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About Zaid Crop

Zaid Season in India

Zaid crops are mainly known as summer season crops. They are majorly grown in the season of Zaid means during the summer season. These crops require hot dry weather in the form of a major growth period and a long day to flower. Zaid season crops fall between the Kharif and Rabi crop seasons. Also, they mature quickly. 

Which Are The Seasons of Zaid Crops? 

Zaid Season includes the month of March to June. Therefore, these crops take a long period to grow. On the other hand, the Zaid crop in India takes very little time to ripen. 

List of Zaid crops in India

Zaid crops List includes Watermelon, Muskmelon, Cucumber, Bitter gourd, Fodder crops and Pumpkin. Cultivation of Zaid crops takes less time which shows that they mature early. 

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