Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements

6 Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Chaff Cutter machine are offered, including Kartar and many more. Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes LandScaping. Now you can quickly get a Chaff Cutter for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Chaff Cutter price. Buy Chaff Cutter for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Chaff Cutter Machine Price in India. The popular Chaff Cutter Models in India are Kartar Knotter and many more. Enquire about the complete tractor operated chaff cutter machine’s price list with us.

Chaff Cutter Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Kartar Knotter Rs. 150000
Data Last Updated On : 02/12/2023

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6 - Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements

Agrotis Gokul-7 Plus Implement


Gokul-7 Plus

By Agrotis

Power : N/A

Agrotis Power Pack Implement


Power Pack

By Agrotis

Power : N/A

Agrotis Gokul-1 Plus Implement


Gokul-1 Plus

By Agrotis

Power : N/A

Agrotis Gokul-2 & Gokul-2 Plus Implement


Power : N/A

Agrotis Gokul-9 & Gokul-10 Plus Implement


Power : N/A

Kartar Knotter Implement



By Kartar

Power : 40 HP

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About Chaff Cutter Implements

Chaff Cutter Tractor Implement is one of the necessary tools for farming in India. Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements are manufactured by Kartar. This implement falls under the LandScaping. Moreover, farmers can do efficient agriculture with the best Chaff Cutter Implement in India. Chaff Cutter Implement Price is also valuable in Indian agriculture. Tractor Junction provides 1 Chaff Cutter Online with complete information. Let’s know more about Chaff Cutter implements for Farming.

What is Chaff Cutter Machine?

Chaff cutter is an advanced farming equipment used for chopping and processing forage for cattles and other farm animals. It is the best innovative processing machine for breeding farmers and small farmers. If there are permanent cattle on the farm, having a chaff cutter is an absolute soultion to feed them. This machine makes the process of chopping hay into small pieces very easy. The material and technology used to make these machines are worth the chaff cutter machine price.

Chaff Cutter Machine Benefits

  • Chaffing machine is a multipurpose machine that provides cutting solutions for straw, fodder, grub, etc.
  • Cutting machine is made of good material that can withstand any pressure and is wear and tear-resistant.
  • These machines are manufactured with energy-efficient components. 
  • The chaffs help save human efforts and resources as they help cut a large amount of chaff.
  • These machines are very easy to use. 
  • Chaff cutters have evolved over time and can be driven at various speeds and can help achieve various lengths of chaff according to animals' preferences.
  • The machines are motor-driven and have superior-quality blades providing uniform cuttings with low power consumption.
  • The machine cuts and mixes all types of fodder and chaff, aids animals' digestion and lets animals eat every part of the food.

Chaff Cutter Price

Chaff Cutter Price is valuable in Indian agriculture. You can get a complete Chaff Cutter Implement price list on our website. You can apply the filter and select the agriculture chaff cutter machine as per brand and category. So, call us to get all information about the Chaff Cutter farm implement. Also, get a Chaff Cutter for Sale at a valuable price on our website.

Chaff Cutter Farm Implement Specifications

Popular Chaff Cutter Implement has excellent working efficiency. An agriculture chaff cutter machine for agriculture consists of motor, blade, rotors, feeding devices etc. The machine not only cuts grasses and straws into pieces but crushes some granular crops too.Farmers can quickly complete their farming work with Best Chaff Cutter Implement in India. The performance of the Chaff Cutter implement for Farming is also good. Along with this, you can apply Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements in any field and any climate.

Chaff Cutter for Sale at Tractor Junction

You can buy Chaff Cutter Implement with complete information at Tractor Junction. So here we are with 1 Popular Chaff Cutter Implement. In addition, you can get all the details about Chaff Cutter Tractor Implement with us. Get an accurate Chaff Cutter Price list on our website.

Recently Asked Questions on Chaff Cutter Tractor Implements

Ans. A chaff cutter is a farming equipment used for cutting straw or hay into small pieces. It helps mix forage that’s fed to horses and cattle.

Ans. Kartar Knotter is the most popular Chaff Cutter.

Ans. Kartar company is best for the Chaff Cutter.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Chaff Cutter.

Ans. A chaff cutter is a farming machine that is used for cutting straw or hay into smaller pieces for fodder.

Used Chaff Cutter Implements

Seri Ram Agriculture 2021 Year : 2022
Universal 2017 Year : 2017

Universal 2017

Price : ₹ 45000

Hours : N/A

Etah, Uttar Pradesh
Devta Chara Machine 2020 Year : 2020
Nawin 2020 Year : 2020

Nawin 2020

Price : ₹ 85000

Hours : N/A

Ballia, Uttar Pradesh
Swaraj 2020 Year : 2020

Swaraj 2020

Price : ₹ 135000

Hours : N/A

Bhilwara, Rajasthan
Sonalika 2019 Year : 2019

Sonalika 2019

Price : ₹ 125000

Hours : N/A

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
Fieldking 2020 Year : 2020

Fieldking 2020

Price : ₹ 115000

Hours : N/A

Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh
Swaraj 2020 Mod Year : 2020

Swaraj 2020 Mod

Price : ₹ 135000

Hours : N/A

Bhilwara, Rajasthan

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