Tillage Implements

426 Tillage equipment are available at Tractor Junction. Get complete specifications, price, performance and productivity of Tillage implements. Here, find out Tillage equipment for sale of your choice. We listed all the types of Tillage Machine, including Rotavator, Plough, Cultivator, Harrow and others are the most popular Tillage implement models. Get the updated farm Tillage equipment price 2022. Moreover, the tillage machine price range is Rs. 22000 to 3.85 lakh in India. Also, the powerful tillage implements are available from 2 HP to 235 HP which is compatible in every field.

Tillage Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
VST RT 65 Rs. 100000
Agristar Powervator 410V 3 FT. Rs. 100000
Kartar jumbo 636-48 Rs. 100000
Solis Rotavator Rs. 100000 - 120000
Kmw By Kirloskar Univator Rs. 100000 - 125000
Garud Reverse Forward Rs. 101000
Garud Samrat 16548 Rs. 103000
Shaktiman Semi Champion Series Rs. 104500 - 128000
Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT LIGHT 165 Rs. 105000
Kartar Rotavator 736-54 Rs. 105000
Malkit Rotavator 6 FT. Rs. 105000
Swaraj Duravator SLX+ Rs. 105000 - 130000
Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT LIGHT 185 Rs. 110000
Shaktiman B Series SRT205 Rs. 112000
Shaktiman Semi Champion Plus Rs. 113000 - 163000
Data Last Updated On : 05/10/2023

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485 - Tillage Implements

Agrizone Grizo J Type Implement


Grizo J Type

By Agrizone

Power : 35 & Above

Agrizone Grizo Pudding Implement


Grizo Pudding

By Agrizone

Power : 45 & Above

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO HC 185 Implement



By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 40 - 50 HP

Shaktiman Regular Light Implement


Regular Light

By Shaktiman

Power : 25-65

Mahindra Mahavator Implement



By Mahindra

Power : 33-52 HP

Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator Implement


Power : 30-55

Shree Umiya URDP H 40 Implement



By Shree Umiya

Power : 35 HP & Above

Fieldking UP Model Disc Harrow Implement


Power : 40-50 HP

Kmw By Kirloskar MEGA T 15 LVS Implement



By Kmw By Kirloskar

Power : 14/10.3

Universal Mould Board Plough Implement


Power : 35-90

VST 130 DI Implement


130 DI


Power : 13 HP

Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT REGULAR 205 Implement



By Maschio Gaspardo

Power : 50 - 60 HP

Mahindra Disc Harrow Implement


Disc Harrow

By Mahindra

Power : 35-55 HP

Fieldking Ranveer  Rotary Tiller Implement


Power : 45-65

Sonalika Mini Smart Series Chain Drive Implement


Power : 30-50 HP

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About Tillage Implements

Tillage equipment is a wonderful invention to solve all farming problems. The Tillage implement is made to ease the work on the farms. Tillage Machine is used by Indian farmers for better productivity. Here, you can get all the top brands implements of Tillage. Also, the brands of new Tillage equipment include Fieldking, Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman and many more.

How many Tillage Implements are available at Tractor Junction?

426 farm Tillage equipment are available at Tractor Junction with complete specifications and price. You can also get all types of agricultural Tillage equipment. The top Tillage farm machinery include Rotavator, Plough, Cultivator, Harrow and others. These Tillage farm implements are shown with detailed information, performance and price. 

Benefits Of A Tillage Implement

A Tillage implement ensures the proper health of the soil and helps in better crop production. Also, it is used to obtain higher yield which results in a more profitable income. A tillage implement works by breaking the soil to bring out the nutrients present in the deep layers. Therefore, a tillage implement is a beneficial farming tool. 

Tillage Implement Specification Details 

Tractor Junction lists efficient farming tools as per your requirement and these tillage implements offer top-class fieldwork at low fuel consumption. Moreover, a tillage implement should be able to operate in all weather conditions and in all kinds of fields. Hence, Tractor Junction is the perfect platform for buying such machinery at an affordable price range in India.

Types Of Tillage Implements At Tractor Junction

Tractor Junction delivers all necessary types of tillage implements in India which includes both the primary and secondary tillage tasks and these are listed according to the budget of Indian farmers.

Popular Tillage Implement Models 

The best Tillage implements in India are Captain Rotavator, Shaktiman Rotavator, Maschio Gaspardo VIRAT PRO 150 and many more. Along with this, a new tillage price is available on Tractor Junction with all the other details. Furthermore, the tillage machine price in India is pocket-friendly. 

Tillage implements Price in India

The price of tillage implements is according to the Indian market, and it is available from Rs. 22000 to 3.85 lakh. Get a complete list of Tillage implements for sale with on road price at Tractor Junction. We listed Tillage implements online at a valuable price so that every farmer could buy them comfortably. Get updated Tillage tractor implement 2023 at Tractor Junction.   

Where can I get Tillage equipment for sale?

Are you searching for Tillage implements for farming? If yes, then Tractor Junction provides you with the perfect Tillage machinery for sale. You can now fulfill all the farm's needs by buying Tillage equipment from Tractor Junction. So, just visit and Buy Tillage implements at an economical range. Here you can also get mini Tillage equipment where the tillage machine price is justified. Find out the Tillage Implements price list at Tractor Junction.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tillage Implements

Ans. These powerful tillage machines prices start from Rs. 22000 in India.

Ans. Tractor Junction offers top-quality tillage implements between 3 HP to 235 HP in India.

Ans. Garud Super, Captain Rotavator, Captain Disk Harrow are India's most popular Tillage equipments.

Ans. Fieldking, Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman and many more Tillage implements brands are available at Tractor Junction.

Ans. 432 Tillage equipment for sale are listed at Tractor Junction.

Ans. Types of Tillage Machine in India are Rotavator, Plough, Cultivator, Harrow and others.

Ans. Visit Tractor Junction and get the best Tillage equipment in India.

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