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About Rabi Crop

Rabi Cultivating In India 

According to the season, crops can be divided into three types, including Rabi crops, Kharif crops and Zaid crops. In India, all those crops which are grown in winter and spring are called Rabi crops. 

Which Are The Seasons of Rabi Crop?

The Rabi season in India starts from October after the end of the monsoon and lasts till April. Almost all the farmers cultivate Rabi crops due to water availability in the Rabi Crop Season after the end of the monsoon. Rabi crops are sown in October and November. Rabi crop cultivation requires a low temperature at the time of sowing the crop. At the same time, a dry or warm environment is required at the time of harvesting. Therefore, Rabi Cultivation requires less moisture and a cool environment to grow.

List Of Rabi Crops

Rabi Season Crop is done in every state in India. Examples of Rabi Season crops include wheat, barley, gram, mustard, peas, lentils, rajma, oats, Toria (lahi), rye, yellow mustard, linseed, safflower, rabi maize, baby corn, berseem, potato etc. 

Know More About Rabi Crops At Tractor Junction 

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