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Cultivation of Medicinal Plants

India is the richest country in Medicinal Crops. Medicinal plants, also known as medicinal herbs, have been discovered and widely used in traditional medicine practices since prehistoric times. Medicinal Plants in India synthesize hundreds of chemical compounds for functions, including protection against insects, fungi, diseases and herbivorous mammals. 

Medicinal plants are widely cultivated in India due to their benefits and importance. The importance of medicinal plants is due to the chemicals found in them. Medicinal Crops are used in the treatment of mental diseases, epilepsy, insanity and mental retardation. 

Benefits Of Medicinal Plant Cultivation

There are many benefits hidden in Medical Crop, which are mentioned in the below section:- 

List Of Medicinal Crops in India 

Common Medicinal Crops includes turmeric, Vallarai, Brahmi    Blacknight Shade, Sappon Wood, Gymnema, Tulsi, Noni, Pyrethrum, Digitalis, Ashwagandha and many more.                 

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