Swaraj XT Tractor

Swaraj XT series is the best tractor series in India as it consists of many excellent tractors. This series consists of many useful and profitable utility tractors ranging from 38 - 48 HP. These tractors are made with advanced technologies which support agriculture and commercial operations. They have powerful engines, which make them strong and reliable for farmers. These tractors come with a fuel-efficient engine, economical fuel tank, fabulous design, and most important efficient safety system. Swaraj XT series tractors are durable, versatile, and efficient, performing all the farming and haulage applications. Apart from this, this series offers tractors at an affordable and budget-friendly price range. Swaraj XT series price range starts from Rs. 5.30 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 7.10 Lakh*. Popular Swaraj XT series tractors are Swaraj 735 XT, Swaraj 744 XT, and Swaraj 742 XT. 

Swaraj XT Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
744 XT 50 HP Rs. 6.98 Lakh - 7.50 Lakh
735 XT 40 HP Rs. 5.95 Lakh - 6.35 Lakh
742 XT 45 HP Rs. 6.40 Lakh - 6.75 Lakh

Popular Swaraj XT Tractor

Swaraj 744 XT

50 HP 2 WD

From: ₹6.98-7.50 lac* Swaraj 744 XT

Swaraj 742 XT

45 HP 2 WD

From: ₹6.40-6.75 lac* Swaraj 742 XT

Swaraj Tractor Series

Used Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj 855 FE

Price: ₹ 4,70,000 FAIR DEAL

52 HP 2015 Model

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Swaraj 834 XM

Price: ₹ 2,70,000 HIGH PRICE

35 HP 2007 Model

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh

Swaraj 744 FE

Price: ₹ 2,70,000 FAIR DEAL

48 HP 2008 Model

Udham Singh Nagar , Uttarakhand

Swaraj 855 FE

Price: ₹ 4,95,000 FAIR DEAL

52 HP 2015 Model

Ganganagar, Rajasthan

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Swaraj Tractor Implements

Gyrovator SLX
By Swaraj

Power : 45-60 hp

2 Bottom Disc Plough
By Swaraj

Power : 50-55 hp

P-550 Multicrop
By Swaraj
Post Harvest

Power : 40 hp

Round Baler
By Swaraj
Post Harvest

Power : 25-45 hp

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About Swaraj XT Tractor

Swaraj XT Tractor Series is perfect for those farmers who want extra features at a reasonable price. In the flagship of Swaraj Tractors, this series is launched with all the extra features. Swaraj XT series tractor comes with extra comfort, extra performance and extra power. These tractors are the most saleable tractor in the Indian market as the company launches these with all the quality features. Check out below for more details regarding Swaraj XT Series Tractor models. 

Swaraj XT Tractor Price

The company fixed these tractor prices according to the market forces. So, the average farmer of India can easily buy this series tractor. Swaraj XT price range lies between Rs. 5.30 lakhs* to 7.10 lakhs*. So, if you want an advanced tractor at an affordable price, then Swaraj XT tractor models are best for you. Get updated Swaraj XT Tractor Price list 2022. 

Swaraj XT Series Tractor Models

For now, the company comes the Swaraj XT series with only 3 models but with advanced qualities. Swaraj XT Series Hp range lies between 38 hp to 50 hp. You can try this series tractor to get extra performance and productivity on your farms. Check out below the top Swaraj XT Series Tractor Models in India. 

Swaraj XT Tractor Series Qualities 

Following, we are presenting some unique qualities of the Swaraj XT tractor series. Have a look.

  • The series all tractor comes with excellent features for high performance. 
  • These tractors come with great turning radius capacity. 
  • Swaraj XT Tractor Series launched with all the safety qualities for the betterment of farmers. 
  • All the tractors of this series are highly attractive for the farmers. 
  • They also provide good mileage in every region. 

Why Tractor Junction for Swaraj XT Tractor Series? 

Tractor Junction is a certified platform used by farmers across India. You can avail this series of information in your native language. All the features, price, mileage, performance and others are available here. For more updated information, stay connected with us. 

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Recently Asked User Questions about Swaraj XT Tractor

Ans. Swaraj XT series price range starts from Rs. 5.95 - 7.50 Lakh*.

Ans. Swaraj XT Series comes from 40 - 50 HP.

Ans. Swaraj XT series consists of 3 tractor models.

Ans. Swaraj 744 XT, Swaraj 735 XT, Swaraj 742 XT are the most popular Swaraj XT tractor models.

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