John Deere Tractor Price starts from Rs. 5.40 Lakh*. The most expensive John Deere Tractor is John Deere 6120 B price at Rs. 30.10 Lakh* - 31.30 Lakh*. John Deere offers a wide range of 45+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 28 hp to 120 hp.

Some of the top-selling John Deere tractor models include the John Deere 5105, John Deere 5050D, and John Deere 5310. Additionally, John Deere mini tractors like the John Deere 3028 EN and John Deere 3036 EN are great for lighter tasks. John Deere Tractors comes with JD-Link technology and 5D GearPro tractors in the GearPro Series.

John Deere Tractor Price List 2024 in India

John Deere Tractors in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
John Deere 5050 D 50 HP Rs. 7.99 Lakh - 8.70 Lakh
John Deere 5050 D - 4WD 50 HP Rs. 9.60 Lakh - 10.50 Lakh
John Deere 5310 55 HP Rs. 10.52 Lakh - 12.12 Lakh
John Deere 5045 D 45 HP Rs. 7.20 Lakh - 7.89 Lakh
John Deere 5310 4WD 55 HP Rs. 10.99 Lakh - 12.50 Lakh
John Deere 6120 B 120 HP Rs. 32.50 Lakh - 33.90 Lakh
John Deere 5105 40 HP Rs. 6.55 Lakh - 7.10 Lakh
John Deere 5210 50 HP Rs. 8.39 Lakh - 9.20 Lakh
John Deere 5075E-4WD 75 HP Rs. 14.80 Lakh - 15.90 Lakh
John Deere 5045 D 4WD 45 HP Rs. 8.35 Lakh - 9.25 Lakh
John Deere 5036 D 36 HP Rs. 6.15 Lakh - 6.80 Lakh
John Deere 3028 EN 28 HP Rs. 7.10 Lakh - 7.55 Lakh
John Deere 5042 D 42 HP Rs. 6.80 Lakh - 7.30 Lakh
John Deere 5405 Trem IV-4wd 63 HP Rs. 13.75 Lakh - 14.79 Lakh
John Deere 5210 GearPro 50 HP Rs. 8.39 Lakh - 9.20 Lakh

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Popular John Deere Tractors

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John Deere 5105
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John Deere Tractor Series

Used John Deere Tractors

 5310  5310
₹ 4.32 Lakh Total Savings

John Deere 5310

55 HP | 2021 Model | Sikar, Rajasthan

₹ 7,80,030

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 5105  5105
₹ 2.90 Lakh Total Savings

John Deere 5105

40 HP | 2019 Model | Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

₹ 4,20,000

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 5050 D  5050 D
₹ 1.30 Lakh Total Savings

John Deere 5050 D

50 HP | 2022 Model | Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

₹ 7,40,000

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 5045 D  5045 D
₹ 1.44 Lakh Total Savings

John Deere 5045 D

45 HP | 2022 Model | Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

₹ 6,44,880

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John Deere Tractor Implements

Green System Square Baler
By John Deere
Post Harvest

Power : 48 HP & Above

Fertilizer Drill SD1009
By John Deere

Power : 35-45 HP

Chisel Plough
By John Deere

Power : 38 - 50 HP & Above

Standard Duty Rigid Type
By John Deere

Power : 34 HP & More

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John Deere Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Shree Sai Agricultural Traders

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Opp Murgod Steel, Bijapur Road

Bagalkot, Karnataka

Contact - 7259884848

Shree Sai Agricultural Traders

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Krishna Arcade, Near Ranna Stadium Lokapur Road Mudhol

Bagalkot, Karnataka

Contact - 9886487919

Shree Sai Agricultural Traders

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Bvvs Complex Raichur Road

Bagalkot, Karnataka

Contact - 8354325666

Shree Sai Agricultural Traders

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Bilgi Cross Bijapur Road, Bilgi

