John Deere’s 25 years Success journey - Secret? Tech and Social Impact

Share Product Published - 23 Feb 2023 by Tractor Junction

John Deere’s 25 years Success journey - Secret? Tech and Social Impact

John Deere’s 25 years journey in India has witnessed a transformation in Indian Agriculture as well, they are truly living their Higher Purpose – They run so life can leap forward

Led by innovations and investment, John Deere is leveraging manufacturing, sourcing talent, and improving the country’s supply chain. As a result, it has become more and more capable of serving farmers in India and all over the world.

John Deere is taking farmers closer to low-cost, high-yield operations with the new 5M series tractor launch and an innovative production system that utilises precision tech. 

On his welcome note, the Director of Corporate Affairs, PR, Media and communication, Mukul Varshney, welcomed the media partners. While commenting about the 187 years of legacy John Deere has, he said, “John Deere is the world’s leading manufacturer of Agriculture & Turf equipment, products & solutions also serving the construction and forestry industry. John Deere is uniquely positioned to deliver both economic and sustainable value for our customers through advanced technology and solutions. Our 25 years journey in India has witnessed a transformation in Indian Agriculture as well. At John Deere we are truly living our Higher Purpose – We run so life can leap forward.”

“Our journey in India began 25 years ago with the introduction of advanced product features such as power steering, oil immersed disk brakes, planetary reduction, force feed lubrication, high torque machines and value-add technologies such as front PTO, perma clutch, AutoTrac™, PowrReverser™ and JDLink™,” said Shailendra Jagtap, managing director. “John Deere continues to innovate and introduce these advanced features in India which are now becoming industry standard. The farmers ’outlook is progressive, and they adapt technologies when they see value and cost benefits.” 

The company has made significant investments in manufacturing and product development in India, including tractor manufacturing, electronics system manufacturing, and an India Engineering Centre. John Deere has also tried to provide holistic farm solutions and promote women's inclusion in the farm mechanisation journey.

Moreover, John Deere is leading the way in bringing advanced technologies to tractors and farm equipment that reduce the overall cost of farm operations and improve sustainability. For instance, front PTO and specially designed front farm implements have reduced the cost of some operations by more than 25 per cent and decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

In summary, John Deere's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusive growth in India's agricultural sector is helping to meet the country's food security needs while also promoting economic empowerment and protecting the environment.

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