Currently, the Swaraj family includes 10 models of Swaraj Implements with Tresher, Baler, Potato Planter etc. implement type under 3 categories of Post Harvest, Tillage, Seeding & Plantation which performs the tasks effectively in the field. It comes with 10 popular models like Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler, Swaraj Round Baler, Straw Reaper, Potato Planter, Gyrovator SLX, P-550 Multicrop. Swaraj was established in 1974 and developed India's first best tractor. Nowadays, Swaraj is a rapidly growing company and has the most extensive range of farm machinery, implements and stands amongst India's top best tractor brands. All the engineers who made the Swaraj are from farming background.

Swaraj Implements Price List 2023 in India

Model Name Price in India
Swaraj Gyrovator SLX Rs. 85000 - 100000
Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler Rs. 1130000
Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator Rs. 22200
Swaraj Duravator SLX+ Rs. 105000 - 130000

Popular Swaraj Implements in India

Swaraj P-550 Multicrop Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 40 hp

Swaraj Duravator SLX+ Implement


Power : 39 HP & Above

Swaraj 3 Bottom Disc Plough Implement


Power : 35-45 hp

Swaraj Round Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Round Baler

By Swaraj

Power : 25-45 hp

Swaraj 2 Bottom Disc Plough Implement


Power : 50-55 hp

Swaraj Spring Loaded Cultivator Implement


Power : 60-65 hp

Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler Implement

Post Harvest

Power : 55 HP

Swaraj Straw Reaper Implement

Post Harvest

Straw Reaper

By Swaraj

Power : 26 hp

Swaraj Potato Planter Implement

Seeding And Planting

Power : 55-90 HP

Swaraj Gyrovator SLX Implement


Gyrovator SLX

By Swaraj

Power : 45-60 hp

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About Swaraj Implements

It is necessary to use farming implements to carry out the agriculture processes because of labour-intensive processes, which we cannot do by hand. For better productive farming activities, we use Swaraj Tractor Combine Implements.

Swaraj Farm Tractor Implements Price

Swaraj Farm Implements price is very affordable to buy for every small and marginal farmer. Implements are necessary for smart and productive farming that's why every farmer chooses Swaraj Farm Implements for better outputs of their field. Farmers can adopt Swaraj implements price for their fields without disturbing their household budget.

Swaraj Implements Models

Presently, the Swaraj tractor implements family includes 6 models of Swaraj implements. But here we are discussing 3 Swaraj farm equipment. All models you can find at Tractor Junction by applying some filters. 

The Popular Swaraj Implements models are.

  • Swaraj SQ 180 Square Baler - It comes in a post-harvest category in Baler implements type with 55 HP and comes at the most affordable price, which a farmer can easily afford.
  • Swaraj Round Baler - It comes in a post-harvest category in Baler implements type with 600 kg weight, 25 to 45 HP and comes at the most reasonable price which a farmer can easily afford.
  • P-550 Multicrop - It comes in a post-harvest category in Thresher implements type with 1550 kg approx* GVW, 40 HP and arrives at the most reasonable price which a farmer can easily afford.

Swaraj Implements At Tractor Junction 

Tractor Junction is always here to help you with better information about Swaraj Farm equipment price, Swaraj tractor implements price and many more. You can find any information related to Swaraj equipment by applying filters on the page of Tractor Junction. 

Recently Asked Questions on Swaraj Implements

Ans. 10 Swaraj Implements are available at Tractor Junction.

Ans. Swaraj P-550 Multicrop, Swaraj Duravator SLX+, Swaraj 3 Bottom Disc Plough and many more are the popular Swaraj Implements in India.

Ans. You can get here Swaraj Implement categories like Tillage, Post Harvest, Seeding And Planting.

Ans. Plough, Rotavator, Baler and other types of Swaraj Implements are available here.

Ans. At Tractor Junction, Get Price for Swaraj Implements in India.

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