Bagalkot, Karnataka

Contact - 8354325666

View All Dealers

Shree Sai Agricultural Traders

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Main Road, Kulgeri Cross, Badami

Bagalkot, Karnataka

Contact - 9762203549

Venkat Sai Enterprises

Authorization - John Deere

Address - Beside Andhra Bank, Main Road, Dharmaram

Bangalore, Karnataka

Contact - 8728270022

Balaji Automotives

Authorization - John Deere

Address - S.V Complex, Opp. New Bus Stand Shantinagar

Bangalore Rural, Karnataka

Contact - 964055779

Sangamesh Agri Motives

Authorization - John Deere

Address - angamesh, Satti Road

Belgaum, Karnataka

Contact - 8289251721

View All Service Centers

About John Deere Tractor

John Deere India Private Limited is a Deere & Company, the USA in India subsidiary. John Deere and Charles Deere are the founders of the John Deere Company. Their tractors are renowned for being one of the top-performing manufacturers. They began it’s manufacturing unit in India in 1998 with the well-known L&T Group.

The company offers tractor prices that are affordable for the masses. Additionally, the tractor specifications have made this manufacturer one of the most liked in the industry. The company has made the farming standards high with a wide range of Tractors, Farm Implements, and Harvesters. 

John Deere manufactures tractors with a horsepower range of 28 to 120 Plus. This has significantly fulfilled the farming requirements in India. Find the John Deere tractor model with the John Deere tractor price list and specifications at TractorJunction. Also, get the updated John Deere tractor 50 hp price in India. 

Why Is John Deere The Best Tractor Company? | USP

John Deere tractors are in high demand in India. John Deere mini tractor price in India is very economical for the farmers. 

  • John Deere produces innovative products.
  • It has strict regulatory commands.
  • John Deere promotes equity in public.
  • Every product of John Deere is at best in quality.

Every farmer wants a reasonable John Deere tractor price list with the specifications. So, TractorJunction has brought a fair John Deere Tractors prices list for farmer's convenience. 

John Deere Tractor Price

The on-road price of John Deere tractors ranges from Rs. 5.40 lakh to Rs. 30.10 lakh, which is considered reasonable for Indian farmers. These competitive prices make John Deere Tractors highly sought after in India as they easily fit within the budget of every farmer. The company is committed to offering affordable tractor options.

Popular John Deere Tractor in India

John Deere offers a variety of tractor models, such as the John Deere 5310, John Deere 5105, John Deere 5405, John Deere 5050 and John Deere 5305. Discover the unique innovations, impressive capabilities, and distinctive qualities that set these John Deere tractor models apart. 

John Deere tractors are essential for individuals working tirelessly in fields, villages, and markets. They are dedicated to providing the nation with the food it needs.

Explore John Deere Tractor Series

Series Tractors, including the versatile Speciality, D Series, and E Series Tractors, form a dependable lineup of farming equipment. They are designed to meet a wide range of agricultural needs.

With their innovative features, durability, and efficiency, Series Tractors have become essential companions for farmers worldwide. Discover the world of Series Tractors and unlock new possibilities for your farming endeavours.

Speciality Tractors (28 HP to 35 HP)

John Deere Speciality tractors have a power range from 28HP to 35HP. These tractors are designed to provide comfort and convenience for orchard farming, intercultural tasks, and puddling operations.

D Series Tractors (36 HP to 50 HP)

The John Deere 5D series tractors have a horsepower range from 36 HP to 50 HP. These tractors are versatile and can be used for farming and heavy-duty hauling. 

  • These tractors offer higher comfort with a wider operator station. 
  • John Deere 5D series also has a neutral safety switch and lower maintenance costs. 
  • This 5D series includes PowerPro models.
  • Additionally, it offers Value+++ models, providing customers with a wide range of tractors to choose from.

E Series Tractors ( 50 HP to 74 HP)

John Deere 5E Series tractors are available from 50 HP to 74 HP. The 5E series tractors are designed for heavy-duty applications and handle large-size implements with great ease and efficiency.

