Powertrac ALT Series Tractor

Powertrac ALT tractor series is the latest series of Powertrac, which offer a yellow revolution of tractors. These tractors are featured with advanced and modern technologies which handle all farming and commercial applications. They have powerful engines, advanced features, comfortable seats, cool and spacious workspace. These features make them strong and innovative to perform all the farming operations such as sowing, planting, and many more. Powertrac ALT series consists of 3-tractor models which come in yellow colour and ranging from 28 - 41 HP. These tractors price range starting from Rs. 4.6 Lakh* - Rs. 5.75 lakh*. Powertrac ALT series tractors are Powertrac ALT 4000, Powertrac ALT 3500, and Powertrac ALT 3000. 

Powertrac ALT Series Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
ALT 4000 41 HP Rs. 5.30 Lakh - 5.75 Lakh
ALT 3500 37 HP Rs. 4.90 Lakh - 5.25 Lakh
ALT 3000 28 HP Rs. 4.6 Lakh

Popular Powertrac ALT Series Tractor

Powertrac Tractor Series

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About Powertrac ALT Series Tractor

Powertrac ALT tractor series comes from the Powertrac Company with advanced featured tractor models. The company is recognised as a leading brand in India for its highly advanced tractors series. Tractor powertrac ALT models come with the assurance of high productivity and efficient work. In addition, the brand provides highly performing tractors at a budget price in this series. Powertrac ALT tractor models can work in challenging situations for any crop.

Powertrac ALT Series Price

Powertrac ALT Series price starts from Rs. 4.6 to 5.75 Lakh. As you can see, the price of this series is pretty budget-friendly. So, marginal farmers can also buy a power-packed tractor from this series. If you are also a marginal farmer and need a powerful tractor, then the ALT series tractor can be the best-suited option for you.

Powertrac ALT Tractor Series Models

The ALT Powertrac tractor series appears with 3 power-packed models from 28 HP - 41 HP. These models have the ability to meet agricultural needs and can also enhance performance.

  • Powertrac ALT 4000 - 41 HP power and Rs. 5.30 - 5.75 Lakh price
  • Powertrac ALT 3000 - 28 HP power and Rs. 4.6 Lakh price
  • Powertrac ALT 3500 - 37 HP power and Rs. 4.90 - 5.25 Lakh price

Powertrac ALT Tractor Series Other Qualities

  • The tractors from the Powertrac ALT tractor series come with modern features, providing high performance.
  • The series has tractor models with a classy design to attract young farmers.
  • These ALT Powertrac tractor models are equipped with powerful engines and high mileage.
  • They are easy to drive and also need low maintenance. 

Tractor Powertrac ALT Series at Tractor Junction

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Recently Asked User Questions about Powertrac ALT Series Tractor

Ans. Powertrac ALT Series price range starts from Rs. 4.6 - 5.75 Lakh*.

Ans. Powertrac ALT Series comes from 28 - 41 HP.

Ans. Powertrac ALT Series consists of 3 tractor models.

Ans. Powertrac ALT 4000, Powertrac ALT 3500, Powertrac ALT 3000 are the most popular Powertrac ALT Series tractor models.

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