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Claas JAGUAR 870-830 harvester

Claas JAGUAR 870-830

  • Model Name : JAGUAR 870-830
  • Power Source : Self Propelled
  • Crop : Multicrop
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In the JAGUAR, there is simply nothing to distract you. The steering column and operator's seat can be adjusted to suit each and every operator. Thanks to the clearly laid-out displays and controls, you will feel at home in the JAGUAR in no time. Roller sunblinds, air conditioning, a radio and a coolbox also help to keep operators fresh and alert, no matter how long they are on board.

  • Spacious VISTA CAB with two seats
  • Glass on all sides for an all-round unrestricted view
  • The windscreen comes with a circular washer/wiper system
  • Side and rear window wipers for a clear all-round view
  • Spacious stowage compartments
  • Cool box with sufficient space for snacks
  • CEBIS control concept
  • Individual locking system
  • CMOTION control lever
  • LED work lights
  • Five seat variants, including a high-quality leather seat

Optional comfort package.The special insulation on the rear window effectively minimises noise immediately around the operator's head without compromising the all-round visibility. A special windscreen reduces reflections in the cab, especially in dark or rainy conditions. The comfort package is also enhanced by the floor mat.

LED work lights: LED work lights on the cab roof (for front area illumination), at the rear and on the discharge spout where they pivot with the crop flow, make it easy to monitor operations during nighttime harvesting.

  • Very even illumination.
  • The white light is similar to daylight
  • Power consumption is one third of that required for halogen lights
  • Very low temperature at the light lens
  • The work lights are 100% wate?rproof and dustproof

 Documentation and service online:A complete overview with just a click of the mouse

Improve work processes: A report detailing the operating hours analysis and other important machine analyses is sent to you daily by email. This enables you to analyse the precise data from the previous day before starting work, and to determine when and how efficiently your machine has been operating. Additionally, machine movement data can be retrieved with the event log, enhancing transport logistics. TELEMATICS facilitates systematic fleet management and avoids unprofitable downtime.

Faster service – CLAAS remote diagnostics: With your consent, TELEMATICS can transmit maintenance and repair data to your CLAAS sales partner. This enables your CLAAS partner to carry out an initial analysis via CDS Remote - when required - to find the causes of faults more quickly and to make optimum preparations to assist you on site as quickly as possible.

Automatic Process Data Interpretation (APDI): APDI automatically documents, interprets and processes all process data. As an extension to TELEMATICS, APDI automatically transfers the work data (without any intervention by the machine operator) to the server, where it is interpreted and processed. Data interpretation and processing are based on the previously uploaded field boundaries from the field file, the EU Single Farm Payment or use of Google Earth®. Further processing is straightforward, as all machine-relevant data can be exported in IsoXML format.

Precision systems that reduce operator's workload. The guidance systems:

  • Seeing with CAM PILOT:The CAM PILOT assumes control of steering the JAGUAR in combination with the  PICK UP. The swath is detected as a three-dimensional image by a twin-lens camera. Correction signals are transmitted to the steering mechanism in the event of deviations in the swath shape or direction. The steering axle then responds to these steering commands. This makes for a reduced operator workload at speeds up to 15 km/h as well as loss-free harvesting.

  • Guidance by GPS PILOT: GPS PILOT uses a satellite signal to guide the JAGUAR reliably in parallel paths or along curved contours defined by the crop edge. The system allows the operator to use the full working width while reducing overlapping. This makes it possible to obtain higher work quality in a shorter time, regardless of light or weather conditions

  • Sensing with AUTO PILOT: During the harvesting process, maize is usually followed in rows, even with row-independent maize front attachments. Two sensor arms each gauge a row of maize. The signals generated by these sensors are translated into corrective steering impulses. Twin-row sensing allows automatic steering in row widths of 37.5 cm up to 80 cm.

Straight and fast. The crop flow:

  • Maximum throughput with low power consumption:An optimal crop flow is a major factor in determining the daily output. The crop flows in a straight line through the entire machine without any awkward angles. It makes no difference whether you are harvesting grass without the Corncracker or are working in maize silage with it engaged. The crop is accelerated further at each step and is centred increasingly by the chevron arrangement of the knives and accelerator paddles. This results in maximum performance with minimum power consumption and makes for highly reliable operation. The JAGUAR demonstrates this time after time: with outstanding results – measured in terms of fuel consumption in litres per tonne.

1  Intake

  • Robust with perfect precompression

2  V-CLASSIC chopping cylinder

  • Precise cutting for excellent chop quality
  • Chopped material is centred for low wear

3  Corncracker

  • Optimal crop processing
  • Extended MULTI CROP CRACKER range

4  Accelerator

  • Chopped material is centred for reliable transport
  • Mechanically adjustable clearanc


  • Outstanding control concept with additional CEBIS features
  • LED work lights
  • Corncracker concept: MCC CLASSIC, MCC MAX, SHREDLAGE
  • Emissions standard Stage IIIA (Tier 3)
  • Increased efficiency with CRUISE PILOT


Key Specification 
Type Straw Walker
Crop Multicrop

Disclaimer:- *The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Claas or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Claas dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Claas Tractor dealer.