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Yes, it provides effective work on the field that makes Kubota NSD8 perfect for farming. It comes under the Transplanter Category. And, it has N/A Implement Power that provides fuel efficient work. It is an implement that comes from the Kubota brand house known for its superb quality niches.

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Easy Maintenance :

High-Output Diesel Engine :The high-power, 3-cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine mounted on the Kubota Model NSD8 Rice Transplanter is produced at the Kubota Engine Plant in Japan. Tough and dependable, it delivers power to spare even for operations in very wet or deep paddies.

Worries about the possibility of engine failure eliminated : Delivers all the power and toughness necessary to undertake operations liable to encounter unexpectedly heavy loads such as in very wet or deep paddies.

Low Fuel Consumption, Low Noise, High Durability : Exceptionally stable, the Kubota E-TVCS Combustion Method features an outstanding combustion performance and superb fuel efficiency along with low noise and vibration. In addition, its operational efficiency and durability – which far exceed the efficiency and durability of a gasoline engine – contribute to a reduction of operating costs.

As the Kubota Model NSD8 Rice Transplanter is vulnerable to only minimal damage even when operated at a high speed, service life is prolonged.

4-Wheel Independent Suspension : In the event that the Plough Pan tilts due to undulating operational conditions, the Horizontal Control Mechanism automatically acts to maintain the Transplanting Unit in a horizontal position. If, however, the operator needs to tilt the Transplanting Unit as when working along a ridge, Tilt Angle is easily regulated with a simple manipulation of the Tilt Angle Adjustment Knob.

Automatically Adjusting the Transplanting Height of the Transplanting Unit

When the Sliding Float Sensor detects undulations having a significant effect on the Plough Pan, the Solenoid Valves of the Transplanting Height Control Mechanism quickly instruct the Transplanting Unit to move “Up” or “Down” as required. This action contributes to transplanting operations being neatly finished.

Easy Maintenance

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency of Transplanting : The incorporation of innovative Kubota technology along with the experience gained through a long, successful history in the field makes possible the neat and exceptionally precise transplanting of seedlings promising that yield will be of the maximum possible quantity and quality to ensure superior operational profitability.

Rotary Planting Method With exceptional precision, the Kubota Rotary Planting Arm operates as agilely and as delicately as a human hand. In fact, comprehensive design ensures that seedlings are reliably and accurately planted so as to make maximum effective use of the growing area.

The Two Transplanting Claws securely pick up and transplant two seedlings at a time as the Rotary Transplanting Arm makes a turn. The resulting high-speed, exceptionally precise transplanting not only acts to minimize the possibility of seedling damage, but also to encourage healthy growth.

Adjustable Transplanting Factors : Such factors as Seedling Taking Quantity along with Hill Space, Number of Hills, and Planting Depth are all adjustable to fit cultivation modality and field conditions.

To make the best possible usage of cultivation modality and field conditions, Hill Space as well as Number of Hills can be regulated in five stages.

Compact, Lightweight Body Design :

Extra Large-Diameter Tires : The extra large-diameter of the Tires is responsible for the powerful ground-gripping force that contributes to an optimal operational performance even in very muddy or deep-tilled paddies.The ground-gripping tires provide a dependable, sure-footed operation.

High Ground Clearance : Featuring a Ground Clearance as high as 540mm, the Kubota Model NSD8 Rice Transplanter smoothly and efficiently deals with varied operational conditions – including even very muddy or deep tilled paddies – without the underside scraping the ground.

Excellent Operational Efficiency

Easy Turning : While turning, the operator can also easily align adjacent rows simply by turning the Steering Wheel without ever requiring the use of the Brake Pedal.

Individual Row Clutch Auto Reset : When the Transplanting Unit is raised while the Individual Row Clutch is engaged, the Individual Row Clutch is automatically reset to the All-Row Mode to avoid seedlings from going missing.

Power Steering : Innovative design prevents startup vibrations from being conveyed to theSteering Wheel. This contributes to being able to maintain an excellent straight forward driving perfomance which in turn becomes a significantfactor in the neat results of transplanting operations.

Individual Row Clutch Lever : The Individual Row Clutch Levers located within easy reach of the operator are simply and easily engaged or disengaged. As a result, transplanting is smoothly completed without loss even when operations take place in an irregularly-formed field.
Twin-Mode Marker :Once the switch is set to the “AUTO” position, the Twin Mode Marker automatically shows if the Transplanting Unit is lowered after completing a turn.

Multifunctional Lever : A single Lever moves the Transplanting Unit “Up” or “Down, engages or disengages the Transplanting Clutch, and sets the Twin Mode Marker “ON” or “OFF”

Transplanting Unit Raising Mechanism : When the HST Lever is shifted to “Reverse” position, the Transplanting Claws automatically stop and the Transplanting Unit is automatically raised. This function is particularly convenient when backing up while turning or during switchback transplanting operations.

Easy Maintenance

Seedling Platform Extension : The Seedling Platform Extension permits carrying 2.2 more Seedling Mats. This reduces the frequency of replenishing seedlings so that operations continue longer without interruption and thereby further contribute to operational efficiency.

Crossfeed Time Changeover : The frequency for the Transplanting Claws to pick up seedlings as they are horizontally fed is freely set to any of three stages. In fact, only a simple movement of the Crossfeed Time Changeover Lever makes changeovers as easy as possible. In this way it becomes possible to transplant a broad scope of seedlings ranging from tiny ones up to large ones with relatively advanced leafage.

Center Mascot: Lining up the Center Mascot to the line made by using a marker permits easily performing straight forward transplanting.

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