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About Vegetable Farming

Cultivation of Vegetable in India 

Vegetables are widely used crops as they are highly consumed by humans or other animals as food. Parts of these plants are either eaten fresh or prepared in a variety of ways, usually as a savory rather than sweet. Hence, the Vegetable Cultivation in India is increasing and counted as the most successful farm business. Basically, vegetables are grown almost all year round. And every human consumes vegetable crops on a large scale and has become a normal part of our life. 

Types of Vegetable Farming

Vegetable Season

The best time for the Vegetable Growing Season is the month of June-July. The weather remains suitable due to rain in both these months. However, due to excessive rain in this season, the seed or plant does not get deposited properly and due to moisture in the season, rot disease also occurs in the plants. To avoid this, a good nursery can be prepared by making polythene huts over the beds.

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