9 Transplanter are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Transplanter machine are offered, including Kubota, Mahindra, Claas and many more. Transplanter available in different categories, which includes Seeding & Plantation, Tillage. Also, the Transplanter price range is Rs. 2.57 lakh*-18.5 lakh* in India. Now you can quickly get a Transplanter for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Transplanter price. Buy Transplanter for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Transplanter Machine Price in India. The popular Transplanter Models in India are Claas PADDY PANTHER 26, Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO, Mahindra Planting Master HM 200 LX and many more.

Transplanter Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Kubota SPV6MD Rs. 1406300
Kubota NSPU-68C Rs. 1850000
Kubota NSD8 Rs. 1850000
Kubota NSP-4W Rs. 257000
Kubota NSP-6W Rs. 342000
Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO Rs. 750000
Data Last Updated On : 26/09/2023

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9 - Transplanter

Mahindra Planting Master HM 200 LX Implement


Power : 31-40 hp

Mahindra Planting Master Paddy 4RO Implement


Power : 50 - 75 HP

Kubota NSP-4W Implement

Seeding And Planting


By Kubota

Power : 4.3 hp

Kubota NSP-6W Implement

Seeding And Planting


By Kubota

Power : 21-30 hp

Kubota NSPU-68C Implement

Seeding And Planting


By Kubota

Power : 6-12 hp

Kubota SPV6MD Implement

Seeding And Planting


By Kubota

Power : 19 HP

Mahindra Riding Type Rice Implement

Seeding And Planting

Riding Type Rice

By Mahindra

Power : 20 hp

Kubota NSD8 Implement

Seeding And Planting


By Kubota

Power : 21

Claas PADDY PANTHER 26 Implement

Seeding And Planting

Power : 21 hp

Featured Brands

About Transplanter

What Is Transplanter 

The transplanter is an effective farm machine that transplants seedlings onto the field. The transplanter machine has all the advanced features that make it suitable for seeding and plantation processes. 

Type of Transplanter In India    

There are mainly two types of transplanter agriculture available which are defined in the below section. 

  • Walk-Behind Type
  • Ride-On Type 

Benefits of Transplanter Machine

  • Transplanter tractor has simple & easy operation, excellent work efficiency. Also, it offers compactness so that anyone can easily use it. 
  • It is easy to maintain and provide long-term performance in the working field. 
  • Transplanter machines deliver excellent operational performance. 
  • The farm tool saves time and labour. 

Transplanter Machine Price in India    

The price range of Transplanter is Rs. 2.57 lakh*-18.5 lakh*  at Tractor Junction. The Transplanter machine price is available at an effective cost for farmers. Also, Tractor Junction helps you to get your desirable  Transplanter at minimum cost with advanced features.  

Transplanter Machine For Sale    

You can search for and buy transplanter online at Tractor Junction. Here you can find all the authentic information regarding the various brands with Transplanter price in India. 

You can also get detailed information about other farm equipment like Straw Reaper, Slasher, Subsoiler, etc. on Tractor Junction

Recently Asked Questions on Transplanter

Ans. Transplanter price starts from Rs. 2.57 lakh* in India.

Ans. Claas PADDY PANTHER 26, Mahindra Planting Master HM 200 LX, Mahindra Riding Type Rice are the most popular Transplanter.

Ans. Kubota, Mahindra, Claas companies are best for the Transplanter.

Ans. Yes, Tractor Junction is the Trusted platform to buy a Transplanter.

Ans. Transplanter is used for Seeding And Planting, Tillage.

Used Transplanter Implements

Mahindra 2021 Year : 2021

Mahindra 2021

Price : ₹ 120000

Hours : N/A

Latur, Maharashtra

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