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35-65 HP

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Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Mahindra Cultivator perfect for farming. It comes under the Cultivator Category. And, it has 35-65 HP Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Mahindra brand house known for its superb quality niches.

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  • It saves time and offers precision in work as it is simple to operate and quick to adjust.
  • Strong and robust tool designed for breaking up hard land and mixing crop residue.


  • Suitable for inter-culture operations by adjusting the distance between the tynes as per crop requirement.
  • Especially useful for paddy cultivation areas requiring shallow ploughing on hard clay cracked up soil.


  • The spring loaded tiller is suitable for use in stone and root obstructed soil as the spring allows the tynes of the cultivator to lift upward when any load or stone comes into the passage.
  • The Mahindra Rigid tyne cultivator is sturdy and capable of withstanding tough working conditions in heavy soil. This implement can break hard soil efficiently and uproot stubble to leave the ground perfectly worked. long lasting and fuel efficient.


  • Mahindra Applitrac's Spring loaded Cultivator is designed for all types of root crop and for general cultivation work. It helps prepare the seed bed quickly and economically.



Technical Specification 
  Rigid 9 tyne tiller Rigid 11 tyne tiller Rigid 13 tyne tiller
Number of Tynes 9 11 13
Type of mounting 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage
Overall Length (mm) 2000 2451 3060
Overall Width (mm) 870 850 790
Overall Height (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Width of Cut (MM) 1860 2310 2760
Total Approx.Weight (kg) 265 300 335
Shovel points(Reversible) (mm) 63 63 63
Suitable HP Range 26.1 kW (35 HP) & Above 33.6 kW (45 HP) & Above 48.5kW (65 HP) & Above
Loadability 65 70 70
Cultivator(Rigid tine/spring loaded cultivator) Spring loaded 9 tyne tiller Spring loaded 11 tyne tiller Spring loaded 13 tyne tiller
Number of tynes 9 11 13
Type of mounting 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage 3 point Linkage
No. Springs 18 22 26
Overall Length (mm) 2000 2450 2900
Overall Width (mm) 870 870 870
Overall Height (mm) 1150 1150 1150
Under frame clearance (mm) 552 552 552
Total Approx.Weight (kg) 265 317 369
Shovel points(Reversible) mm) 63 63 63
Suitable HP Range 26.1 kW (35 HP) & Above 33.6 kW (45 HP) & Above 44.7 kW (60 HP) & Above
Loadability 65 70 70

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