John Deere Mini Tractor Price in India

John Deere Mini Tractor is the most popular compact tractor in India. These tractors have the potential to enhance productivity. We are showing the John Deere Mini Tractor Price list in India.

Mini Tractor HP Price
John Deere 3028 EN 28 HP Rs. 6.70-7.40 Lac*
John Deere 3036 E 36 HP Rs.8.10-8.70 Lac*

John Deere tractor models list is available on our official website. All the newly launched tractors are arranged in the John Deere model list. On Tractorjunction, farmers can get information about John Deere Tractor prices, John Deere mini tractors, and used John Deere tractors. You can also sell your John Deere tractor on the website and get a fair price. 

John Deere Tractor Dealership

John Deere brand produces tractors in India and exports them in 110-plus countries internationally. It has 900 dealers and 4 training centres with 9 regional offices across India.

John Deere Tractor Latest Updates

The recent John Deere India Power & Technology 5.0 event on 14th Feb showcased advanced farming solutions. JD-Link connectivity allows farmers to monitor tractors remotely, while the GearPro tractors offer enhanced features like 12-speed options and a longer service interval, saving costs. Technological updates support precision farming, including the Dual Perma Clutch for heavy tasks and 5E PowerTech tractors with stable low-speed creeper gear. 

The John Deere 5210 LiftPro Tractor lift heavy loads effortlessly, and Reversible Fan Technology simplifies straw management. The W70 Power Pro Combined Harvester, with SynchroSmart technology, adapts to various crops, demonstrating John Deere's commitment to innovation in Indian agriculture.

John Deere Service Center

If you are searching for a good service centre of John Deere near you, then Tractor Junction is the right platform. If you want to Find out about the tractor service centre of John Deere, visit the John Deere Service Center.

Why Tractorjunction for John Deere Tractor?

TractorJunction provides you with John Deere tractor models and mini tractors. Furthermore, It will tell you about John Deere used tractors prices, specifications, reviews, images, tractor news, etc.

So, if you want to buy a John Deere Tractor, TractorJunction is the right platform. Because you can easily get John Deere 4 by 4 in one click and many more other things.

John Deere tractor price in India is a valuable opportunity for Indian farmers. John Deere tractor price fits every budget line of farmers and other people.

Tractor John Deere price is profitable in the monetary value of small and negligible farmers. Now, tractor John Deere price is lower than other tractor brands in the same budget segment. Now John Deere tractor price in Punjab is profitable, especially for the farmers of Punjab. John Deere tractor price in Punjab is lower than any other state of India.

On TractorJunction, all the detailed information regarding the John Deere Tractor is available. John Deere Tractor is the most preferred tractor brand of Indian farmers. 

The list of John Deere tractor prices is available in the below section. Now John Deere tractor prices in India are even economical for the farmers and other tractor buyers. 

Recently Asked User Questions about John Deere Tractor

Ans. The price range in John Deere is starting from Rs 5.40 lakh to Rs 31.30 lakh.

Ans. John Deere tractor Hp range is 28 hp to 120 hp

Ans. John Deere 3036 EN is the popular John Deere mini tractor.

Ans. Yes, John Deere produces AC cabin tractors.

Ans. John Deere 6120 B is the highest price range tractor in John Deere.

Ans. John Deere5310 is the most suitable tractor for agriculture.

Ans. John Deere 5050 D, John Deere 5310, and John Deere 5210 are the popular 50 hp John Deere Tractors.

Ans. At TractorJunction, you can get all the information about the John Deere Tractors price list and much more information about John Deere Tractors.

Ans. Yes, here on TractorJunction you get updated John Tractors price 2024

Ans. John Deere Tractors are perfect for the farmers as they improve productivity, come with advanced technology and have a fair price.

Ans. Yes, you can easily trust on John Deere tractors price.

John Deere Tractor Updates

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