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48 Tractor Thresher are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Thresher machine are offered, including Landforce, Dasmesh, Ks Group and many more. Tractor Thresher available in different categories, which includes Post Harvest, Harvest. Now you can quickly get an Agriculture Thresher for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Also, the Tractor Thresher price range is Rs. 1.88 lakh*- 5.30 lakh* in India. Get detailed features and updated Thresher price. Buy Tractor Thresher for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Thresher Machine Price in India. The popular Tractor Thresher Models in India are Mahindra Thresher, Landforce Harambha Thresher (Wheat), Landforce Multi Crop and many more.

Thresher Price List 2024 in India

Model Name Price in India
Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat) Rs. 188000
Mahindra Thresher Rs. 195000
Mahindra M55 Rs. 195000
Landforce Paddy Thresher Rs. 200000
Landforce Multi Crop Rs. 258000
Ks Agrotech Multicrop Rs. 282000
Dasmesh 641 - Paddy Thresher Rs. 503000
Data Last Updated On : 23/06/2024

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49 - Tractor Thresher

Cavalo Thresher Implement

Post Harvest


By Cavalo

Power : N/A

Farmpower Paddy thresher Implement

Post Harvest

Paddy thresher

By Farmpower

Power : 45-60 HP

Landforce Maize Thresher Implement

Post Harvest

Maize Thresher

By Landforce

Power : 35HP & Above

Dasmesh D.R. Makka Thresher Implement

Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Dasmesh D.R. 30x37 Implement

Post Harvest

D.R. 30x37

By Dasmesh

Power : 35-65 HPModel D.R.30.32x39 Power Required 35-65 H.P. Drum(LxW) 812mmx990mm Blower Speed Variable Gear Box Heavy Duty(Froward High-Low & Reverse) Crop Input Mode Conveyor, Upper Hopper & Side Hopper Dimensions 5360x1720x2095

Dasmesh D.R. 30.32 x 39 Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 35-65 HP

Sonalika Paddy Engine Model Triple Blower Implement

Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 40 hp

Mahindra Thresher Implement

Post Harvest


By Mahindra

Power : 35-55 hp

Dasmesh D.R. Multicrop Thresher (G-Series) Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 35 HP

Dasmesh D.R. Paddy Thresher Implement

Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Dasmesh D.R. 22x36 Implement

Post Harvest

D.R. 22x36

By Dasmesh

Power : N/A

Sonalika Paddy Triple Action Power Tiller Operated Implement

Post Harvest

Power : N/A

Sonalika 33" Maize Sheller Motor/Engine Model Implement

Post Harvest

Power : N/A

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About Thresher

What is a Tractor Thresher?

Thresher is a piece of farm machine that threshes grain and removes the seeds from the husks and stalks. It separates the soybean, wheat, peas, maize, and other small grain and seed crops from their straw and chaff. The process helps lose the edible parts of the crop, except the fibre. The thresher machine price is quite feasible as it can help perform tasks with great precision and efficiency.

Types of Threshers 

According to the crops, there are four types of thresher India are available

  • Multicrop Thresher - Suitable choice for threshing maize, paddy, sunflower, jowar and more grains.
  • Maize Thresher 
  • Wheat Thresher 
  • Paddy Thresher 

According to the functional components, there are three type of tractor thresher available

  • Drummy
  • Regular (Through-put)
  • Axial flow

According to types of threshing cylinder, there are four type of threshers are available

  • Syndicator
  • Hammer Mill or Beater type
  • Spike tooth type
  • Rasp bar type

Components of Tractor Thresher Machine 

Components of Tractor thresher machines are drive pulley, fan/blower, feeding chute, spikes, cylinder, concave, flywheel, frame, towing hook, upper sieve, lower sieve, transport wheel, suspension lever, can pulley, shutter plate. 

