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Indo Farm Tractors – Dignity of The Fields & Smiles Of The Farmers

Indo Farm Tractors Dignity of The Fields & Smiles Of The Farmers

“I had walked alone. People came together, and it became a Caravan. In the year 2000, the son of a small farmer made a big dream come true, started the foundation stone of Indo Farm Tractors and Motors. It was the dream that Mr R.S Khadwalia from childhood. In his childhood, he saw his father converging in the field with oxen in the scorching heat, hunger had risen in his mind, and he himself had started working with his father, thinking that one day he would get a luxurious tractor for his father. On which his father will work in the fields with pride and comfort. That childhood spirit which had grown with his age had germinated and flourished with the dream of Mr R.S Khadwalia turned into a world-class tractor company.”

This is the reason why Indo Farm Tractor & Motors Company gives more importance to the interest of farmers profits.

A complete story of Indo Farm Limited family journey with ups and downs and moral values. Which a farmer and every customer should read and follow in their lives. Let’s start with Tractor Junction.

A Great Start Of Indo Farm Limited With Many Big Dreams 

IndoFarm Tractors - Dignity of The Fields & Smiles Of The Farmers

Indo Farm Equipment Limited is ISO certified and Non Govt. company that was incorporated on 5 October 1994 and commenced commercial production of tractors in October 2000 at Baddi in District Solan, Himachal Pradesh. The plant was spread over an area of 34 acres and had started with the production of a single model 2050 DI tractor. 

At that time they had started their operation with the single model of 50 HP and currently, they are manufacturing the largest range of tractors from 20 HP to 110 HP tractor models. 

Meet the Indo Farm Tractor team that makes us enduring winners at every step of their journey—every single day.

Mr R.S. Khadwalia has been the Chairman & Managing Director of the Indo Farm Tractor company since 1994. Mr R.S. Khadwalia has over two decades of experience in manufacturing and marketing.

Along with R.S khadwalia, company has 8 directors and 1 reported key management personnel.




Ranbir Singh Khadwalia Managing Director  1 July, 2003
Sunita Saini Wholetime Director 1 April, 2004
Charan Singh Saini Director 31 May, 2014
Inder Singh Negi Director 10 June, 2017
PremKumar Dhasmana Director 1 September, 2017
Anshul Khadwalia Director 18 October, 2018
Devinder Dutt Gautam  Director 1 November, 2018
Navpreet Kaur KMP 3 December, 2018

Indo farm equipment limited has highly enthusiastic and qualified professionals. The group of young and energetic brains is the backbone of this company and provides it with a solid base to grow. 

The essential factor behind the latest technology used in machinery manufacturing is the hard and smart working team, which instants wisely.

The Products of Indo Farm Limited are the pride of the fields & smiles of the farmers

Indo Farm 2050 DI tractor

Indo Farm Limited introduced their first tractor, the Indo Farm 2050 DI tractor in  October, 2000. 

Being a trusted manufacturer and seller, each farm machine they make is strongly acknowledged and the vision to engage the farmer by furnishing them with confidence. These machines are simply elegant with best performance, features and fuel efficient.

Nowadays, the construction trade is one of the fastest-growing sectors overseas. Being a trusted and reliable tractor manufacturer, they create easy-to-handle and robust tractors that comply with high standards of features, safety, and technology to help you to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Indo Farm Equipment Limited makes the largest range of tractors at reasonable cost. Along with the highest tractor ranges, they manufacture cranes, implements, engines and harvesters. 

Here are the details of the Indo Farm Company products list annually. 

They have an installed capacity of 

Mission Points 

  • They are planning to introduce compact tractors from 15 HP to 20 HP. 
  • They manufacture a wide range of tractors and implements, they are planning to manufacture more of combine harvesters.
  • The company decides to increase the manufacturing of their tractor ranges according to the increasing demand, day by day.

Being a leading tractor manufacturer in India, they provide end-to-end Services. They are proud to say that their reliable tractor dealers efficiently deliver the customer’s desired tractor to their doorstep.

At Indo Farm, they are committed to Perfection and Encourage full cooperation with their customers. For this kind of honorable work, they have been Awarded for their efforts. They manage many Events for the farmers. 

Indo Farm is growing rapidly, it believes in the importance of research and development. They are felicitated by many organisations and take part in many felicitation ceremonies. 





They organise many events like: Kisan Mela, Exhibition of Construction Equipment, Agro Tech, India Expo in different States & Regions and opened many Dealerships in India. 

The more you engage with customers and make Networks National & International, the more you are determined to doing work. 

Indo Farm stands firm the most prominent and top tractor manufacturer company in India, with hi-tech tractors. In India, they have built their reputation by manufacturing high-end tractors and farm tractor spare parts in India and some other countries in the world.

According to them, the enduring need for growth in Agriculture and the scarcity of rural labour will be the important drivers for future growth

Networks National & International

Indo Farm aims to bring better technology at a better price to farmers in India and all over the world. Currently, their products are being used in farms in more 20 countries. It is a great achievement for them. 

Indo Farm’s Status and Reputation shows their Success Story in the Overseas Market. 

There is a single line which we can write behind their success story. 

“Their products and services are the pride of the fields and a shiny smile of the farmers”. 

If we are talking about their status and reputation. So, they are standing in 20+ Countries with 300+ Dealerships and a group of 2,00,000+ Customers or more. 

CSR & Ethical Projects With Indo Farm 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) takes a ingeral place in Indo Farm Limited. They are the largest manufacturer of tractor machinery, they organise many projects and believe in ethical activities. 

They organised many ethical projects and working ahead on them are – 


Growth Rate With Current Sales Report 

The TMA (Tractor Manufacturing Association) the sales figure of Indo Farm Limited FY 2020-2021 and FY 2021-2022, which shows an evident growth of the company. Indo Farm Limited total sales recorded 2,875 tractor units in FY 2020-2021, and 4611 tractor units in FY 2021-2022, increasing growth by 60.4%. 

The company has sold 1,580 tractor units in Quarter 1 of FY 2021-2022, to 598 tractor units in Quarter 1 of FY 2020-2021, which recorded a 164.20% jump. 

Collaborations & Associate Partners 

Excellence and quality are their perfect focus at all times. That is why the smaller parts of their machines are supplied only by the most outstanding partners, with whom they collaborate, MRF, Exide, Bosch & DCM. At Indo Farm, they merge excellence in their industry from various avenues to create a mighty farm and construction equipment.

Mission & Vision Of Indo Farm Limited

Their Mission is to offer high-quality multi-featured fuel-efficient agricultural equipment at the best cost with world-class after-sale services.

Thank You Kisan, with this line they finish here and plan to start new again with new farmers.

Link- IndoFarm’s tribute to Farmers | ThankYouKisaan

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