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Commercial Agriculture in India

Commercial agriculture is a type of farming in which crops are grown from an economic/commercial point of view. In commercial farming, commercial crops are grown with the latest technology, agricultural machinery, manure-seed-chemical fertilizers and the latest technology on a large area for production in large quantities. Commercial Farming Business is considered one of the successful and profitable businesses in India. Large scale commercial farming is done in India due to its high demand. 

Types of Commercial Farming 

Commercial agriculture farming can be mainly divided into three categories.

1. Commercial Grain Cultivation: In this method, farmers cultivate grain over a wide area and trade it in the market. Wheat, maize, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane are the main commercial crops.

2. Plantation Farming: Plantation farming has emerged out of a mixture of agriculture and industry. The major commercial crops in plantation farming are coconut, tea, coffee, cocoa, rubber, gum, banana etc.

3. Mixed Farming: Mixed farming system includes the cultivation of crops and animal husbandry. It is grown as fodder for livestock.

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Major Commercial Crop Information on TractorJunction

The farming commercial takes place in many states of India. These include Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. Commercial agriculture in the country requires a lot of investment. On Tractor Junction, you get information about major commercial crops, Commercial Season, commercial farming News, commercial crops in India, commercial farming, Importance of Commercial Farming, commercial Farming Updates etc. Here, you can check all about Commercial Farming in India, such as the commercial farming system, Characteristics Of Commercial Farming, commercial farming Methods, advantages of commercial farming and commercial farming techniques. So stay tuned to TractorJunction for commercial cultivation related information. 

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