Claas Combine Harvesters

Claas Harvester built trust among farmers. Claas offers 7 combine harvesters ranging from 60 hp powers to 76 hp powers. The most expensive Claas combine harvester is Claas crop tiger 40 harvester and Claas harvester lowest hp is 60 hp of Claas crop tiger 30 TERRA TRAC Harvester.

Popular Claas Combine Harvesters

Claas CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC Self Propelled

Cutting Width : 3200 (10.5) Feet

Power : 76 HP

Claas CROP TIGER 40 Self Propelled

Cutting Width : 10.5 Feet

Power : N/A

Claas CROP TIGER 30 TERRA TRAC Self Propelled

Cutting Width : 7 Feet

Power : 60 HP

Claas JAGUAR 870-830 Self Propelled
Claas JAGUAR 870-830

Cutting Width : N/A

Power : N/A

Claas JAGUAR 25 Tractor Mounted
Claas JAGUAR 25

Cutting Width : N/A

Power : 45-85 HP

Claas DOMINATOR 40 TERRA TRAC Self Propelled

Cutting Width : 7.92 Feet

Power : 76

Claas Crop Tiger 40 Multicrop Self Propelled
Claas Crop Tiger 40 Multicrop

Cutting Width : 2600

Power : 76

Related Brands

Harvesters by HP

Indo Farm AGRICOM 1070 SW Self Propelled
Indo Farm AGRICOM 1070 SW

Cutting Width : 7.5 Feet

Power : N/A

Ks Agrotech KS 9300 - Crop Master Self Propelled
Ks Agrotech KS 9300 - Crop Master

Cutting Width : 14.10 Feet

Power : N/A

Kartar 4000 Maize Self Propelled
Kartar 4000 Maize

Cutting Width : 12 Feet

Power : 101 HP

Kartar 360 (T.A.F.) Self Propelled
Kartar 360 (T.A.F.)

Cutting Width : 2133

Power : N/A

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Claas Combine Harvester in India

Claas harvester is manufacturing combine harvester since 1936. Claas manufactures world-class best harvester with honor. Claas harvesters have a wonderful history in this field. Claas combine harvester helps in doing task effectively and efficiently. In various fields of India, farming is even now carried out on exceptionally tiny areas of land. For taking that in mind Claas harvester manufactures combine harvesters which is also proving very useful for farmers. 

Claas harvester Features

Claas combine new model is launched with advanced technology and very effective in fields. Claas combine harvester price in India or Class harvesting machine price in India is proving very economical for the farmers. Claas brand build trust between farmers because of their Claas combine price in India and performance. 

Claas Achievements 

Helmut Claas, one of the world’s most inspiring agricultural engineers, has been awarded the Rudolf Diesel Medal for his lifetime of achievement in innovation. Claas won ‘Oscars for Inventors’, the honor recognizes both scientific achievement and entrepreneurship. 

Claas Product Range

•    Combines 
•    Forage Harvesters
•    Telehandlers
•    Balers
•    Forage harvesting machinery
•    Transplanter
•    Technologies

Claas Manufacturer Aim

Claas believes its sales and profits in the current financial year to remain roughly at the level of the previous year thanks to its attractive product range and good international positioning.

Claas Harvester Contact Number

Claas toll free number- 0129 429 7000
Official website-

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. 7 Claas harvester models are listed at Tractor Junction.

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