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6 Potato Planter Tractor Implements are available at TractorJunction. All the top brands of Potato Planter machine are offered, including Shaktiman, Swaraj, Mahindra and many more. Potato Planter Tractor Implements available in different categories, which includes Seeding & Plantation. Now you can quickly get a Potato Planter for sale in a separate segment at Tractor Junction. Get detailed features and updated Potato Planter price. Buy Potato Planter for your high yield in agriculture. Find out Automatic Potato Planter Machine Price in India. The popular Potato Planter Models in India are Shaktiman GRIMME Potato Planter- PP205, Sonalika Potato Planter, Mahindra Potato planter and many more.

Shaktiman (1)
Swaraj (1)
Mahindra (1)
Sonalika (1)
Landforce (1)
Agristar (1)
Seeding & Plantation (6)

Popular Potato Planter - 6

Shaktiman GRIMME Potato Planter- PP205
Seeding & Plantation
GRIMME Potato Planter- PP205
By Shaktiman
Power : 60 HP & Above
Sonalika Potato Planter
Seeding & Plantation
Potato Planter
By Sonalika
Power : 55 -90 HP
Mahindra Potato planter
Seeding & Plantation
Potato planter
By Mahindra
Power : 55-90 HP
Swaraj Potato Planter
Seeding & Plantation
Potato Planter
By Swaraj
Power : 55-90 HP
Landforce Potato Planter
Seeding & Plantation
Potato Planter
By Landforce
Power : N/A
Agristar Potato Planter - 2 Row
Seeding & Plantation
Potato Planter - 2 Row
By Agristar
Power : N/A

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About Potato Planter Implements

What is Potato Planter 

Potato planter is a tractor attachment that is used for planting or sowing potato seed. Previously, manual planters have completed sowing potatoes, which was slow and challenging for farmers. But in developed India, the potato sowing process became comfortable with advanced potato planters. The farming potato planter makes the sowing of potatoes fast and effortless along with this it saves labour. 

Types of Potato Planter 

There are three types of agriculture potato planter available:- 

  • Automatic Potato Planter 
  • Semi-Automatic Potato Planter 
  • High-Speed Automatic Potato Planter 


Benefits of Potato Planter  

  • It makes the potato sowing process efficient, faster and more cost-effective.
  • Potato planter requires minimum labour. 
  • It ensures consistent growth and maturity, thereby ensuring good yield than manual sowing.
  • Tractor potato planter ensures the proper distance and depth between the seed potatoes. 


Potato Planter Price in India 

Potato planter price is Rs 2 lakh*, which is reasonable and fair for Indian farmers. 

Potato Planter For Sale 

If you are searching for a Potato planter machine for sale, Tractor Junction is the right platform. Here, you get detailed information about potato planters in India along with the price. You can also check the latest potato planter price, specification, images, videos, & reviews on Tractor Junction. 

You can also get information about other farming equipment like the rotavator, rice transplanter, sugarcane loader, etc. on Tractor Junction. 

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