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A Comprehensive List of Swaraj Tractor Models in India Including Swaraj 841 XM

A Comprehensive List of Swaraj Tractor Models in India Including Swaraj 841 XM

Swaraj, a well-known Indian tractor manufacturer, creates models that are attractive, with high quality and innovation. The establishment of the company dates back to 1970 when the government of Punjab procured its tractor design from Swaraj and established as Punjab Tractors Limited (PTL). Swaraj has a rich portfolio of tractors ranging from 15-60 HP and caters to the needs of farmers involved in different farm applications including haulage, sowing, threshing, spraying, harvesting, etc. The company organizes an array of activities to stay connected with the valuable customers. ‘Swaraj Satkar’ is one such activity where farmers are felicitated by the senior management. Find a comprehensive list of different Swaraj Tractors including Swaraj 744 xm tractor price list India:

Swaraj 744 XM tractor :

Swaraj 744 XM is a 50 HP range tractor backed by a powerful 4-stroke 3307 cc diesel engine. It has 3 cylinders and runs at 2200 rpm. It renders high performance and works well for various farm applications like threshing, cultivation, sowing, haulage, etc. This Swaraj model has oil immersed brakes, power steering and better maneuverability. With a 12V 88 AH battery, it has a lifting capacity of 1700 kg and is ideal to carry out haulage operations. The Swaraj 744 XM has high capacity, sensor hydraulics, reverse PTO and dual clutch. Swaraj tractor 744 xm price in india is around 6 lacs and Swaraj 744 price in delhi is also around 6,40,000/- with various loan facilities available.

Swaraj 841 XM tractor :

Swaraj 841 XM (around 5.75 lac) falls within the range of 42-45 HP power. It comes with 4-cylinder powerful & fuel-efficient engine and finds huge suitability in sandy soil operations. It has a compact & lightweight design.

Swaraj 744 FE tractor :

The value for money ‘Swaraj 744 FE’ tractor has models within the range of 40-50 HP. Swaraj 744 fe tractor specifications are: It has a powerful 3-cylinder and fuel-efficient water-cooled engine with multi-speed gears & reverse PTO. The wheelbase of this tractor is 1950 mm and runs efficiently on PTO drove applications. Swaraj tractor 744 fe price in india is around 6 lacs.

Swaraj 855 XM tractor :

Swaraj 855 XM, priced about 7 lacs, is another fabulous creation by the company. It has models within 50-60 HP category. Swaraj 855 tractor specifications include: It works best in hard soil and tough field operations. Fitted with a powerful 3480 cc 4-stroke engine, it has 3 cylinders and runs at 1800 rpm. It exhibits high performance, specifically in the farm activities such as harvesting, potato plantation, threshing, sowing, cultivating, haulage, ploughing, etc. Swaraj 855 XM has 1700 kg lifting capacity with the wheelbase dimensions of 2145 mm.

Swaraj tractor 735 XM tractor :

Swaraj 735 XM comes under 35-40 HP horsepower category. Being one of the most preferred tractors for farming, it has a powerful, fuel-efficient, 3-cylinder, water-cooled 2734 cc engine that generates 1800 rpm. It is compact and the dimensions of its wheelbase are 1950 mm. With better transmission, this model has 2 reverse and 8 forward speed gearbox and 12V 88 AH battery. Swaraj 735 xm price makes it good for all kinds of farmers. Few other striking features includes 47 liters fuel tank capacity, 1000 kg lifting capacity and high performance in different kinds of applications like cultivation, rotavation, harvesting, haulage and many more. Swaraj 735 xm price is about 5,65,000/-

Swaraj 724 XM tractor :

Swaraj 724 XM on road price around 4 lacs, is an ergonomically designed Swaraj model falling under 25-30 HP range. It is a powerful 2-cylinder, fuel-efficient water-cooled engine that comes with a variety of useful features such as oil immersed brakes, quick release coupler and better haulage. It offers hassle-free braking efficiency and runs well on all kinds of land surfaces. swaraj 724 olx price of used models is around 4 lacs.

Swaraj 717 Tractor: (Around 3 lacs)

‘Takat ki Virasat, Naya swaraj 717’, Swaraj 717 mini tractor is the only mini model offered by Swaraj with 15 HP power. It redefines style & operations and implements well with rotator, cultivator, etc. This tractor is extremely helpful in haulage, spraying, sowing threshing, reaping, etc. across an array of crops like castor, groundnut, cotton, grapes, etc.

So, finally, Swaraj tractors price list is up! The aforementioned all-inclusive list of Swaraj tractors including new Swaraj tractor 744 price is genuine and has been taken from the authentic sources. As a part of your agricultural occupation, you can choose the model as per the purpose & budget.

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