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Top 5 Solis Tractor Models in India – Infographic

Top 5 Solis Tractor Models in India

Solis Tractor is a popular brand of tractors and farm equipment. The equipment of Solis is manufactured with Japanese technologies. Solis is a leading producer and exporter of farm equipment. The company exports machines across 120+ countries. With power and advanced technologies, it creates a new benchmark in the industry. Its strong presence in the industry makes it a market leader.

Solis Tractor provides a wide range of tractors starting from 27 hp to 60 hp. These tractors are manufactured with advanced technical solutions. The versatile range of tractors offers comfort and safety in the working field.

Top 5 Solis Tractor Models in India

In the below segment, we are showing Solis Tractor models that are renowned between the farmers with specification and price. Have a look.

1. Solis 5015 E

Solis 5015 E tractor model provides the best farming experience to the farmers. This model comes with advanced and modern features that make farming operations efficient. It is a strong and robust tractor. Solis 5015 E price is low and affordable.

  • Horsepower – 50 hp
  • No. of cylinders – 3
  • Clutch – Single/ Dual (Optional)
  • Engine rated RPM – 2000
  • Price – Rs. 7.40-7.90 Lakh*.

2. Solis 6024 S

The 6024 S Solis tractor model provides high engine capacity for longest work. It has all qualities and properties that offer high production in the field. Solis 6024 s price fits at farmers pocket.

  • Horsepower – 60 hp
  • No. of cylinders – 4
  • Clutch – Dual/Double (Optional)
  • Engine rated RPM – 2100
  • Price – Rs. 8.70 Lakh*.

3. Solis 4215 E

Solis 4215 E tractor is perfect for small and marginal farmers who want a tractor at an affordable price. This machine accomplishes different types of farming work with efficiency. The innovative features make it a favorite of every Indian farmer.

  • Horsepower – 43 hp
  • No. of cylinders – 3
  • Clutch – Single/Dual (Optional)
  • Engine rated RPM – 1800
  • Price – Rs. 6.50-6.90 Lakh*.

4. Solis 4515 E

Solis 4515 E is a durable tractor that performs various activities. It has a large fuel tank which means it can work for long hours. The machine gives a high yield at a low price.

  • Horsepower – 48 hp
  • No. of cylinders – 3
  • Clutch – Single/Dual (Optional)
  • Engine rated RPM – 1900
  • Price – Rs. 7.60-8.00 Lakh*.

5. Solis 2516 SN

Solis 2516 SN is a mini tractor which is suitable for paddy work. It is correctly done work on the garden and yards. The multi-disc outboard oil-immersed brakes provide safety from accidents. Solis 2516 SN price is appropriate for small and marginal farmers.

  • Horsepower – 27 hp
  • No. of cylinders – 3
  • Clutch – Single
  • Engine rated RPM – 2700
  • Price – Rs. 5.23 Lakh*.

Special Points of Infographic:-

  • In this infographic, you get the information about the top 5 Solis tractor models in India.
  • We are showing all the features of popular Solis tractor models.
  • Along with this, you get the fair price of top Solis tractor models.
  • Famous tractor models of Solis are Solis 5015 E, Solis 6024 S, Solis 4215 E, etc.

Top 5 Solis Tractor Models in India

These are the top tractor models of Soils brand at a fair price. We hope you get all the details about Solis Tractor in India. For the latest updates stay connected with TractorJunction.

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