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11 Tractor Thresher are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Thresher machine are offered, including Landforce, Dasmesh, Ks Group and many more. Tractor Thresher available in different categories, which includes Post Harvest, Harvest. Now you can quickly get a Thresher for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Thresher price. Buy Tractor Thresher for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Thresher Machine Price in India. The popular Tractor Thresher Models in India are Mahindra Thresher, Landforce Harambha Thresher (Wheat), Landforce Multi Crop and many more.



11 - Tractor Thresher

Dasmesh 641 - Paddy Thresher Implement
Post Harvest

Power : 35 HP Minimum

Landforce Multi Crop Implement
Post Harvest
Multi Crop
By Landforce

Power : 35 HP and Above

Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher Implement
Post Harvest

Power : 35 HP Minimum

Mahindra Thresher Implement
Post Harvest
By Mahindra

Power : N/A

Mahindra M55 Implement
By Mahindra

Power : 35 - 55 HP

Ks Group Thresher Implement
Post Harvest
By Ks Group

Power : 45 HP

Landforce Maize Thresher Implement
Post Harvest
Maize Thresher
By Landforce

Power : 35HP & Above

Landforce Paddy Thresher Implement
Post Harvest
Paddy Thresher
By Landforce

Power : 35-55 HP

Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat) Implement
Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop Implement
Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Ks Group Multicrop Implement
Post Harvest
By Ks Group

Power : 25 Hp

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About Thresher

What is Tractor Thresher 

Thresher is a piece of farm machine that threshes grain and removes the seeds from the husks and stalks. It separates the soybean, wheat, peas, maize, and other small grain and seed crops from their straw and chaff. 

Types of Threshers 

According to the crops, there are four types of thresher India are available:

  • Multicrop thresher 
  • Maize Thresher 
  • Wheat Thresher 
  • Paddy Thresher 

According to the functional components, there are three type of tractor thresher available:

  • Drummy
  • Regular (Through-put)
  • Axial flow

According to types of threshing cylinder, there are four type of threshers are available: 

  • Syndicator
  • Hammer Mill or Beater type
  • Spike tooth type
  • Rasp bar type

Components of Tractor Thresher Machine 

Components of Tractor thresher machines are drive pulley, fan/blower, feeding chute, spikes, cylinder, concave, flywheel, frame, towing hook, upper sieve, lower sieve, transport wheel, suspension lever, can pulley, shutter plate. 

Benefits of Thresher Machines    

  • Agriculture threshers aided in expanding production to meet the rising demands. 
  • It diminished the dependence on the labours. 
  • Agriculture thresher permitted fast work and improved effectiveness. 
  • It is a technological advancement in the field of agriculture.

Thresher Machine Price in India    

The thresher machine price lies between Rs 20,000 - Rs 3,65000 (approx). 

Thresher for Sale

You can search for and buy thresher online on Tractor Junction. Here, you get a separate segment dedicated to thresher India where you can find all the authentic information about the various brands along with the thresher price. 

At Tractor Junction, you can also search for other agriculture equipment like Post Hole Diggers, Happy Seeders, Diggers, etc. 

Recently Asked Questions on Tractor Thresher

Ans. The thresher machine price lies between Rs 20,000 - Rs 3,65000.

Ans. Landforce Multi Crop, Dashmesh Maze Thresher, Landforce Paddy Thresher are the most popular Threshers.

Ans. Landforce, KS Group, Mahindra companies are best for Thresher.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is a reliable platform to buy Threshers.

Ans. Thresher is used for post harvest, harvest.

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