Preet 949 TAF

Preet 949 TAF Harvester


Model Name

949 TAF



Cutter Bar – Width

7 Feet

No Of Cylinder


Power Source

Self Propelled



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Preet 949 TAF Harvester Features

Preet 949 TAF Tractor Harvester is an efficient machine for farming in India. The farmers are extensively using Preet 949 TAF Paddy harvester for their farms. In addition, Preet 949 TAF harvester features are also excellent. That’s why the Preet 949 TAF harvester machine is one of India's most preferred farming machines. Preet 949 TAF price 2022 is also valuable for farmers. Moreover, the Preet 949 TAF harvester machine is filled with highly modern technology to serve better in the field.

Preet 949 TAF Paddy Combine Harvester Price

Preet 949 TAF Paddy combine harvester price is valuable to the Indian farmers. You can also get a complete Preet 949 TAF combine harvester price list at Tractor Junction. On the other hand, the Preet 949 TAF combine on road price can differ from state to state due to several factors.

Preet 949 TAF Harvester Features

Let’s know the Preet 949 TAF harvester features. The working efficiency and performance of Preet 949 TAF Tractor Harvester are also excellent. The engine of this Preet 949 TAF has enormous power and comes at value for money Preet 949 TAF combine price. So, let’s know more about Preet 949 TAF Paddy harvester at Tractor Junction.

Preet 949 TAF Combine Harvester Price at Tractor Junction

You can get a reliable Preet 949 TAF combine price at Tractor Junction. Here we are with complete details of this harvester, including Preet 949 TAF combine price 2022, specifications and others. Apart from this, you can also call us to get genuine Preet 949 TAF combine on road price at your place.


Technical Specification 
Power 76 HP @ 2200 RPM 
No. of Cylinder  4
Air Cleaner  Dry 
Cooling System  Water Cooled 
Transmission / Drive 
  Hydrostatic Transmission comprising of hydraulic variable displacements , double pump and two fixed displacements motors.
Cutter Bar Mechanism 
Width  2.1 m
Cutting Height Range (mm) 30-990
Reel Drive  Through V. Belts 
Reel Height Adjustments  Hydraulic 
Feeder Housing  Chian Type Feedback 
Threshing Mechanism 
  Threshing and sepraion rotor housed in single housing 
Thresher Drum
Thresher Drum Dia.(mm) 460
Thresher Drum Width (mm) 560
Separating Cylinder Dia.(mm) 440
Seprating Cylinder Width (mm) 1245
Drum Speed (rpm) 940
Length (mm) 555
Clearance (mm) Front 17, Rear 17
Cleaning System
Upper Sieve Area (m2) 0.67 Total 1.2 m2
Lower Sieve Area (m2) 0.53
Grain Tank (m2) 1.3 (Approx.)
Fuel Tank  100 (Approx.)
Electrical System  -
Capacity & Rating 
12V, 100 Ah Battery Starting, Complete lighting equipment , 
Front and Rear Lights 
Track Assembly 
Length of Belt on Ground (mm) 1755
Track Width  (mm) 1400
Width of Belt (mm) 450
No. of Track Rollers (Each Side) 5
No. of Rubber Grousers (Each Side ) 60
Height of Grouser (mm) 30
Normal Ground Pressure (kg/cm2) 0.31
Main Dimensions Working  Transport
Length (mm) 5650 5650
Width (mm) 4485 2640
Height (mm) 2785 2785
Ground Clearance (mm) 400 Body Frame, 240 Hydraulic Motor 
Total Weight (Kg. Approx.) 4840

PREET 949 TAF Track Combine is India's most Popular and ideal combine harvester now with new features and color. This combine harvester moves on rubber track instead of wheels, and is able to harvest in wet and soft land. This combine harvester is ideal for harvesting of paddy etc. This Combine Harvester is offered with wide features. Some of the features are stated as under :

  • Double Stage Gear Box.
  • Single Sheet Burm.
  • Stainless Steel Elevators.
  • Heavy Duty Double Reel.
  • Tangential Axial Flow (TAF) Technology.
  • Extra Cpacity Diesel Tank.
  • Thorough Threshing.
  • Clear Separation.
  • No Grain Breakage.
  • High Grain Cleanness.
  • Small Turning Radius.
  • Easy to Maintain.
  • Suitable for Paddy harvesting.
  • Good maneuverability in the Wet and Soft Fields.
  • Well adaptation to the crops of slightly wet, lodged, or hard to thresh.
  • New Attractive Graphics.
  • Powder Coated Paint

Preet 949 combine harvester is the solution to all of your problems, Preet 949 Harvester is a very cost-effective harvester for paddy crop in India. In this post, you will get all the information about Preet 949 harvester price, specifications and much more about the product.

This Preet 949 comes with the following features as follows;

Preet 949 Harvester Specifications

  • Preet combine harvester 949 is a paddy crop master.
  • Preet 949 harvester has 89 litre fuel tank capacities.
  • It has an effective width cutter bar width of 7 Feet.
  • Preet 949 harvester machine has an engine rated RPM of 2200. 
  • Preet 949 harvester hp is 76 hp.  

Preet 949 harvester price in India

Preet 949 track combine harvester price is very affordable for Indian Farmers because Preet 949 harvester price list fits easily in every farmer’s budget.

Furthermore detailed information about harvesters or any other implements you have to just stay tuned with TractorJunction.

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*The information and features are as on the date those are shared by Preet or Budni report and for the current features and variants the customer requires to visit the nearest Preet dealer. Prices shows above are Ex.Showroom price. All Prices are indicative it may be vary as per your buying condition and location. For Exact price kindly send On Road Price Request or visit the nearest Preet Tractor dealer.

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