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Badhaye purane tractor ki life home service kit ke sath. | Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

Tractor service kit starting from ₹ 2,000**

HAV Tractors

The HAV tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 8.49 Lacs to 13.99 Lacs. HAV (Expands for Hybrid Agricultural Vehicle) Tractor came into existence to cope with environmental sustainability and agricultural productivity.

HAV Tractors offers 6 tractor models ranging from 44 HP-51 HP. Some popular HAV Tractor models are HAV 50 S1, HAV 50 S1 Plus, HAV 45 S1, HAV 55 S1, HAV 55 S1 Plus, and HAV 50 S2 CNG Hybrid. These hybrid tractors are meant to increase agricultural productivity by reducing fuel consumption and labour costs by a significant margin. Continue on this page to review the HAV tractor price list.

HAV Tractor Price List 2023 in India

HAV Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
HAV 45 S1 44 HP Rs. 8.49 Lakh
HAV 55 S1 Plus 51 HP Rs. 13.99 Lakh
HAV 50 S1 Plus 48 HP Rs. 11.99 Lakh
HAV 55 S1 51 HP Rs. 11.99 Lakh
HAV 50 S1 48 HP Rs. 9.99 Lakh

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Popular HAV Tractors

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HAV 55 S1 Plus

From: ₹13.99 lac*

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HAV 50 S1 Plus

From: ₹11.99 lac*

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HAV 55 S1

From: ₹11.99 lac*

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HAV 50 S1

From: ₹9.99 lac*

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Used HAV Tractors

HAV 45 S1

Price: ₹ 2,00,000

44 HP 2000 Model

Yamunanagar, Haryana

HAV 45 S1

Price: ₹ 2,00,000

44 HP 1998 Model

Banas Kantha, Gujarat

HAV 55 S1 Plus

Price: ₹ 2,00,000

51 HP 1998 Model

Banas Kantha, Gujarat

HAV 45 S1

Price: ₹ 2,00,000

44 HP 2005 Model

Hailakandi, Assam

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About HAV Tractor

The recently announced HAV S1 Series tractors are embedded with AWED (All Wheel Electric Drive) technology. These HAV tractor models will come without clutch and gear. The company aims to reduce the country’s farmer's pain points, such as low yield per hectare, low income and insufficient farm mechanisation through its hybrid diesel and CNG tractors

These Hybrid Agricultural Vehicles (HAVs) will reduce fuel consumption through efficient power usage. The company claims a fuel consumption reduction of up to 28% with the HAV S1 Series and up to 50% with the HAV S2 series as compared to traditional diesel tractors. Using self-energising technology, an HAV tractor uses electric motors as the primary source of torque. 

HAV Tractors offers cutting-edge HAV S1 Series that are made to transform farming experience. The tractor offers state-of-the-art AWED (All Wheel Electric Drive) technology which helps fulfil a range of farming tasks like a cakewalk. These newly introduced tractors are committed to alleviating the struggles faced by farmers in India, including low yield per hectare, low income, and a lack of rapid mechanisation. All is possible through its hybrid diesel & CNG tractors.

These Hybrid Agricultural Vehicles (HAVs) are highly fuel efficient. They do this using power as efficiently as possible. With the HAV S1 Series, these tractors claim a reduction in fuel consumption by 28%. The HAV S2 Series takes it even further, boasting a fuel consumption reduction of up to 50%. How do they achieve this incredible feat? By using self-energising technology, which utilises electric motors as the primary source of torque.

Why choose HAV Tractors?

Incubated by the parent company Proxecto Engineering Services LLP, HAV Tractors was founded on October 20, 2015. The motive was to produce more efficient tractors using hybrid engine technology to help farmers in increasing their profit margins. Below are some of the unique features of the hybrid tractor brand.

  • The HAV S1 Series tractors come with (first ever in India) the MCS (Max Cover Steering) that ensures minimum fatigue. It has the lowest turning radius of 2.7 m with mechanisms front-steer, all-steer, and crab-steer.
  • An HAV S1 Series tractor comes with the industry standard water-cooled Yanmar engine with a dry air filter tuned at 3000 RPM.
  • The rated engine power of HAV tractors (S1 Series) ranges from 44 HP to 51 HP.
  • In HAV 45 S1, HAV 50 S1, and HAV 55 S1, height adjustments are possible.
  • An HAV Tractor is known for low power loss and high PTO availability at the delivery ends of the tractor.

HAV tractor dealership and HAV Tractor price in India in 2023

The HAV tractors have been launched in India in recent times. Therefore, the HAV Tractor dealership is not very defined in the country. Furthermore, the HAV Tractor price in India ranges from Rs. 8.49-13.99 Lakhs in India. However, the price of the HAV tractor might vary as per the variation in taxes across the country. Currently, the tractor series available in India is HAV S1. However, the tractor brand has briefed about HAV S2 Series on its website. The S2 tractor series of HAV will be launched soon in the country. Further details of the series are awaited.

Popular HAV Tractor Models

Here are a few top HAV tractor models that are most-in demand in the market.

  • HAV 50 S2 Cng Hybrid
  • HAV 50 S1 Plus
  • HAV 45 S1
  • HAV 50  S1

Recently Asked User Questions about HAV Tractor

Ans. The price of a fully automatic HAV Tractor (with no battery packs) ranges from Rs. 9.49 to Rs 11.99 Lakhs.

Ans. HAV Tractors are India’s number-one hybrid tractor company.

Ans. Yes. Hybrid tractors have around 28% more fuel efficiency than conventional diesel tractors, as claimed by HAV Tractors.

Ans. The kind of motor used in an electric tractor is a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor.

Ans. The founder of HAV tractors company is Ankit Tyagi, who is also MD of Proxecto Engineering Services LLP.

Ans. At Tractor Junction, you can get updated hav tractors price with images, user reviews, videos and specifications.

Ans. HAV tractor offers models ranging from 44 to 51 HP.

Ans. HAV 50 S1 is the best tractor model in HAV tractor.

Ans. At Tractor Junction, Visit the HAV Tractor Dealer page and find the nearest tractor dealers/showrooms in your area.

Ans. HAV offers 6 high-performing tractor models in India.

Ans. The HAV 55 S1 is one of the popular tractor models from HAV.

HAV Tractor Updates

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