Lemken Implements

Lemken supplies 9 implements in India which are productive as well as affordable. Lemken product range includes cultivator, rotavator, planter etc. Lemken provides equipment at an economical price which is best in quality.

Popular Lemken Implements

Tillage (9)
Power Harrow (3)
Plough (3)
Cultivator (3)

Implements Found - 9

Lemken OPAL 090 2MB
OPAL 090 2MB
By Lemken
Power : 65 HP & more
Lemken OPAL 090 1MB
OPAL 090 1MB
By Lemken
Power : 40 HP & more
Lemken Achat 70 - 6 Tine
Achat 70 - 6 Tine
By Lemken
Power : 40 -55 HP
Lemken OPAL 090 3MB
OPAL 090 3MB
By Lemken
Power : 80 HP & More
Lemken Achat 70 - 9 Tine
Achat 70 - 9 Tine
By Lemken
Power : 60 - 75 HP
Lemken Perlite 5-150
Perlite 5-150
By Lemken
Power : 45-55 HP
Lemken Perlite 5 -175
Perlite 5 -175
By Lemken
Power : 55 - 65 HP
Lemken Achat 70-7 Tine
Achat 70-7 Tine
By Lemken
Power : 50 - 65 HP
Lemken Perlite 5 -200
Perlite 5 -200
By Lemken
Power : 65 - 75 HP

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About Lemken Implements

Lemken was founded in 1780 by Wilhelmus Lemken. Lemken is a family business which is very popular domestically as well as internationally. Lemken is a strong, advanced technology, sowing and crop protection. Lemken is not only known for blue colour but also for their effective work. They provide farm machinery that influences not only through its versatility and uniqueness.

Lemken designed their implements for farms according to size, soil type, market and any requirements. They evolve these implements constantly according to the needs of its customers all around the world. Lemken is a well-known brand for its advanced implements which are economical for the Indian farmers.

Popular Lemken Implement are LemkenAchat 70 - 6 Tine, LemkenAchat 70 - 7 Tine, Lemken OPAL 090 1MB and many more. These are known for their quality and affordability.

At TractionJunction, get all related information about Lemken Implement, Lemken implement price and specifications. Here you can also get Lemken plough, Lemken rotavator, Lemken power harrow etc. So, stay tuned with us.  

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