture, plantation, and horticulture products such as sugarcane, orchards, fruits, paddy, vegetables, cotton fields, rose nurseries, coconut, cashew plantation, etc. Power weeder saves farmers’ time and effort and helps in weeding and secondary tillage activities, which yields better harvests.

Benefits of Agriculture Power Weeder in India

When talking about the importance of weed removers as agricultural power weeders, it is quite necessary to understand the harms of weeds. Specifically speaking, weeds absorb nutrients and water from the soil and sometimes are home to various other pesticides. Therefore, weeds are like diseases for a crop plant. Thus, removing them proves a boon for the crop plant. 

In addition to the above-mentioned facts, the power weeder machine has the below-given uses and benefits.

  • Reduces process times 
  • Removes weeds 
  • Ridge-making (straight and circular)
  • Soil profiling and levelling
  • Use as pump/sprayer
  • Dense grass removal

Power Weeder Price List in India Y%Y

The Power Weeder price range in India is Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 98000. Power Weeder machine Price is valuable in Indian agriculture. You can get a complete Power Weeder price list on our website. So, call us to get all about the Power weeder machine. Also, get a low price Power Weeder for sale at a valuable price on our website.

Top Brands for Agriculture Power Weeder in India

We have listed power weeders from the best brands, including VST, Landforce, Shrachi, Kmw By Kirloskar, Balwaan, Krishitek, etc. These power weeders are categorised into two types: Tillage and Crop Protection. And the power weeder price in India is reasonable, which is decided to keep the Indian farmers' needs and budget in mind. You can apply filters for brand and category to purchase the tractor weeder you require.

Power Weeder Farm Implement Specifications

Popular Power Weeder Implement has excellent working efficiency. Tractor power weeder in India is manufactured with the best quality raw materials and advanced technology that is suitable for Indian soil types and fields. Farmers can quickly complete their farming work with the best agriculture power weeder in India. The performance of the mini power weeder Machine for farming is also good.

Power Weeder for Sale at Tractor Junction

You can buy Power Weeder Implement and Tractor implements with complete information at Tractor Junction. So here we are with 7 Popular Power Weeder Implements with complete specifications, features, and pricing. Additionally, you can compare the best power weeder brands and make an informed decision before buying. Furthermore, You can get all the details about Power Weeder attachments with us, also you can enquire about the mini power weeder price in India.

Recently Asked Questions on Power Weeder attachments

Ans. Tractor Power Weeder are farm implements used to cultivate or remove weeds for generating soil fertility.

Ans. Power Weeder price range in India is Rs. 25000 to Rs. 980000*.

Ans. Shrachi 105G Petrol, VST RT70 JOSH, VST FT50 JOSH are the most popular Power Weeder in India.

Ans. VST, Shrachi companies are best for the Power Weeder.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Power Weeder.

Ans. Power Weeder is used for Crop Protection.

Used Power Weeder Implements

Tumeric Polishing Machine 2019 Year : 2019
Stihl MH710 Year : 2021

Stihl MH710

Price : ₹ 50000

Hours : N/A

Araria, Bihar
Husqvarna Tf 545 D Year : 2021

Husqvarna Tf 545 D

Price : ₹ 100000

Hours : N/A

Parbhani, Maharashtra
Krishtack 2021 Year : 2021

Krishtack 2021

Price : ₹ 78000

Hours : N/A

Vadodara, Gujarat

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