Kubota MU Series Tractor

Kubota MU tractor series is the best series of excellent utility tractors. This series of tractors are best known for fuel-efficiency, power-packed performance and durability. They are loaded with balancer shaft technology that supports reducing the engine noise with very fewer vibrations. The features of tractors enable longer working hours for the operator for multiple agricultural operations. They are manufactured with comfortable driving seats, efficient braking systems, and, most important large fuel tanks, resulting in safety and comfort during the long hours of working. With powerful engines, they can handle all the heavy and tough agriculture and haulage applications. They provide high performance, advanced features, and a strong body ensures high workability in the field. Wide Kubota MU series ranging from 45 HP - 55 HP priced at Rs. 7.25 Lakh* - Rs. 10.36 Lakh*. Popular Kubota MU series tractors are Kubota MU4501 2WD, Kubota MU5501 4WD, and Kubota MU 5501. 


Kubota MU Series Tractor Price List 2021 in India

Kubota MU Series Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
MU4501 2WD 45 HP Rs. 7.25 Lakh
MU5501 4WD 55 HP Rs. 10.36 Lakh
MU4501 4WD 45 HP Rs. 8.40 Lakh
MU 5501 55 HP Rs. 8.86 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jun 21, 2021

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