Benefits of Agriculture Thresher Machines   

Thresher machines help to separate small crops from their chaff & straw. This helps in aiding less physical labour and delivers more efficient harvesting output. The grain threshers per amount of time are more with thresher implements.

  • Agriculture threshers aids in expanding crop production to meet the rising demands. 
  • It minimises the dependence on the labours. 
  • Agriculture thresher ensures fast work and more effectiveness. 
  • It is a technological advancement in the field of agriculture.
  • Types of wheat threshers, paddy threshers, etc., helps speed up the process of separating grains.

Thresher Machine Price in India    

The price range of Thresher Machine is Rs.1.88 lakh*- 5.30 lakh* at Tractor Junction. Thresher Price is reasonable in Indian agriculture given the features and speed it adds during harvesting. You can get a complete Thresher Implement price list on our website. So, call us to get all information about the Thresher farm implement. Also, get a Thresher for Sale at a valuable price on our website.

Best-selling Threshing Machine Prices

Here’s a list of top-selling thresher online that are farmers' trusted choices.

  • Landforce Harambha Thresher(Wheat) - This threshing machine price starts from Rs. 188000 in India.
  • Mahindra Thresher - This new thresher price starts from Rs. 195000 in India.
  • Mahindra M55 - The price of this thresher starts from Rs. 195000 in India.
  • Landforce Paddy Thresher - This paddy thresher price starts from Rs. 200000 in India.
  • Landforce Multi Crop - This model price starts from Rs. 258000 in India.
  • Ks Group Multicrop - The price of this model starts from Rs. 282000 in India.
  • Dasmesh 641 (Paddy Thresher) - The price of thresher from Dashmesh is Rs. 503000 in India.

Top Brands for Thresher Machines

Tractor Junction has listed threshing machine options from the latest brands, such as Landforce, Mahindra, Sonalika, Dashmesh, Swaraj, and Ks Group.  All these brands offer reliable tractor thresher models of high quality that are efficient on farming fields and have economical thresher machine prices.
And to enquire about wheat thresher prices or paddy thresher prices, in particular, enquire with us.

Thresher for Sale at Tractor Junction

You can search for and buy thresher online at Tractor Junction. Here, you get a separate segment dedicated to thresher India where you can find all the authentic information about the various brands along with the thresher price. 
On this page, you can apply the filter to buy thresher models as per preferred categories and brand options.
At Tractor Junction, you can also search for other agriculture equipment like Post Hole Diggers, Happy Seeders, rotary tiller, etc. 

Recently Asked Questions on Tractor Thresher

Ans. The thresher machine price lies between Rs 1.88 lakh*- 5.30 lakh*.

Ans. Landforce Multi Crop, Dashmesh Maze Thresher, Landforce Paddy Thresher are the most popular Threshers.

Ans. Landforce, KS Group, Mahindra companies are best for Thresher machines.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is a reliable platform to buy Threshers. Here you get various brand options for the latest threshing machines.

Ans. Thresher is used for post harvest activities, which includes threshing grains and separating seeds from stalks and husks.

Ans. The price of a 35 hp Sonalika tractor thresher is roughly Rs. 325000. However, the price deviates from dealer to dealer.

Used Thresher Implements

Sonalika Sonalika Year : 2020

Sonalika Sonalika

Price : ₹ 105000

Hours : N/A

Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh
Mahindra Cutter Thresar Rajasthan Year : 2022
Dasmesh 9050610241 Year : 2014

Dasmesh 9050610241

Price : ₹ 110000

Hours : N/A

Mahendragarh, Haryana
Super Kranti 2018 Year : 2018
Hamidi Misel Year : 2020

Hamidi Misel

Price : ₹ 145000

Hours : N/A

Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh
Shree Ram 2017 Year : 2017

Shree Ram 2017

Price : ₹ 100000

Hours : N/A

Damoh, Madhya Pradesh
Supar Diluce 2020 Year : 2020
Star Delux Sambhal Up 2018 Delux Year : 2018

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