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The John Deere Power Pro tractor Series is the perfect blend of power and attractive design. The series includes best-in-class and latest tractors that complete all the farming and haulage operations. John Deere Power Pro series tractors are loaded with advanced features like dual-clutch and dual PTO. They are best suited for all agricultural applications like cultivation, harvesting, sowing, planting, etc. Power Pro series offers innovative tractors at a competitive price. With powerful engines, attractive designs, comfortable seats, and efficient braking systems, they perform highly in the working field. Wide John Deere tractor series of utility tractors, starting from 41 hp - 46 hp at an affordable price ranging from Rs. 5.70 lakh* - 6.05 lakh*. Famous John Deere tractors are John Deere 5042 D PowerPro, John Deere 5039 D PowerPro, and John Deere 5045 D PowerPro. 


John Deere Power Pro Tractor Price List 2021 in India

John Deere Power Pro Tractor in India Tractor HP Tractor Price
5042 D PowerPro 44 HP Rs. 6.15 Lakh - 6.60 Lakh
5039 D PowerPro 41 HP Rs. 5.70 Lakh - 6.05 Lakh
5045 D PowerPro 46 HP Rs. 6.35 Lakh - 6.70 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Jul 31, 2021

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