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Eicher Tractor Price starts from Rs. 2.90 Lakh. The most expensive Eicher Tractor is Eicher 557 priced at Rs. 6.90 Lakh. Eicher offers a wide range of 15+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 18 hp to 60 hp. Eicher tractor offers an advanced approach tractor that enhances productivity on the farm. The most popular Eicher Tractor models are Eicher 333 Super DI, Eicher 242, Eicher 380, etc. Eicher Mini Tractor models are Eicher 242, Eicher 188, Eicher 241 XTRAC, etc.


Eicher Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Eicher Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
Eicher 548 48 HP Rs. 6.10 Lakh - 6.40 Lakh
Eicher 380 40 HP Rs. 5.60 Lakh - 5.80 Lakh
Eicher 242 25 HP Rs. 3.85 Lakh
Eicher 551 49 HP Rs. 6.60 Lakh
Eicher 485 45 HP Rs. 6.12 Lakh
Eicher 188 18 HP Rs. 2.90 Lakh - 3.10 Lakh
Eicher 333 36 HP Rs. 5.02 Lakh
Eicher 557 50 HP Rs. 6.65 Lakh - 6.90 Lakh
Eicher 650 60 HP Rs. 8.10 Lakh - 8.50 Lakh
Eicher 368 36 HP Rs. 4.92 Lakh - 5.12 Lakh
Eicher 480 42 HP Rs. 6.00 Lakh - 6.45 Lakh
Eicher 241 25 HP Rs. 3.42 Lakh
Eicher 312 30 HP Rs. 4.47 Lakh
Eicher 5660 SUPER DI 50 HP Rs. 6.55 Lakh
Eicher 333 Super Plus 36 HP Rs. 5.10 Lakh - 5.30 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Aug 04, 2021

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Used Eicher Tractors

Eicher 485

Eicher 485

  • 45 HP
  • 2011
  • Location : Madhya Pradesh

Price - ₹330000

Eicher 5660 SUPER DI

Eicher 5660 SUPER DI

  • 50 HP
  • 2017
  • Location : Uttar Pradesh

Price - ₹500000

Eicher 333

Eicher 333

  • 36 HP
  • 2003
  • Location : Gujarat

Price - ₹300000

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About Eicher Tractor

Eicher Tractor

Eicher is one of the oldest names in the industry of manufacturers all over the globe. Eicher started its production of indigenously built tractors in India in 1959. Founders of Eicher Tractor are Josef and Elbert Eicher and in 1973, Massey Ferguson acquired Eicher.

You can find here an innovative and productive Eicher Tractor. Eicher Tractor has all the quality features which you want in your dream tractor, and TractorJunction provides all Eicher Tractors here. Eicher tractor brand is one of the oldest names in the industry.

Tractor of Eicher is constantly winning the hearts of the customers by providing themwith  tractors and services. They always care about their customers supplying Eicher tractor model according to the market demand. Eicher top model tractor and Eicher mini tractor are most popular among the Indian farmers. They come with features that provide comfort and long hours on the field. Eicher 40 hp tractor is the most powerful and most performing tractor of Eicher. This tractor is the most demanded tractor among the farmers. On the tractors of Eicher, farmers can easily trust because their all tractors come with warranty and Eicher tractor all model price is also very reasonable. Tractor Eicher is the first choice of farmer. 

The Eicher tractors are now famous worldwide for the fact that they provide the best in class technologies even at affordable prices. Eicher tractors are a most adorable brand in India, and it makes a unique place in the heart of Indian farmers.

This truly satisfies the motto of Eicher being 'Ummed Se Zyada' and gives a true customer satisfied experience.

Why is Eicher the best tractor company? | USP

Eicher is the brand on which customers can easily trust and it is the most likable brand among Indian farmers. It is the most tractor saleable brand in India.

  • Eicher has been producing according to the ethics of the Indian farmers.
  • Eicher tractors have air-cooled powerful engine quality.
  • Eicher provides extraordinary customer service.
  • It provides products at an economical range. 


Eicher Tractor Last Year Sales Report

Eicher maintains about 25% market share of the Indian tractor industry with a tractor sale of above 150000 tractors domestically as well as internationally.

Eicher Tractor Dealership

Eicher Tractor has 1000 + certified dealers and supplies almost 100 countries.

At Tractorjunction, find a certified Eicher tractor dealer near you!

Eicher Service Center

Find out Eicher tractor service center, visit Eicher Service Center.

Eicher tractor price 2021

Eicher tractor provides tractors that are too affordable Eicher tractor price in India. Eicher tractor new model comes with an advanced technology solution which makes Eicher tractors productive and best in quality at fair Eicher tractor price in India.

Eicher tractor India is the most successful tractor manufacturing company. Eicher tractor supplies tractors according to the need of the farmers. With every launch, they come with new Eicher tractors that have advanced features and suitable new Eicher tractor price. That can easily fit in the budget of every farmer.Eicher 4wd tractor price and Eicher 55 hp tractor price in India is also very affordable for the farmers.

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So, if you want to buy an Eicher Tractor then TractorJunction is the right platform for it. Here you can also get an updated Eicher tractor price list. Here you can also get an updated Eicher tractor price list, Eicher all tractor price, Eicher new model tractor, Eicher top model tractor. 

Here you can also get a Price of Eicher tractor, Eicher tractor new models, Eicher mini tractor, and also used Eicher tractor at sitting home. 

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Recently Asked User Questions about Eicher Tractor

Answer. Eicher Tractor price starting from Rs. 2.90 to 6.90 Lac*

Answer. From 18 hp to 60 hp.

Answer. Yes, Eicher tractor produces mini tractor.

Answer. 333 Super DI and 380 Super DI are the most popular tractors in Eicher.

Answer. Eicher 557 is the highest price tractor in Eicher.

Answer. 188 Mini Eicher Tractor price in India is Rs. 2.90-3.10 lakh*.

Answer. Yes, Eicher Tractor comes under the brand TAFE.

Answer. Yes, all details about Eicher tractors are available on TractorJunction.

Answer. Eicher 480 Super DI tractor gives great mileage on the fields.

Answer. Eicher Tractors have all the qualities which are essential for a perfect tractor, they have a strong engine, high lifting capacity and they supply quality products to their customers.

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