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INDO FARM: An Array of Price & Specifications

INDO FARM: An Array of Price & Specifications

Located in Himachal Pradesh, Indo Farm Equipment Limited (IFEL) is a well-known ISO certified company that manufactures best-in-class tractors and engines. They have recently launched Harvester Combine Agricom 1070 for wetland pad harvesting. The company gradually embarked on to the journey of its successful operations and launched a versatile range of tractors with different powers as 30 HP, 42 HP, 48 HP, 50 HP, 52 HP, 55 HP, 60 HP, 65 HP, 75 HP and 90 HP. They started indigenized products, components & assembly processes and thus, stopped importing. Let’s have a look at different tractor models of Indo Farm.

Indo Farm Tractors Price & Specifications are as follows:

Indo Farm 4190 DI Tractor :

Indo Farm 4190 DI 4WD is priced around 3 lacs. It has a 4-stroke, diesel engine with direct injection. With 4 cylinders, hassle-free 4-wheel drive, lifting capacity of 2600 kg, running at 90 HP power. It renders high fuel efficiency, side shift gear and 12/12 speed.

INDO FARM 3040 DI Tractor :

Indo Farm 3040 DI is one of the popular tractor models in India with a lifting capacity of 1400 kg. It has 8 forward, 2 reverse gears and high fuel efficiency. With high torque backup & powerful engine, it has a power steering and oil immersed brakes. It has a straight rear axle for easy maintenance and runs well on all kinds of land surfaces. Indo Farm 3040 DI price is around 5.70 lacs.

Indo Farm 3065 DI Tractor :

Indo Farm 3065 DI has been manufactured with additional toughness for heavy tasks like construction and has a strong wheel base that makes it one of the most preferred tractors to carry higher loads. With high strength & stability, it renders improved fuel power and does wonders in transportation and other daily routine tasks. Few other specifications include: 4-stroke, direct injection diesel engine, heavy duty front axle, 65 HP power and 1800 kg lifting capacity. The price of Indo Farm 3065 DI is around 3 lacs.

Indo Farm Tractor 2042 DI Tractor :

Indo Farm 2042 DI price is around 5, 70,000/-. It comes under 45 HP range and has 3 cylinders. With 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, it can carry huge loads, having a lifting capacity of 1400 kg. It has a single clutch, high backup torque, oil immersed brakes, power steering and high displacement with all-powerful engine.

Indo Farm 2030 DI Tractor :

Indo Farm 2030 DI Tractor has a 34 HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, single clutch, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It comes with a lifting capacity of 1400 kg with high fuel efficiency and torque backup. It is a ‘haulage special’ model. Its price is around 5 lacs.

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