Fieldking Implement offers a wide range of products, including harrow, rotavator, cultivator, plough, trailer, slasher, laser land leveler, disc ridger, subsoiler and many more. In addition, you can get a list of 95 Fieldking farm equipment for effective work. Here, you can also get all the fieldking farm Implements categories, including tillage, land scaping, haulage, seeding & plantation, post harvest, crop protection, and others. Popular Fieldking agricultural machinery in India are Fieldking Regular Multi Speed, Fieldking Reversible Manual Plough, Fieldking Dabangg Harrow and many more. Get a complete fieldking Implements price list 2024 at Tractor Junction.

Fieldking Implements Price List 2024 in India

Model Name Price in India
Fieldking Post hole Diggers Rs. 138663 - 173779
Fieldking Eco Planer Laser Guided Land Leveler Rs. 299999
Fieldking Heavy Duty Land Leveler Rs. 14880
Fieldking Rotary Cutter -Round Rs. 109000 - 181000
Fieldking Terracer Blade Rs. 111000 - 121000
Fieldking Box Blade Rs. 60500 - 79000
Fieldking Bale Spear Rs. 136600
Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Rs. 36000 - 43200
Fieldking Hobby Rotary Tiller Rs. 114961 - 215000
Fieldking Beroni Rotary Tiller Rs. 84400 - 101280
Fieldking Robust Single Speed Rs. 241000 - 410000
Fieldking Single Multi Speed Rs. 77000 - 135000
Fieldking Robust Multi Speed Rs. 241000 - 558000
Fieldking Regular Single Speed Rs. 204500 - 298000
Fieldking Tandem Disc Harrow Heavy Duty Rs. 223000 - 251000

Popular Fieldking Implements in India

Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator Implement


Power : 30-95 HP

Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type) Implement


Power : 40-75 HP

Fieldking Medium Duty Tiller (USA) Implement


Power : 15-65 HP

Fieldking Robust Single Speed Implement


Power : 35-70 HP

Fieldking Maxx Rotary Tiller Implement


Power : 35- 60 HP

Fieldking Beri Type Spring Loaded Cultivator Implement


Power : 25-75 HP

Fieldking Disc Ridger Implement


Disc Ridger

By Fieldking

Power : 50-90 HP

Fieldking Compact Model Disc Harrow Medium Series Implement


Power : 50-125 HP

Fieldking Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow Implement


Power : 70-190

Fieldking Termivator Series Implement


Termivator Series

By Fieldking

Power : 25-60 HP

Fieldking Jumbo Fixed Mould Board Plough Implement


Power : 50-110 HP

Fieldking Disc Seed Drill Implement

Seeding And Planting

Disc Seed Drill

By Fieldking

Power : 30-85 HP

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About Fieldking Implements

Fieldking implement was established in 1978 as Beri Udyog Private Ltd. (BUPL) is internationally known for its agriculture equipment under the brand name Fieldking. Fieldking farm equipment is a trusted brand that the customers can rely on. With their perfection, Fieldking implements became a popular brand among Indian farmers and also the most saleable brand. Synonymous with class and strength, Fieldking is the brand of options between customers of India and 100 countries. 

Fieldking Implement Mission And Vision

Fieldking farm Implements mission and vision is to supply its customer’s implements with advanced technology at a fair market price which helps them to improve their productivity in the fields. Through Fieldking agriculture equipment, the company tries to provide better farming to Indian farmers. They want to improve the production and the standard of the Indian farmers by providing classic fieldking equipment. 

Fieldking Implements Price in India 

The company economically sets Fieldking farm equipment price for the average Indian farmer. You can visit Tractor Junction to get an updated Fieldking implement price list 2024. Now, you can easily filter your needs and get the best suitable Fieldking Agriculture Machine in India. Hurry up and get the best offers on Fieldking Implement. 

Most Popular Fieldking tractor Implements in India

Following, we are showing the most popular Fieldking Implements in India. Check it out below. 

  • Fieldking Beroni Rotary Tiller - 35-60 HP
  • Fieldking Regular Single Speed - 25-60 HP
  • Fieldking Single Multi Speed - 25-70 HP 
  • Fieldking Heavy Duty Hydraulic Harrow - 70-190 HP 

Types of Fieldking Implements in India

You can get a list of types of Fieldking Implement models in India easily here at Tractor Junction. The most popular types are as follows. 

  • Harrow - Fieldking Dabangg Harrow, Fieldking UP Model Disc Harrow, Fieldking Trailed Offset Disc Harrow, etc. 
  • Rotavator - Fieldking Regular Multi Speed, Fieldking Termivator Series, Fieldking Mini Series, etc. 
  • Cultivator - Fieldking Medium Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator, Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator, Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator, etc. 
  • Plough - Fieldking Reversible Manual Plough, Fieldking Maxx Reversible MB Plough, Fieldking Reversible Mould Board, etc. 

Fieldking Farm Equipment Categories 

Following, we are showing some popular Fieldking equipment categories for your farming. Have a look. 

  • Tillage 
  • Land Scaping 
  • Seeding & Plantation
  • Haulage
  • Post Harvest
  • Crop Protection

Tractor Junction for Fieldking Agricultural Machinery

TractorJunction now comes with an individual segment for the brand Fieldking implement for your comfort. So you won’t face any problem in searching any implements of Fieldking, and you get full and proper details about the entire Fieldking implement.

Here on TractorJunction, you can get all Fieldking related information and for further details regarding tractors and farm implements, stay tuned with us.

Recently Asked Questions on Fieldking Implements

Ans. 99 Fieldking Implements are available at Tractor Junction.

Ans. Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Cultivator, Fieldking Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator (B Type), Fieldking Medium Duty Tiller (USA) and many more are the popular Fieldking Implements in India.

Ans. You can get here Fieldking Implement categories like Tillage, LandScaping, Seeding And Planting.

Ans. Harrow, Rotavator, Cultivator and other types of Fieldking Implements are available here.

Ans. At Tractor Junction, Get Price for Fieldking Implements in India.

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