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Detailed Review of Farmtrac 45 Tractor – Should You Buy it?

Detailed Review of Farmtrac 45 Tractor - Should You Buy it

Farmtrac 45 tractor is the customer’s first choice in the 2 wheel drive category. This tractor model ensures higher productivity and performance. We have brought you a complete review of this tractor model with its features, engine specifications, performance on field, and actual on-road price.

Farmtrac 45 tractor comes under the Escorts Agri Machinery commercial products that have served efficient and productive tractors for the last 70 years to continue in the market and reach greater heights. In the 2 wheel drive category, Farmtrac 45 is manufactured with an advanced engine and technology. 

It meets its tagline, Bada Tractor Badi Soch, which is full of modern technology. Farmtrac 45 modified model provides all the advanced features such as adjustable seat, strong bumper, latest technology, and the ability to handle farming implements of choice. 

Farmtrac 45 Tractor – Let’s Review Highlighted Features

The Farmtrac brand has been designing this prominent tractor with many upgrades to avail of the advanced specifications. As a result, Farmtrac 45 tractor gives you a smooth experience while performing a range of farming and haulage activities. 

Moreover, the Farmtrac 45 price range starts from Rs. 06.45 Lakh* in India. Below check out the Farmtrac 45 specifications, on-road price, and other features that make it a must-buy.

Powerful Engine

Powerful Engine

Farmtrac 45 tractor model is equipped with a 4-stroke direct injection diesel engine, having 3 cylinders, producing 2000 RPM at 45 HP. The Farmtrac 45 engine displacement capacity is 2868 CC, and it has a liquid coolant of high specific heat capacity. Furthermore, it generates 38.3 PTO Hp that helps add a variety of farming implements with ease for top-class fieldwork.

Plus its 3-stage pre-oil-based cleaner helps keep engine inner parts clean and allows faster combustion in the cylinders.



The Farmtrac 45 comes with a fully constant mesh type transmission. It has single/dual clutch and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears. Also, this tractor transmission helps the tractor to achieve forward and reverse speeds of 2.8 – 30.0 kmph & 4.0-14.4 kmph, respectively. 

Moreover, the gearbox helps the tractor to move easily back and forth for many agricultural tasks. Due to this, farmers can efficiently improve farm efficiency. Along with this, the Farmtrac 45 gearbox is designed so that it will create low noise during gear transition. Also, its transmission can function for longer hours. 

Brakes & Steering 

Brakes & Steering 

Regarding the braking system, Farmtrac 45 is equipped with Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes, which provides great mobility and safety on fields and roads. Moreover, this braking type is helpful in reducing slippage while maintaining grip and delivering effortless performance. 

Apart from this, the brakes do not require much maintenance, and they can work well in some of the most challenging weather conditions or in paddy farming. Moreover, The Farmtrac 45 comes with both the options of Power and Mechanical Steering, which you can opt for according to your convenience.

Tyres Compatibility

Tyres Compatibility

The Farmtrac 45 front tyre size is 6.00 x 16, and the rear tyre size is 13.6 x 28, which provides great traction and mobility on fields. Along with this, the tractor tyres will provide proper vehicle control and work seamlessly in unsuitable conditions or slippery surfaces. In addition, these tyres can carry high capacity loads without compromising performance.

Dimensions, Weight & Fuel Tank Capacity

The tractor’s total weight is 1950 kg with a wheelbase of 2125 mm. Additionally, its overall length and width are 3240 mm and 1870 mm, respectively. Furthermore, this tractor can be driven smoothly on rough terrains and has an excellent ground clearance of 377 mm. Moreover, the Farmtrac tractor has a huge fuel tank capacity of 50 litres so that a farmer can operate this tractor for longer hours on the field. All these features make this Farmtrac 45 mileage also efficient. This tractor is stable and safe for driving and farming tasks. 

Farmtrac 45 Price in India 

Farmtrac 45 in India comes in the category of 2 wheel drive. This tractor is fitted with improved high torque backup. Farmtrac 45 Price in India ranges from Rs. 6.45 – 6.70 Lakh, which is in the customer’s range. Farmtrac 45 on road price can vary based on different Indian states or any RTO or state taxes. However, you can purchase this tractor model on EMI with various financing options according to your budget suitability.

Check out the best EMI for your Farmtrac 45, here!

Additional Features

  • The Farmtrac 45 can be attached with accessories or attachments such as tools, bumper, ballast weight, top link, and canopy. 
  • It has a deluxe seat with horizontal adjustment, high torque backup, and an adjustable front axle. 
  • Farmtrac 45 comes with 5000 hours or 5 years warranty (whichever is earlier). 


Undoubtedly, the Farmtrac 45 can be farmers’ preferred choice in the market. With a suitable price range starting from Rs. 6.45 Lakh and advanced features it brings, farmers can surely double their farming yield. This tractor can be used for different purposes, such as haulage, paddy farming, and commercial agriculture. With advanced features like a powerful engine, strong brakes and more, this best tractor in Farmtrac 45 undoubtedly should be your first or next choice for your commercial farming purpose.

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Stay tuned to the Tractor Junction blog as we keep bringing your such insightful tractor guides to help with your next tractor purchase.

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